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By Sean Dwyer

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• Overview• History

• What does it do?• What makes the site and Where does it come from?

• Uses for this tool• How is this site a web 2.0 tool

• Similar sites • What does research say about this tool?• Positives and negatives about the tool

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What is Netflix

• Netflix is a site that allows you to rent any movie you want that’s in its database or they have on a DVD

• Millions of people use this site and it is extremely useful for any movie buff or a person looking for a certain flick.

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• On October 1, 2008, Netflix announced a partnership with Starz Entertainment to bring 2,500+ new movies and television shows in what is being called Starz Play.

• In August 2010, Netflix said it had reached a 5 year deal worth nearly $1 billion to stream movies from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM.

• The deal increases the amount Netflix spends on streaming movies annually. – It spent $117 million in the first six months of 2010 on

streaming, up from $31 million in 2009. • This deal adds roughly $200 million per year.[

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What does it do?

• This site allows you to stream movies on your ipod touch, iphone, PS3, xbox, wii, apple tv and so much more but it also allows you to check out movies that can be sent to your home

• This is helpful if you don’t have any of those electronics

• This is also helpful because you can watch a netflix movie WHERE EVER you want

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What makes the site and Where does it come from?

• What makes this site is the vast amount of movies this site allows you to rent.

• This site comes from all the people that subscribe to it.

• If no one subscribe to this site then this site would not last one day. It soul survives on subscribers.

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What is this site used for?

• This site is mostly used for entertainment. There is no other main purpose to this site other than this is a great way for movies to be sold.

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How is this a web 2.0 tool?

• This is a web 2.0 because after you watched a movie you can rate the movie and then write a review.

• This is totally public after you submit it • It is available to any other user on Netflix and

then you can comment on that persons review

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Similar sites

• Blockbuster online• Hollywood Video• The Internet Movie Database (imdb)• VideoETA• Redbox• These sites are all like netflix as in they all deal

with movies, reviews and ratings. Imdb is the only one that is the most different. You cannot rent movies from this site.

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What do the people think• Netflix is a highly rated site because it gives its

members what it wants– Low prices– All the new movies – And it’s Fast whether its streaming or being


– I have only heard and seen good things about this site

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Positives and negatives

• Positives- can watch a video anywhere if you have Wi-Fi or a DVD player

• If you have Wi-Fi you have a huge movie database in your pocket or on your laptop.

• You can find almost any movie you can think off

• Negatives- None

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