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  1. 1. New Designer Handbags Inspired by Louis VuittonWomen and fashion usually go hand in hand. Women of fashion have fetish for Armani outfits, pairs ofGucci sandals or Louis Vuitton handbags. Women who are status as well as fashion conscious havealways loved designer handbags. But what about those women who cant afford to buy the costlyaccessories? Should they be debarred from carrying fashionable bags? For such women there are lovelydesigner inspired handbags. Such bags are stylish and they also give you the feel of any original brandminus tahe brand price tag. These inspired accessories are not counterfeits of the original brand.Another grand way of buying these bags is to look for wholesale handbags online. Wholesalefashionable bags are extremely a nice choice to be changed by original fashionable handbags or genuinefashion handbags. If you want to invest, start your business and begin shopping on wholesale bags.Celebrity fashion and designer bags such as Louis Vuitton, Ferdi, Prada, Chanel, Gucci and Dior orFerragamo and Versace or Chloe state about the fashion trend in handbags intended for special season.Celebrities follow also these trends in bags and it is normal for fashionable women to acquire thesehandbags or purses. Whatever, it is a classic purse. Matching with ladylike outfit or office suit is perfectfor your daily using or any professional occasion. This purse will heighten your taste, pretty, andwisdom. If you are a fashionista, this purse must be in your collecting list. You can put all personalnecessity in it, and it will be more versatile than you thought for its double zip-around closure.When a designers handbags are so popular that they require a replica, imitation, inspired, or fakedesigners to create something similar, that is the biggest achievement. These designers change thehandbag in a slight way sometimes as easy as changing the initials used on the handbag. For example,Louis Vuitton always has a signature LV on his handbags, some designer inspired handbags may haveLW. The best thing about Louis Vuitton handbags is the amount of versatility to the line-with a LV pursein every design, material, color, and a bag for every occasion. Vuitton is by far the best known pursebrand of our time, and one of the most recognizable brands in the world.Louis Vuitton is currently by far the biggest selling luxury designer in the world. Much of it is do toJacobs and his playful, easily accessible styles. Never before has a luxury designer seen such mainstreamattention. This has meant that not only is LV at the top of the world but the replica bag business is hugethese days too and business mostly gravitates around wholesale Louis Vuitton handbags. The facthowever is that designer handbags do not come cheap! Even the used ones sold at e bay will cost youcouple of hundreds of dollars. Fast forward to todays world, and Louis Vuitton handbags have becomemarkers of class and luxury. This contributes to making Louis Vuitton brand bags the industry leader.for more information related to such products visit our website