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LEARNING OUTCOMESAt the and of this session, students should able to understand the :Defination of nebulizer.Name the parts of the nebulizer.List the type of nebulizer.Explain the perpose of granting a nebulizer.Provide an indications of given through a nebulizer.Specify medications given through a nebulizerList of equipment to the nebulizer.

LEARNING OUTCOMES CONTDiscribe the responsibilities of nurses in giving nebulizerExplained procedure for the nebulizer.Demonstrate procedure for the nebulizer.Re- demonstrate procedure for the nebulizer.

DEFINATION OF NEBULIZER A tool that can parse liquid medicines containing medication to form Steam Inhalation Tracheobronchial tract .(Smitch ,2010)PARTS OF NEBULIZER

MOUTH PIECENEBULIZER MEDICATION CUPTUBINGCOMPRESSOR AIR OPENINGTYPE OF NEBULIZERPURPOSE To ease patient breathing.To loose phlegmTo dilate patients bronchiolesTo administer antibiotic for patient cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis cont..


Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition in which the lungs and digestive system become cloggedwith thick sticky mucus.

Symptoms usually start in early childhood and include: Persistent cough Recurring chest and lung infections Poor weight gain Symptoms of cystic fibrosis usually become apparent in the first year of life. An early sign is that an affected childs sweat is unusually salty, which can be noticeable when you kiss your child.

INDICATIONSRESPIRATORY DISEASEAsthmaChronic obstructive airway diseaseCystic fibrosis



TYPE OF DRUGS USEDNormal saline ( Nacl)Bronchodilators Atroven , Ventolin .Budesonide (pulmicort)Ipratropium bromide & Salbutamol based ( combivent)

Bronchiol diameter increased after bronchodilator treatment using a nebulizer .

Benefits of inhalation treatment of nebulizerMedicine is absorbed directly into the respiratory track.Easy o use , especially for patient who do not know how to use MDI :InfantElderly people with disabilities.Alternative way to cooperate when giving to baby

Alternative way to cooperate when giving to babyIt might seem as though a crying child takes deeper breaths, which can lead a parent to think that the child will inhale the medication more deeply when crying. In fact, the opposite is true. Crying is a long exhalation followed by a very rapid inhalation to catch one's breath. Almost none of the medication will make it to the lungs if given while the child is cryingAlternative way to cooperate when giving to baby cont.. For an infant, you may be able to use the nebulizer while your child is sleeping or your child might be cooperative while being held. But what about older babies and toddlers? They might be frightened by the face mask and are sure to resist sitting still.Alternative way to cooperate when giving to baby cont.. Here are some suggestions for making nebulizer use easier and more enjoyable:Make it part of your daily routine. Use the nebulizer at the same time (or times) each day, so your child knows what to expect.If your child is afraid of the mask, you can talk about how it's a "pilot mask" or a "space mask." You might even buy a video about pilots or astronauts and use some of the lingo like "start your engines" before you turn the nebulizer on. You also can buy masks shaped like dragons and other animalsAlternative way to cooperate when giving to baby cont..Allow your child to decorate the nebulizer machine with stickers.Try having your child sit in a highchair. If that doesn't work, your little one might prefer sitting in your lap.Make the time your child has to sit still as fun as possible. Read stories, sing songs, or pull out some special toys only available during nebulizer time.Watch a short DVD or video together.If your child is old enough, encourage him or her to help you put the mask on, hold the tubing, and turn the machine on

COMPOSITE SKILLHow to use nebulizer.Dilution medication for pediatrics patient such as: Pulmicort 0.5mg/2mg+ 3ml of Nacl ( 1:1)Provide patient education on the use of nebulizer.EQUIPMENTTools nebulizer / inhalator maskContainer sputum Tissue paperMedication prescribed by doctors3ml syringe if necessary.NURSING RESPOSIBILITY -preCheck out the written instruction from the doctorsAuscultate lungs and check for pulse oximetry.Follow the 10 rightExplain the procedure to the patient.Position FowlersNURSING RESPOSIBILITY -postEncourage the patients to cough out the phlegm For infant / children: - Do the Chest percussion and Postural drainage to promote mucus drainage to flow out .Ausculate the lungs and check for pulse oximetry.PROCEDUREGreet and explain the procedure to patients.Assess patient Ability to follow instructuionsPulse and respiration rate.Peak flow meter reading.Had already mealsLevel of knowledge regarding administer of nebulizer.PROCEDURE CONT..Check doctors prescription and instructionPrepare medication as ordered and instill into nebulizer.Verify patient again with drugs prescription chart with ID band Position patient in fowlers or cardiac position.Explain patient the parts of nebulizer Face maskPanel control.On and off switchPROCEDURE CONT..Inform patient that nebulizer contains medication to relief breathing difficulties.On the electric supply to the nebulizer.Teach patient how to hold nebulizer Grasp the lower parts of the nebulizer in the dominant hand Thumb over the control panel .Press the control panel to release medication spray.Place mask and cover the nose and mouth.PROCEDURE CONT..Teach the patient how to place mask over the faceNarrow part of the mask over the nasal bridge covering nose.Oval part the mask that cover the nose and mouth.Teach patient hoe to control panel to on the medication spray.Press the control panel to on the medication spray.Breath deeply trough to the nose and mouth .Release button and remove mask from face during rest to avoid wastage..Repeat untill medication complete.

PROCEDURE CONT..Encourage patient to cough and bring out any phlegm if any.Observe patient during procedure Off the nebulizer main switch Ensure patient id comfortableDocument in patient recordsClean and dry up the equipments.THANK YOU / XIE XIE