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A guide that shows you how to install our Sweepstakes Application for creating Sweepstakes on Facebook


  • 1. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATIONInstallation GuideSearch Sweepstakes Go toOn Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/sweepstakes-fb/ Or

2. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATION Installation GuideSelect Install Application from the page 3. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATION Installation GuideWe need someinformation aboutyouWe need youremail in casewe have tocontact youWe need info aboutyour pages so youcan edit them inour Control Panel Allow our app to continue 4. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATION Installation GuideSelect The Fan Page you want to instal our app from the list 5. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATIONInstallation GuideSelect Install Application to install the app on your selected page 6. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATION Installation GuideCheck if you have the right Fan Page selectedSelect Add Sweepstakes to instal the tab to your Fan Page 7. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATIONInstallation GuideYou will be takento your Fan Page.the Sweepstakestab will be installed 8. SWEEPSTAKES APPLICATIONInstallation GuideClick Edit Sweepstakes to start editing your promotion

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