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  • National Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Incineration Facilities: Design and Operating Criteria - Volume 1Table of ContentsPrefaceExecutive Summary1.0 Introduction1.1 Purpose and Scope1.2 Units for Emission Limits

    2.0 Design Parametres2.1 Introduction2.2 Incinerator2.3 Air Pollution Control System2.4 Stack Discharge Limit2.5 Noise Control 2.6 Ash Management2.7 Wastewater Management

    3.0 Operating Parameters3.1 Introduction3.2 Process Monitoring3.3 Emission Monitoring3.4 Data Collection and Reporting3.5 Waste Handling3.6 Waste Storage3.7 Waste Segregation During Storage3.8 Waste Blending/Processing Prior to Incineration3.9 Start-up and Shutdown3.10 Upsets3.11 Spill Handling Plan3.12 Inspection and Record Keeping

    4.0 Testing Parameters4.1 Introduction4.2 Test Burn4.3 Stack Testing

    5.0 Site Selection Parameters5.1 Introduction5.2 Site Features5.3 Technical/Economic Issues5.4 Land Use5.5 Public Attitude

    Appendix 1 - Sample Collection MethodsAppendix 2 - Analytical MethodsAppendix 3 - Emission Data ConversionAppendix 4 - Glossary of AbbreviationsAppendix 5 - Toxicity Equivalency Factors (TEFS) for Specific PCDD and PCDF Congeners


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