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North America and Central America. Adrianna Harrison, Brynna Diaz, Karli DeHaven. Countries. United States Canada Mexico Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama . There are ten countries North and Central America. They are:. Major Cities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


North America and Central America

North America and Central AmericaAdrianna Harrison, Brynna Diaz, Karli DeHaven

CountriesUnited StatesCanadaMexicoBelizeCosta RicaEl SalvadorGuatemalaHondurasNicaraguaPanama There are ten countries North and Central America.They are:

Major Cities Washington D.C.Mexico City OttawaLos Angeles Panama City

Land Area and PopulationThe total area of North and Central America is 9,742,233 sq. miles.

The total population is 529,223,780.

ClimatesThe climates in North and Central America vary greatly. The climate can go from tropical rainforest in central America to tundra climates in Canada.

LandformsRocky Mountains Appalachian Mountains Ozark PlateauEverglades Canadian Shield

WaterPacific Ocean Gulf of Mexico

Lake Nicaragua Lake Izabal Gulf of Alaska

AgricultureCorn/Maize SoybeansHayWheat CottonBananas Potatoes

Natural ResourcesWater Wood/Timber

WildlifeIron Ore FishOil

UNESCO Heritage SitesCulturalStatue of Liberty: Located at the entrance to the New York Harbour. This was a gift from France to celebrate Americas 100 years of Independence. It is considered a great work of both art & engineering.

NaturalMammoth Cave Natural Park: Located in KY, this is the longest & most extensive cave system in the world. Declared a National Park in 1941 & a Heritage Site in 1981.

Did You Know??Recycled school buses are the main mode of transportation in Central America

People in North America spend almost half a billion dollars in chewing gum every year


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