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<ul><li><p>National Taiwan University Career Speech </p><p> Topic: How to become a global leader Speaker: Roberte Guidetti, P&amp;G Taiwan VP &amp; General Manager. Date: October 30, 2006 </p><p> Preamble </p><p>Good evening, I am very glad to have the opportunity to be here together with you. Coming to campus always makes me feel younger. And you are all young so you can shave your life and do your plan in the best way for you. So I hope that the conversation tonight will help you in the planning of your lives. And when I said conversation, it really means conversation, because this is not meaning a presentation. We have a couple hours, and I think we would do what we like to do. It may be available for you to ask questions about anything you would like to talk tonight. So this part wont be too long, I mean that I planed to talk like a twenty minutes and an hour. And you are welcome to ask me at anytime you want and anytime you need. And when I finished at the end, you can ask more questions. OK? Can we do like this? </p><p>OK, lets see at the topic tonight. How to become a global leader. I think I should say about something myself first, because then youll know who the person is talking with you. Im an Italian originally, and I have been living in few countries because what I want to do is go out the Italy and see the world. I work for P&amp;G and I started at Italy, and then I stayed in Greece for a while, for a short time, for a few months. And then I went to U.K., then China for about three years, and then I have been in Taiwan for about four years, I came here in 2002. The best language I speak is Italian , and I think my English is also good because I lived in U.K for six years. And then I can also talk Chinese, but I wont talk in Chinese tonight, sorry. I would like to let you know what kind of people I am, and I will share what I believe to you. </p><p>There are something what I believe is very important. I believe in vision, discipline, passion and conscience. </p><p> Vision is a spot we would like to get to, no matter it is good or not. </p><p> I find out that it is important to be discipline, because success doesnt happen </p></li><li><p>overnight, and doesnt happen without effort. Things are important to be discipline, and thats what motivates us behind. So I believe discipline. </p><p> I also believe in passion. Italian is the most passionate. And I really believe that it is much easier for you to achieve things when you think you should do something. It important to make sense for you to do something, its different. Making sense is really important when you want to do something, you like to do something. </p><p> Conscience I think is talk about achieving something that is meaning. I believe it could make things to be better. And thats why I stay in P&amp;G for a long time, because conscience is the thing this company would like to do. </p><p> Leadership (vs. Management) </p><p>To be simple about todays topic, I would like to introduce leadership, and discuss about the relationship between leadership and management. And then we will talk about how P&amp;G define leadership. Finally, I would talk about how to become a global leader. </p><p>Now , I would like to ask some questions. Here we have few people here, I think most of you know who they are. But what I want to ask is why these people become great leaders? </p><p>(The audiences answers: Influence, power, passion, they change the world into a better place, persuasive, and they believe what they believe is right) </p><p>Yes, the last answer is very good. You know, life is pretty tough. But if you have belief, you can go over difficulties much easier. Life can be tough, but you can also continue. </p><p> General definition for leadership: Ability to establish a direction and then to motivate people to move in that direction, delivering results </p><p>You cant handle all the things, so how to motivate people is very important. </p><p>And lets talk about the relationship between leadership and management. I would say in this way: Leading is doing the right things, management is doing things </p></li><li><p>right. For instance, management is efficiency in climbing the ladder, while leadership determines where the ladder is leaning. </p><p> How P&amp;G defines Leadership </p><p>The reason that things work well at P&amp;G is that everyone is an owner and a leader; we hire people because they are leaders, and we give them the training. </p><p>Now I will tell you how a corporate evaluates ability of a person from the following views: </p><p>Power of mind Thinks and acts decisively Leverage mastery Innovates and reapplies </p><p> People Leadership Collaboration Grow capability Agility In-touch Operation with discipline Embrace change </p><p> 5es leadership model </p><p>I. Envisioning: </p><p>Creating a picture of the future </p><p>Envisioning is to recognize the trend and opportunity in the future. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams (E.Roosevelt). You must first have the motivation and then you may handle your own future. You may choose your dream and try hard to fulfill it. </p><p>Why is envision essential? Because envision clarifies direction, motivates people, and aligns individual actions. </p></li><li><p>Great vision has three qualities: </p><p>1. It is compelling 2. Creates energy 3. Comes from the heart </p><p>Like P&amp;G may come across different situation in many countries, but our mission is to improve the human life. How to make all our colleges identify with the values and culture of P&amp;G, feel proud of our works is what we would like to do. </p><p>Lets talk about an example: Made in Taiwan, win in the world </p><p>P&amp;G Taiwan created many successful proposals, and we all feel proud of the achievements. Pantene is a good example to explain what is made in Taiwan, win in the world. When Pantene first introduced in Taiwan, it was just a small brand. But our marketing teams made the investigation, and discovered theshinning, healthy hair image could attract the peoples attention. Therefore, we finally use this theme to promote Pantene, and create a great success. This case showed the creativity of Taiwan. Moreover, it further won the respect from the other P&amp;G divisions in the other countries. </p><p>Example: how P&amp;G structure the envisioning work? Objectives strategy measures What to play? Goals How to win? </p><p> Strategy: What to play? What do we want to do? Which market should we enter? What kind of channel should we distribute our products? </p><p> Measures: The measure should be something concrete. For example, the market shares, sales revenue, growth rate. </p><p> Goals: Make sure that all your team members realized the goal, and try to achieve it together. </p></li><li><p> How to win? How should we design the promotion schedule in the stores? How should we lead the organization? How could we motivate all the members? </p><p>II. Energizing: </p><p>Creating an environment where others are motivated to do their best </p><p>Theres an old saying by Ghandi, We must be the change we wish to see. Energizing is making people and resources to realize the vision, creating an environment where others are motivated to do their very best role models desired behavior. A good leader should motivate his partners, and think about what resources he has in hand. </p><p>Example: P&amp;G Taiwan culture and work place environment </p><p>Before our office located in five different floors, people in the same department tended to be together because of the office allocation. After then, we are thinking about how to organize the environment to bring our members potential into full play. And we decided to make some changes. </p><p>Now our office is at the 101 building, we have one and half floor office. And everyday when our employees come into the office, they have to get into their seats according to a map. In other words, nobody have a seat now in P&amp;G. In this way, there is no wall between people. And no matter which division you belong, you could have chance to interact with the other people. All our members become closer and closer. </p><p>Besides, inside P&amp;G, we have many different names for the public spaces. For instances, the cloud gate room means for the inspiration, and it is also the best proof for make in Taiwan win in the world. And we also have Community room, Risk-taking room, Out role-modeling, Trust room, Focus room, Care room, and In touch room. Everyone in P&amp;G has their own preference, because the different names will give each room different meaning. And when people work in there, they will feel very pleasure. </p><p>III. Enabling: </p><p>Enables self and others to achieve the vision by leveraging strengths and </p></li><li><p>removing barriers to success </p><p>As a leader, you have to lead your team members to fulfill the target. There is a real example in P&amp;G. As the chart you can see on the screen, in P&amp;G we will have this kind of plan. There are five different years, and we would have different goals in these stages. To organize the progress for business, we may focus on the enhancing the satisfaction or the other things. We would use the System process to organize the people and allocation the resources, make sure they knows clearly what their tasks are responsible for. </p><p>In addition, before we launch a new product into the market, we would discuss together to set the vision. A good vision may make your members combined to be a qualified group, and then you could pursue the goal. </p><p>IV. Engaging: </p><p>Building relationships/ collaboration </p><p>In P&amp;G, we try to engage others in developing and owning the vision and strategies, leverages cross-organization. </p><p>Nowadays, P&amp;G Taiwan want all our members clearly understand the corporate goal and mission. We would present it in a simple way. Every July, we would held a vision day, everyone in P&amp;G must leave the office, and we will select a theme to have some activities. </p><p>For example, we had OGSM Day for a bicycle race. We take the Bike racing as the symbol of persistence. Our members do the force to present our mission, and the winner will wear in yellow shirts. </p><p>Besides, we also presented our mission in the spirit of cloud-gate, and we invited GIANT Company to introduce how they succeed internationally. The above are all successful corporate, and we were moved and inspired by their vision. </p><p>V. Execution: </p><p>Leverage strengths/remove barriers </p><p>Execution is to develop executable plans to deliver the strategy and allocates </p></li><li><p>diverse resources effectively. It must ensure individual work plans are aligned to the plan and established clear expectation </p><p>Execution is strategy. We often heard about people should execute plans in the strategic thinking way. The most important thing is that thinking about how to execute the plan practically. </p><p> Olay Taiwan 05 success </p><p>There is a real case we could use to present the above concepts. I would like to introduce the Olay Taiwan case to all of you. </p><p>As you saw from our advertisements, we tried to use the following way to approach our customers. </p><p>Holistic Communication Prestige ChallengeAll Involve In One Bottle </p><p>We tried every possible channel to touch our customers, and we appeal to the concept that all essence in one bottle and you only need this one. </p><p>The procedure we introduce this product was: </p><p>1. Awareness 2. Browsing 3. Buying 4. Usage 5. Remembering 6. RepurchaseEfficacy discount coupon 7. Advocacy100 beauty editors education 8. SWAP campaigns </p><p>And the final result is revenue growth 36%and the market share grow from 15%~16% to 20%~24%. </p><p>In that moment, the price war made the market more competitive, so we thought we should find a new idea to draw the customers attention. We hope the customers would not take the discount as the prior consideration, and we created many situations to add the customer preference and acceptance. You could see how we market an old </p></li><li><p>product, giving it new life to approach the customers, and further led the customers really buy the products. </p><p>In summary, I believed there are many different ways for you to organize your employees, and then you will find out some interesting effect. </p><p> How to become a global leader </p><p>I. Make dreams come true: You have to think it big, and then you could follow up the changing age. </p><p>II. Be the best of yourself To prepare yourself, then you would show your ability when opportunities come. </p><p>III. Enthusiasm The passion will be the biggest motivation to do your work. </p><p>IV. Honesty and respect: You have to build up the trust with the people. </p><p>V. Volunteer responsibility You have nothing to lose. Try to learn from doing as much as you can. </p><p>VI. Master your fundamentals Like playing basketball, you have to practice from the basic, and then you could actually play in the real game. This is what the fundamental. If you learn from the very beginning, you could realize what you have learned. As you first enter the company, you often do some unimportant work. But you have to improve your ability form these work, and then you may have the chance to take responsibility for important task. </p><p>VII. Demanding &amp; caring leadership There are tough and soft two different leadership styles. Sometimes the tough leading would be suitable, but sometimes the soft leadership may help your team improve and grow up. </p><p>VIII. Create your future, anticipate and sense continuously </p></li><li><p>What is your plan for the future? Sometimes we would decide the way suitable or not depends on the vision. P&amp;G hope to grow continually in the future. Therefore, when we come across the difficulties, we will seek for the appropriate actions instead of being panic to overcome the challenge. </p><p>Now I think we should stop at here, and you may ask some questions. </p><p> Audience Question 1 </p><p>P&amp;G might be the best company in advertising promotion. Would you tell us that how many percentage of your annual budget in your company? </p><p>How to choose the people for the brand representative is very important, he/ she have to suit the product and the image of the company. </p><p>It most time, the consumer product line Television advertisement is the biggest part of the investment. While now the percentage gets lower and lower, because we find out that the Television is no longer the only channel. Sorry that I would give the specific number because of the confidential problem, but I can say that it is really a big cost. </p><p>In our investigation, we discovered that nowadays audiences seldom focus on a specific channel. With the concern that advertising efficiency becomes worse, we reduce the spending on Television. Take the Google for example, now we could observe a more obvious approach rate through the clicking numbers. The number of people approach our advertisement is important information for us to measure the effect. We must make sure that our promotion could attain our estimated effect, not to spent 100 million dollars but only work out 50% of use. </p><p>Perhaps I should take off my coat to make us closer. Actually, all of you are our target customer. I hope you can raise every questions, this would really help us to handle our product line management. </p><p> Audience Question 2 </p><p>How do you lead and organize different people in a group, such as science and marketing creative background people? </p></li><li><p>Now in our P&amp;G, there are three divisio...</p></li></ul>