(North) Schedule - The Trinidad and Tobago Music ?· JR-E2 Piano Duet (13-15) JR-B2 Boy’s Vocal Duet…

Download (North) Schedule - The Trinidad and Tobago Music ?· JR-E2 Piano Duet (13-15) JR-B2 Boy’s Vocal Duet…

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<ul><li><p>February 19th - February 24th</p><p>(North)Schedule</p><p>Monday 19th February</p><p>JR-C8 Primary Folk Song Choir: 20+</p><p>JR-E6 Jr Instr. Ensemble (U20)</p><p>JR-E2 Piano Duet (13-15)</p><p>JR-B2 Boys Vocal Duet (13-15)</p><p>JR-E9 Jr Guitar Ensemble (U20)</p><p>JR-B3 Boys Vocal Duet (16-19)</p><p>JR-A8 Girls Vocal Solo (16-19) P</p><p>JR-A1 Boys Vocal Solo (8-10) P</p><p>JR-B6 Girls Vocal Duet (13-15)</p><p>OP-A13 Veterans Solo</p><p>OP-C10 Contemporary Religious Music Choir: 20+</p><p>OP-A4 Tenor Solo</p><p>OP-B6 Ladies Vocal Quartet</p><p>OP-D4 Piano Recital</p><p>Tuesday 20th February</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>JR-B5 Girls Vocal Duet (U13) P</p><p>JR-C3 School Choirs: Girls (U16)</p><p>JR-A10 Folk Song </p><p>Solo (U20)</p><p>JR-B1 Boys Treble </p><p>Duet (10-12)</p><p>OP-B1 Ladies Vocal Duet</p><p>OP-E3 Chamber Music Duet /Trio</p><p>OP-A9 Contemporary Religious Solo (Ladies)</p><p>OP-A6 Bass Solo</p><p>OP-C14 Calypso </p><p>Chorale (w choreography) </p><p>Wednesday 21st February</p><p>JR-C1 Primary School </p><p>Choir P</p><p>JR-D10 Recorder Solo </p><p>(16-19)</p><p>JR-D16 Steel Pan Solo (13-15) P</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>OP-A11 Negro Spiritual Solo</p><p>OP-E9 Woodwind </p><p>Ensemble</p><p>OP-D6 Guitar Solo</p><p>OP-A1 Soprano Solo</p><p>OP-B10 Family Ensemble</p><p>OP-C2 Mixed Voice Choir: </p><p>20-</p><p>Thursday 22nd February</p><p>JR-E7 Jr Pan Ensemble (U20)JR-E12 African Drumming (U20)JR-E4 Prim. Sch. Recorder Ens.</p><p>JR-C15 Junior Choirs: Upper (U20)</p><p>JR-D12 Woodwind Solo (16-19)</p><p>JR-C9 Secondary School Folk Song Choir: 20- (U16)</p><p>JR-D7 Guitar Solo (16-19)</p><p>JR-E8 Jr String Ensemble (U20) </p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>Friday 23rd February</p><p>JR-A5 Girls Vocal Solo (8-10) P</p><p>JR-A11 Rapso (16-19) </p><p>JR-D2 Piano Solo (13-15) P</p><p>JR-E11 Tassa Drumming</p><p>JR-C11 Secondary School Folk Song Choirs: 20- (16-19)</p><p>JR-D9 Recorder Solo (13-15) </p><p>JR-D1 Piano Solo (U13) P</p><p>OP-A12 Vocal Recital</p><p>OP-D5 String Solo</p><p>OP-C13 Calypso Chorale (w/o choreography)</p><p>OP-C6 Male Voice Choirs: 20+</p><p>OP-E2 Lieder </p><p>9:00 a.m.</p><p>1:30 p.m.</p><p>8:00 p.m.</p><p>Saturday 24th February</p><p>JR-D11 Woodwind Solo </p><p>(U16)</p><p>JR-D4 String Solo (U16) P</p><p>JR-D15 Steel Pan Solo (U13) P</p><p>JR-D17 Steel Pan Solo (16-19) P</p><p>JR-D16 Steel Pan Solo (13-15) F</p><p>OP-D1 Piano Solo</p><p>OP-B2 Mixed Vocal Duet</p><p>OP-E7 Guitar Ensemble (Guitar)</p><p>OP-B5 Ladies Vocal Trio</p><p>OP-A19 Folk Song Solo (Gents)</p><p>OP-C9 Contemporary Religious Music Choir: 20-</p></li><li><p>February 26th - March 4th</p><p>(North)Schedule</p><p>Monday 26th February</p><p>JR-D6 Recorder Solo (U13) PJR-A1 Boys Vocal Solo (8-10) FJR-C7 Primary School Folk Song Choirs: 20-JR-D5 String Solo (16-19)</p><p>JR-A6 Girls Vocal Solo (11-12) PJR-B4 Boys Vocal Trio (U20)JR-B5 Girls Vocal Duet (U13) FJR-C5 Secondary School Choirs: Mixed (U20)JR-C1 Primary School Choir F</p><p>OP-A8 Oratorio (Gents)OP-A16 Musical Theatre Solo (Ladies)OP-B8 Gents Vocal QuartetOP-C8 Church ChoirsOP-C4 Female Voice Choir: 20+OP-D10 Steel Pan SoloOP-E10 Instrumental EnsembleOP-B9 OperaticEnsemble</p><p>Tuesday 27th February</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>JR-A2 Boys Vocal Solo (11-12) PJR-A5 Girls Vocal Solo (8-10) FJR-B7 Girls Vocal Duet (16-19)JR-E1 Piano Duet (U13)JR-D4 String Solo (U16) F</p><p>OP-E5 Steel Pan EnsembleOP-E4 Chamber Music EnsembleOP-C5 Mixed Voice Choir: 20+OP-C3 Male Voice Choir: 20-OP-A10 Contemporary Religious Solo (Gents)OP-A18 Folk Song Solo (Ladies)</p><p>Wednesday 28th February</p><p>JR-A8 Girls Vocal Solo (16-19) FJR-A7 Girls Vocal Solo (13-15) PJR-D3 Piano Solo (16-19)JR-C10 Secondary School Folk Song Choirs: 20+ (U16) </p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>OP-A7 Oratorio Solo (Ladies)OP-B3 Gents Vocal DuetOP-A3 Contralto SoloOP-B7 Mixed Vocal QuartetOP-D8 Woodwind SoloOP-B4 Operatic DuetOP-F4 Composition</p><p>Thursday 1st March</p><p>JR-C2 Boys Treble Voices (U16)JR-C6 Sec. School Choir (Lower) (U20)JR-C4 Sec. School Choir (Upper) (U20)JR-D15 Steel Pan Solo (U13) FJR-D1 Piano Solo (U13) F</p><p>JR-A6 Girls Vocal Solo (11-12) FJR-D17 Steel Pan Solo (16-19) FJR-D8 Recorder Solo (U13) FJR-D14 Brass Solo (16-19) JR-C13 Jr Parang Ensemble (U20)</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>Friday 2nd March</p><p>JR-A3 Boys Vocal Solo (13-15)JR-A7 Girls Vocal Solo (13-15) FJR-A4 Boys Vocal Solo (16-19)JR-B8 Girls Vocal Trio (U20)JR-E5 Primary School Instrumental Ensemble</p><p>JR-C14 Jr Calypso Chorale (U20)JR-D6 Guitar Solo (U16)JR-A9 Contemporary Religious Solo (16-19)JR-A2 Boys Vocal Solo (11-12) FJR-D13 Brass Solo (U16) JR-E10 Junior Wind Ensemble (U20)</p><p>OP-A15 Operatic Aria (Gents)OP-A2 Mezzo-Soprano SoloOP-A5 Baritone SoloOP-E13 African Drumming EnsembleOP-D11 Improvisation on Steel PanOP-A17 Musical Theatre Solo (Gents)</p><p>9:00 a.m.</p><p>1:30 p.m.</p><p>8:00 p.m.</p><p>Saturday 3rd March</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>OP-C15 ParangOP-C1 Female Voice Choir: 20-OP-D2 Veterans Piano SoloOP-A14 Operatic Aria (Ladies)OP-E11 World Music EnsembleOP-E6 String EnsembleOP-C11 Folk Song Choirs: 20-</p><p>Sunday 4th March</p><p>NO SESSION</p><p>NO AUDIENCE ALLOWED</p><p>JR-F1 Solo Instr. S/R (U13)JR-F2 Solo Instr. S/R (13-15)JR-F3 Solo Instr. S/R (16-19)JR-F5 Vocal S/R (13-15)JR-F7 Piano S/R (U13)JR-F8 Piano S/R (13-15)JR-F9 Piano S/R (16-19)OP-F1 Solo Instr. S/ROP-F3 Piano S/R</p></li></ul>