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  • 1. A Professional partnership that benefits you and your clients Oakdale Financial Services Ltd
  • 2. Why choose us? Oakdales product range is designed to provide clients with the broadest possible choice of products and services. Were committed to providing high quality financial advice with a whole of market offering. Appointed representative of Tenet, the UKs largest independently owned IFA Group. Full back office administration and technology. We have a partnership philosophy working with you in a way that suits you best and that makes the most of the opportunities.
  • 3. Meeting your clients needsOur Products & ServicesMortgages Residential, Buy To Let and Commercial, EquityRelease, secured and unsecured loans, conveyancing services.Life Assurance - Life Cover, Family Income Benefit, Whole of Life.General Insurance Motor, Household, Shops and Commercial,Accident Sickness and Unemployment.Business Insurance Key Person, Share Protection, Employersliability, Professional Indemnity.Health Care Private Medical Insurance, Critical Illness Cover,Income Protection, Long Term Care.
  • 4. Meeting your clients needsContinued:Pensions Occupational, Personal, Stakeholder, Annuities, IncomeDrawdown.Savings and Investments - ISAs, Unit Trusts, OEICs, InvestmentTrusts, Investment Bonds, Child Trust Funds.Wealth Preservation - Inheritance Tax Planning, Trusts, LastingPower of Attorney, Wills.
  • 5. Our approachOur approach is to give totally tailored advice to meet our clientsneeds whats best for them, not us. If they dont have afinancial need, then thats the advice well be happy to give. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3Getting to know Putting together Independentthe client a tailored plan financial adviceBuilding a clear picture A detailed financial plan Searching the marketof their circumstances, thats designed to meet and recommending thetheir needs and their the individual clients best products for thegoals for the future needs and aspirations clients needs
  • 6. And what about your needs? Giving financial advice yourself is prohibitive. - Stringent compliance Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 - Ever changing legislation and RDR - Cost and effort of set up - Research and training - Technology - Marketing cost and effort - Getting it wrong could be risk to your reputation Currently unable to provide an all encompassing service to your clients. Lost opportunities and income customers simply go elsewhere for financial advice.
  • 7. Is employing an adviser an option?Yes, but You have to meet all the Regulators stringent requirements and procedures You need to keep up with changes in regulation e.g. Retail Distribution Review, new Regulator etc Mixed practices have higher regulatory costs Not cost-effective unless you are continually providing referrals
  • 8. There is a solutionBy introducing your clients to Oakdale Financial Services Ltd,you can give your clients the quality, unbiased advice theyneed from someone they can trust PLUS You will reap the benefits through added income for your business
  • 9. Whats in it for you? Improve your client offering. Client feels you are looking after all their needs. Improved client retention and repeat business. Clients are more likely to recommend you to friends and family. Your company will benefit from 20% of any commission received by Oakdale Financial Services Ltd.
  • 10. How will the relationship work? Initial set up in writing. Referral process you simply refer cases where there is a need for financial advice. Client agrees to referral. Provide advice at a location to suit your clients needs. Ongoing communication and reporting. To both you and your client. Mutual reward.
  • 11. The launch & ongoing support Agree strategy for existing/new clients. Help with spotting opportunities. Support with marketing. Regular meetings to track progress.
  • 12. Final thoughtsA mutual relationship could benefit you and your clients. Byreferring your clients to us, you can rest assured that they will geta first class service that puts their finances in a great place nowand in the future and you get extra benefits including added income for your business
  • 13. Thank you for your time.

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