New Book Shows Women Entrepreneurs How to Make Six Figures in 2015 on a Part-Time Schedule

Download New Book Shows Women Entrepreneurs How to Make Six Figures in 2015 on a Part-Time Schedule

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  • 1. New Book Shows Women Entrepreneurs How to MakeSix Figures in 2015 on a Part-Time ScheduleGeorge Kairu December 09, 2014The 6 Figure ScheduleA New View's Founder and CEO Debra Angilletta, has published a new bookdetailing how women entrepreneurs who are struggling to balance the requirementsof a high-stress and fast-paced business life can build a six figure business on apart time schedule( -- December 9, 2014) New York, NY -- According to the Census Bureau,women will create over half of the new small businesses by 2018, with incomes risingthree times as fast as that of men. And a new book, The 6-Figure Schedule, will show female entreprenuerswho are coaches, consultants, and practitioners how to make six figures without the countless hours that oftencome along with it.Written by Debra Angilletta, The 6-Figure Schedule guides women to skyrocket their profits by streamlining theirschedule while uncovering their CEO archetype through the science of iridology. The book talks about how womencan get out of their own way and how to identify the keys to unlocking those traits that are holding them back.Debra works with female business owners to help them package for profit, streamline their schedule whilediscovering their CEO type, so they can focus on their key strengths and behaviors to catapult their business intocrossing six figures and beyond. With only 20 hours a week that Debra devoted to her own work,, she has masteredthe keys to creating a successful business on her terms with a six-figure income.Already the book has received raved reviews from successful entrepreneurs. Loren Gelberg-Goff, founder, author,and speaker said: Even if you've been in business a long time and have been 'managing', this book will take youbeyond managing to succeeding."For more information about The 6-Figure Schedule visit: Contact: Starr OldorffTelephone: 917-584-1540Email: support@anewviewllc.comSource:


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