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New York

New York

New York is the capital of the state of New York, (in USA)

This city is very famous in all world and live very people from other countrys, like chineses, africans, russians, italians...

The Great Apple

The Great Apple is a second name of New York, not a apple.

But the neoyorkers not use a lot the name.

It was very popular in 20s in all New York, of course!

Im Delicious!

Empire State Building

This skyscraper is the bronze medal in all America and is the tallest building after 2001.

It was built in 1931

Height: 450 m

Floors: More than 100.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a woman with crown and ancient dress, but in the hands there is a book and the other is a torch.

It was of the frenchs

Eiffel and Bartholdi were the scultors

Height: 96 m

The Brooklyn Bridge

It is a bridge built in 1883 and is a one of the ancient suspension bridge of the USA and maybe of the world.

Connects Manhattan with Brooklyn.

It is 1825 metres long.

Rockerfeller Centre

Its a complex with 19 commercial buildings with shops, studios, restaurants...

It was built by the Rockerfeller family in the centre of Manhattan and there is one of the biggest Christmas Trees.

Saint Patricks Cathedral

Art: Neo Gothic

Built in 1878

Its the biggest catholic cathedral in North America

Its big, yes, but than modern building, is smaller

Central Park

Central Park is a park, not a zoo, like in Penguins of Madagascar

Its the most visited park in the USA and the most famous too

Its a very big rectangle

Id like visit

Times Square

Its a important centre of the modern culture, art and theatre

Its very important for the artist, musicians, bussinessmen...

You are hang up a ad the same you spend very very money.

Natural History Museum

Its very important for the Pre-History (Only the dinosaurs)

The dinosaurs are here and its very cool see dinos

This is cool, but its coolest see one of meat and bone

Twin Towers

The famous Twin Towers were taller than the Empire State Building, WERE beacuse now are ruins for the assault of Al Qaeda

Now, how I said before, the Empire State Building thifs the title.

The Money

Its the $, Dollar or USD ( United States Dollar)

The dollars have got the face of George Washington, the 1st president for USA.Wow!

China Town

Little Ireland

Little Italy

Amthem of New York...

There isnt a amthem of New York, hahaha!

Twin Towers... Again

One moment!There isnt Twin Towers, theyre destroyed for AL QUAEDA! Now is in construction again and theywill be taller in a near future than the Empire State Building.

I was put all letters in cyan colour beacuse the cyan was, is and will be my favourite colour.

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