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0. Next Steps: Continuing Your Education and Pursuing Certification. John J. Burke, MSLS Ohio Library Support Staff Institute July 25, 2006. Next steps. 0. Fit training to your goal(s) and learning style(s) Identify your opportunities for continuing education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Next Steps:Continuing Your Education and Pursuing CertificationJohn J. Burke, MSLSOhio Library Support Staff InstituteJuly 25, 20060

  • Next stepsFit training to your goal(s) and learning style(s)

    Identify your opportunities for continuing education

    Analyze your needs and create a plan

    Justify your librarys investment in you

    Understand support staff certification0

  • The naming of the partsContinuing education (CE) Professional developmentContinuous learningBeyond on-the-job learning

    CertificationA recognition of achievement A measurement to shoot for


  • Why do we pursue continuing education?We have toYour job is changingYour role is changingYour library is changingThe world is changing

    Because we want to:Fight complacencyHone skillsAdd abilitiesRefresh yourselfShare ideas with colleagues0

  • What is your educational goal?Adding a specific skill(s)

    Keeping up with new developments

    Taking on new responsibilities

    Moving into a new role/location/library type future employability

    Seeking promotion/reclassification/raises

    Personal satisfaction


  • Where are you starting from?Measures of knowledge and ability:Formal degrees (H.S., AA/AS, BA/BS, MA/MS, PhD)Past (& ongoing) CE On-the-job trainingDay to day library experienceNon-library experiences

    Whats your experience picture?0

  • Learning stylesHow do you learn best?Various ways to categorize/analyze:Visual learnersAuditory learnersKinesthetic/tactile learnersIdentify your styleFind ways to strengthen your abilitiesNo learning method pigeonholing!Take the test!0

  • Learning styles & learning situationsFace to face (F2F)LectureGroup work/discussionsHands-onCombination of the above (active learning)

    Distance learningSynchronous vs. asynchronousLive videoconferencingWeb-based (various styles)Video/correspondence courses


  • Learning durationsOne-shot workshop or meeting

    Multiple sessions over days or weeks

    Formal credit course

    Self-directed learning

    Learning communities0

  • How committed are you?0

  • Where do you want to go?Master of Library and Information Science

    Bachelors degree or degree-completion

    Associate degrees and certificates

    Credit courses

    CE grab-bag (workshops, conferences, etc.)

    Informal CE options0

  • MLS/MLIS/MSIS, etc.Kent State School of Library and Information ScienceF2F: Kent or ColumbusOnline: 12-12-12 Distance MLIS Several other accredited schools (online)

    Positives: recognized credential, promotion/job developmentUnknowns: job openings, the job you want?, opportunities in current library


  • Bachelors degree/degree completionF2F: your local institutionOnline: University of Maine at Augusta BS in Library & Information ServicesOnline: Bowling Green State University BS in Advanced Technological Education AAS transfer

    Positives: offered in convenient formats, could add needed specialty to library, new career?, needed step prior to MLSUnknowns: cost?, time?, value to library?


  • Associate degrees and certificatesF2F: your local institution Online: Belmont Technical College AAS in Information Services: Library ParaprofessionalOnline: University of Maine at Augusta AS or Certificate in Library & Information Services

    Positives: preparation/extension of library knowledge, offered in convenient formats, could add needed specialty to library, new career?Unknowns: cost?, time?, worth it?


  • Credit coursesF2F: your local institutionOnline: Ohio Learning Network OhioLearnsF2F or Online: Kent State SLIS

    Positives: definable outcome, solid grasp of topic, feedback, focused periodUnknowns: specific enough to need?, too much theory?, cost?, time?


  • CE grab-bagF2F and online: Workshops and conferences (many choices, including OLSSI; check organization sites) Ohio Library Continuing Education automated statewide calendar systemOHIONETState Library of Ohio F2F and eLearningLibraryU web-based training modulesOPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries)

    Positives: just what you need, small investment, offered often or regularlyUnknowns: not enough information, unknown quality


  • Informal CE opportunitiesParticipation in electronic discussion groups, local/regional/state professional organizations, networking of all kindsHaving a regular source for updates, new concepts, sharing of successes and failuresChoosing ways to stay in touch with the wider world

    Positives: no or low cost, ongoing, builds relationships, constantly spotting trends and developments, way to pick opportunities for deeper learningUnknowns: too informal to keep you focused?, too much information?, too disconnected from daily work? 0

  • How to get more out of CE opportunitiesPlan ahead: have a goal!Ask questions!Networking strike up conversations!Exhibits are not just for pens!Take good notes and review them!Follow up on suggested resourcesLook for the connection to your jobShare your story after (whether youre asked to or not!)See it as freedom from day to day pressures not its own pressure0

  • A plan comes togetherYour CE strategy:Identify your preferred learning styles and learning situations Name your goalChoose opportunities to meet that goalMake your casePersevere

    Write it down! Track your progressBring the breadth of your experiences into the library


  • How is CE supported in your library?EncouragementTime off to attendFlexibility in scheduling Paid/reimbursed opportunities

    Know your options and benefits:How is CE funded/allocated at your library?Does your larger organization offer funds or scholarships?0

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  • Building a caseROI what is the library getting for its investment?Measure the impact of CEAgree on long-term impactsLook for case examples elsewhere

    The 1.6% solution - James Casey Regular maintenance of a larger investment

    How is your desired activity relevant?

    Going beyond in-house training0

  • The certification storyRecognition of ability and accomplishmentsTypically voluntaryExisting certification programs:MichiganMinnesotaNew YorkUtahLibrarian certification programsMay exist elsewhere in larger organizationsImpact0

  • What can you do about certification?Work with statewide library groups to establish an Ohio program

    Work with ALA LSSIRT or COLT to institute a national certification program

    Build a certification program within your own library


  • Hows the job market?Nationally: 260,000+ support staff, 136,000 librarians (ALA)Ohio: Labor Market Information % change from 2002 to 2012 (& number of annual jobs)Library assistants, clerical up 16.2% (528)Library technicians up 10% (281)Librarians up 5% (186)Regular growth; changing nature of jobs; new expectations?0

  • Questions, Queries, or Quizzical Quotations?

    John J. Burke, MSLSDirector, Gardner-Harvey LibraryMiami University Middletownburkejj@muohio.edu513-727-3293AIM: infomanjjb0

    Discuss my background a bit much experience in providing and experiencing CE in its many forms.Next steps Ive got you in the door and now Im pushing you on to something beyond this session. 8-)

    Next Steps is intended to have you look at your experience and education as a continually building quantity an unyielding process

    You are not meant to stop here we must all be willing to change, and grow, and grasp what is beyond - - -

    So, if you came for philosophy, youll get some of that; if youre here for practical questions, I promise to not disappoint there either.

    Here are my planned outcomes for you at the conclusion of our time together. Two key concepts: important enough that I put them in the title of the session

    CE is the abbreviation Ill use anything that enhances your knowledge (typically in a workplace setting), regardless of depth or height or amount or how much you pay for it or whatever whatever contributes to your professional development

    Certification which well cover towards the end of the session in the library support staff world, a process of compiling CE efforts to demonstrate a capabilityLike a great actor or actress, we must ask what is my motivation?Many levels of commitmentRecognize that you may not always want to work in the library (or you may)68% of library budgets tend to go to personnel and benefit costs1.6% is like regular maintenance on your car relatively cheap compared to the purchase price, but absolutely essential1.6% of my library budget is $9600 we probably spend about half of that directly on travel, workshops, rest is on time spent to travel and attend, and on staff to prepare training9.7% is average increase for all Ohio job categories


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