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    Profile of Fanatical Sweepstaker Sharon Ashmore, NC

    Home State: North Carolina How did you get started sweepstaking? As a 13 year old kid, I saw a contest on TV for “Family of the Week”. I

    loved to write so I wrote in with a story about my family and I won. The

    TV station came to our house and did a short story on us and it aired on

    TV for two weeks. Besides being featured on TV, the prize included a

    trip to the mountains and we were the talk of the neighborhood. My

    mother was so surprised when she got the phone call that we won and

    that I nominated our family. I didn’t tell my mother that I had entered the

    contest. I didn’t start seriously sweeping until 1996. The mother of my

    son’s friend was a sweeper and shared her sweepstake stories of all the

    wonderful things she had won. I thought, “I can do that too”. I started

    sweeping and shortly therefore won a grand prize. It was a trip for four to

    the Orange Bowl at the Car Quest Bowl in Miami. We stayed at the Don

    Shula hotel and had limo to both Bowl games. Needless to say, I was

    hooked and have been sweeping consistently ever since. What a ride it

    has been (and a blessing)! Through the

    years, I’ve subscribed to several

    different newsletters, but always

    come back to SWEEPSHEET®.

    What prizes have you won? Some of my favorite wins include a

    spa trip to Utah, a Disney Trip for

    four, 2008 Ford Focus (I’m due for

    another car win), $10,000 savings

    bond, $10,000 cash, trip to Kansas

    City Royals game and husband had

    opportunity to win one million dollars

    (we didn’t win the million got but a

    $10,000 consolation prize – husband

    enjoyed being the halftime entertainment and said he’d do that again

    any weekend for $10,000). My mother got to carry the Olympic Torch

    through our city (thanks to Coke), a year’s supply of diapers and baby

    food (right before my 1st grandchild was born), several cruises, trip to

    Australia, trip to St. Thomas, $1,000 toward sports equipment to the

    school of my choice, meet and greets with Richard Petty, American Idol

    Stars and Luke Kuechly, lots of very useful gift cards, and soooo much

    more. It’s always a double win for me when I win something and get to

    share with family, friends or my community, especially when it helps

    someone else. One win allowed me to compete at half time for a Harley

    Motorcycle. I was blindfolded and had to crawl (on hands and knees) on

    the basketball court looking for a toy motorcycle. There were four of us

    and the first one to stumble onto the toy motorcycle won the Harley. I

    worked so hard to find that toy but didn’t win. The sponsor did give all

    4 of us leather jackets, which my teenage son was thrilled with. I’ve also

    won a pair of motocross racing motorcycles. My husband and I sold

    them and didn’t tell our sons about them. We knew they would want us

    to keep them. (No Way) They were just too dangerous. At the end of

    each year, I go through all my win notices and am always amazed at

    what I’ve won.

    How much time do you spend? I have to admit that I spend a lot of time sweeping.

    Many years ago most of my time was spent on mail-ins

    but that has changed. I now mostly enter online or text.

    I don’t sleep well and am always up very early. I enter

    most of my sweeps from 5am to 7am each day. My

    sweeps are bookmarked on my computer and I use

    RoboForm (my best friend) to help speed my entering

    of sweeps. I always do a search on my email for

    ‘congratulations’ and ‘potential winner’ to make sure

    I don't miss a potential win email. Each evening I

    enter sweeps through texting.

    Tips AND Comments: My biggest tip is to enter consistently and look for

    winnable sweeps. Local and restricted sweeps have

    greater odds of winning. If you enter and keep entering,

    you will win. I’m evidence of that.

    Use your resources to find new and

    unique sweeps. - i.e. SWEEPSHEET®

    newsletter and Conversation Corner,

    web sites (there are sooo many great

    ones). Check advertisements and

    flyers at your local grocery stores;

    join a club and always have your

    eyes and ears open for new sweeps.

    Enter as many ways as you can –

    drop boxes, Facebook (and other

    social media), mail-ins, online forms,

    text, game pieces, skill contests and

    the list goes on. I've recently

    started attending Twitter Parties and have won with

    them. People say I'm lucky but I think you create your

    own luck with effort, positive thinking, hard work, and

    making sure your name is in as many sweepstake

    drawings as possible. (and following the rules) We are

    all winners in sweepstakes and in life. It never hurts to

    dream BIG about what you want your next win to be.

    I have a sweeping bucket list…a few items on it…trip

    to the Galapagos Island, New BMW car, Trek vacation

    to somewhere exotic, etc. – and I’m constantly adding

    it to. Keep sweeping fun and always share your hobby

    with others. Of all the family members and friends I’ve

    shared my hobby with through the years, none have

    stuck with this hobby for more than a year or two.

    That is a great reason to join a club to connect with

    other sweepers that understand and appreciate the

    hobby. Every sweeper must attend/experience a

    National Convention. You will enjoy and be amazed at

    the prizes and the fun you will have and the wonderful

    people you will meet. Good Luck and Best Wishes to

    all…hoping all your dreams come true.

    Sharon Ashmore, NC

    “I think you create your

    own luck with effort, posi-

    tive thinking, hard work,

    and making sure your

    name is in as many sweep-

    stake drawings as possible.

    (and following the rules)”


    pg. 3 - Missouri

    The best bet for this issue.

    Enter it if nothing else.

    won to win

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