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Hrish Thota created this presentation about New York City, New York to present at Web18 studios, Mumbai in June 2009. This won him a trip to tour South Africa to blog live from there!


  • 1. New York, New York Hrish Thota

2. Used different modes of transport

  • To see my most favorite city in the world!

3. With different people

  • Hitched a ride with Armstrong!
  • Footed it out in the Avenue of Americas!

4. Saw a lot of familiar sights 5. Toured the Rockefeller centre! 6. But you know what I enjoyed the most? Meeting the following people 7. A historian in the form of a guide

  • Bob gave us an audio tour of the Rockefeller center!

8. A chef in form of a food vendor

  • Emma prepared some yum hotdogs with generous helpings of mustard and mayonnaise!

9. An optimist in form of a waiter

  • Ahmed, a Bangladeshi longed to go home after 3 years; and was joyous to see us!

10. Till we meet again, miss you NY!

  • Memorials at the sight of WTC tragedy remind us of spirit of NYC, NY!