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WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS & SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS(Of Nepal)Smriti ShresthaB.E ComputerKhwopa Engineering College

entrepreneurshipEntrepreneur:Someone who is a risk taker and is ready to face challenges.Entrepreneurship:Process by which an individual or team identifies business opportunity and acquires and deploys the necessary resources required for its exploitation.Social Entrepreneurship:Social entrepreneurs are those who establishes an enterprise with aim of solving social problems.Social entrepreneurship is practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness & opportunity to critical social and environmental challenges.

Social entrepreneurs

Anuradha KoiralaPusha BasnetMahabir PunAnil Chitrakar

Social enterprises

women entrepreneurshipProcess of creating new venture by women through risk-taking, innovating and managing for rewards.Refers to women in independent business.Women stand as special focus group for entrepreneurship development.

Problems Faced?Some of the problems that are dragging Women Entrepreneurs behind:Poor Access To FinanceLack of skills and experienceBusiness RelationshipsLow mobility of WomenFamily pressure

women entrepreneurs

Rita BhandaryLaxmi SharmaHajuri BistaAmbica ShresthaNikita AcharyaRojina Bajracharya

Entrepreneurial journey of laxmi sharmaAt 5: maid servant to Princess Bunu Maharani, a sister of the then king Tribhuvan. At 13: married and had 3 daughters later on.At 25: husband abandoned her.In 1981: bought Tempo and with savings, later bought 5 tempos and gave them on lease.In 1988: stopped driving tempos after 5 years of service & sold 3 of her tempos.

Entrepreneurial journey of laxmi sharmaIn 2043 B.S. : started business of Handicraft and named it Laxmi Wood Craft Udhyog.1st Button Factory of nepal.Manufactured: Buttons, Handmade paper, Pashmina, Cotton, Wool,etc.Travelled to USA and Europe.Trained nepali workers suffered from economic difficulty & pay them instead.

Entrepreneurial journey of laxmi sharmaCurrent Business Status:Annual turnover is Rs. 20 million & 99% products are exported to USA, Europe and other countries.Employees 150 people and 35% are female.Dreams:To open her own outlet in USA and Australia.To open an institute to train young people in handicraft designing.Currently, Founder & chairperson of Kathmandu Animal Treatment(KAT) Center.

Entrepreneurial journey of laxmi sharmaAccording to UN Global Compact, Activities Conducted during 2010-2014:Prepared documentary on Beggar of Ktm. & surrounding.Documentary on Mahapuja.Documentary named This Democracy.Released Album.Provided educational & guardianship support.Contribution to Ktm. Animal Treatment Centre.Supported to make first Women Movie Director Ms. Suchitra Shrestha.Continue publishing Successful Dream magazine.

-Scott BelskyIts not about ideas. Its about making ideas happen.