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  • WHEERE IS ECUADOR LOCATED?South AmericaNorth AmericaCentral America


  • Ecuador in SOUTH AMERICA

    BorderN. ColombiaS. & E. PeruW. Pacific Ocean

  • Ecuador in the WorldLocate Ecuador in the map.

  • The Highest Active Volcano in the WorldCotopaxi Volcano is located in Ecuador.

  • EDCUADORS FLAGIt has three colors. Yellow is twice as wide as blue or red. It has a . on it.

  • Capital CityQuito is the Capital City of Ecuador.

    Middle of the world monument

  • Colorful Customs in High LandOtavaleos make clothes out of wool, they are hand made.

  • GALAPAGOS ISLANDSAnimals are so friendly that you can come very close to them.

  • These are some of animals you can find in Galapagos IslandsBlue feetSeal

  • The Giant Turtle They can liveas much as 150 years.

  • RAIN FORESTYou might want to take a tour in the rain forest. Los Colorados A tribe which still keeps their ancestors customs.

  • GUAYAQUIL CITYEl Malecon 2000 One of the principal tourist attractions in Guayaquil City.

  • EL RELOJ PUBLICOEl Reloj Publico ..

  • El Cerro Santa AnaSanta Ana MountCerro Santa Ana Here is where Guayaquil was born.

  • Salinas BeachSalinas One of the most popular beaches in Coast region.

  • Rapids in EcuadorIf you like danger...

  • Do you want to know more about Ecuador?

    Web sites recommended:www.ecuador-pictures.orgwww.ecuador-images.netwww.leler.comwww.ecuadorexplorer.com


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