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Waste incineration plants. E.ON Energy from waste EEW Hannover GmbH. Waste incineration plants in Germany. and in the Netherlands and Luxenburg. Facts about the waste incineration plants. 230.000 tons per year Only household waste and household similar industrial waste - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Waste incineration plantsE.ON Energy from wasteEEW Hannover GmbH

  • Waste incineration plants in Germanyand in the Netherlands and Luxenburg

  • Facts about the waste incineration plants230.000 tons per yearOnly household waste and household similar industrial wasteNo dangerous wasteYou get energy for 40.000 households

  • The principle1 delivery2 bunker3 (pusher) grade4 slag remover5 cinder bunker6 ammonia water 7 boiler 8 turbine 9 generator10 condenser11 transformer12 spray absorber13 absorber14 fabric filter15 induced draft fan16 emission measurement17 chimney

  • Delivery and bunkerThe waste is offloaded from trucksThe waste is in the bunkerA cran transports the waste into the boiler

  • Standpoint

  • Boiler and gradeIn the boiler the waste is spreaded by gradesThe fire temperature must be everytime over 870C

  • Slag remover and cinder bunkerThe residue of the burned waste (slag) is transferred into the slag removerNow the slag is cooled downThe cold slag is brought into the cinder bunkerThe slag will be transported to another companyIron, non ferric metals and not burned material is taken outThe neutral slag is used for street building

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  • But the smoke would damage the nature, wouldnt it ?!?

  • No, because there is a cleaning principle!

  • First step:Neutralisation of nitrogen oxides by spraying 25% ammonia water.

    NH OH + NOx are getting to

    H O + N4ammonia waternitrogen oxides22wateratmospheric nitrogen

  • Second step (spray absorber):By atomisation of quick lime follows various reactions: Ca(OH)2 Ca(OH)2 Ca(OH)2 + + + SO2 2 HCl 2 HF

    H2O + CaSO3 2 H2O + CaCl2 2 H2O + CaF2quick limesulphur oxidhydrochloric acidhydrofluoric acidwatercalcium sulfitecalcium chloridecalcium fluoridwaterwater

  • Third step (absorber):Addition to spray absorber:Gaseous heavy metals and dioxines were bound on carbon. For reaching that, lime and activated carbon is sprayed against the cours of the smoke:heavy metaldoxinesactivated carbonattaches toattaches to

  • Forth step (fabric filter):The solid components in the smoke get drained out by the filter membraneRegular the solid components get cleaned from the filters by compressed airThe shaken off components are getting into a residue silo and after some time they get into an underground depot

  • The clean gas leaves the Waste incineration plants threw the chimneyThe induced draft fan supports the escape of the clean gasEmission measurementThe leaving

  • Water circulation and steam circuitHow to get energy by burning waste

  • see where it is

  • Inside the boiler are pipes in wich water is flowingThe water is vaporized because of the heat in the boilerThe steam rises because of the big pressureThe steam powers the rator of the turbineThe generator produces electricity from the rator energyThe transformer plant leads the electricity intoThe condenser cools the water down to 60CThe circulation begins againthe electricity grid

    The principle

  • The endMade by Jolanda & Joana


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