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1. Netflix: a tutorial By: Becca Mills, Carmen Dial, Cinda Newlon, and Emily Ferguson 2. Introducation What it is: Netflix is a Web 2.0 application thatallows users to: have multiple profiles, create lists of films that they want to watch, be exposed to films from numerous countries, and see what is popular among other Netflix users. Why it is a true Web 2.0: Netflix is a true Web 2.0 because it allows users to create a completely online video library, it alerts users to what movies are popular in their area, and makes suggestions for users based on their ratings and past choices. 3. Uses in Education Netflix can be used in education in order toexpose students to foreign languages and films. Netflix can also be used to find documentaries that will expose students to social issues such as: global warming, the economy, and health care. It can also be used to expose students to films that were adapted from a story that was read in class. Students could compare the story with the video. 4. Getting Connected Use an email tocreate an account, or sign in with Facebook. If you choose to log-in with Facebook, you will learn what your friends are watching and they will also see what you are watching. 5. Tell Netflix your preferences Answer a series ofquestions that will help Netflix understand which movies or television to suggest to you. 6. Organize what you want to watch! Create your own list offilms that you want to watch and organize as you desire. You can even rate movies based on how much you like or do not like them. Netflix will suggest movies to you based on your ratings and movie choices. 7. Share Share what you watchwith your friends on Netflix!