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Trivia Trails is a handphone application that makes physical activity fun through trivia, competition, interactivity, and social networking. Our presentation discusses the problems this application addresses, describes the features of the application, and explains the strengths and potential criticisms of the application.This presentation was prepared as part of the project work for the NM2216 (Introduction to Interactive Media Design) module at the National University of Singapore.


  • 1. TRIVIA TRAILS:MAKING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY MORE FUN DW5-55 Adrienne Hui Shian Xinyi Chong Hwee Exel

2. Overview and reason

  • A phone application that makes physical activity fun throughtrivia ,socializingandcompetitions
  • Why
    • Motivate youths to continue exercising
    • To get youths to be more proactive towards physical activity

3. Problem statement: People 4. Problem statement: Activities Socializing Walking 5. Problem statement: Context 6. Proposed Solution: Trivia Trails

  • a handphone application that makes exercise fun through trivia, competition, interactivity, and social networking

7. Features of Solution

  • Trivia
  • Competition
  • Interactivity
  • Social networking

8. Technology and Design Rationale

  • Technology needed:
    • Handphone
    • GPS
    • WiFi/Internet access or computer access
  • Similar designs/design elements:
    • Digital libraries/audio books for walking trails
    • Trivia applications/games for handphones
    • Websites promoting exercise through rewards and competition

9. Experience Prototype Testing

  • Prototype testers: 3 individuals within the target group
  • Response
    • Easy to use
    • Well-structured
    • Good for school excursions
    • Visual appearance could be more appealing

10. Strengths of solution

  • Our Design
  • Fun and engaging
  • Number of users not restricted
  • Attracts those who dont like exercising
  • Customization
  • Tailored to the target audience
  • Previous Designs
  • Serious and dull
  • Usually used in small groups
  • Mainly for people who enjoy exercising
  • Restricted features
  • Designed for general users

11. Criticism of solution

  • As our application has many features, do you think it is too complicated to use? Will it be better to have lesser features?
  • As the targeted age range is quite small, do you think this application will work with a larger age range, say 13-20? If not, why so?

12. Q & A