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  • Press Release

    Kitchen accessoires

    World first: COMPAIR® STEEL flow – metal air duct system Non-flammable, extremely sturdy and fully compatible, the new metal air

    duct system from the world market leader Naber opens up entirely new

    planning variants for extractor hoods.

    With the new metal ducts, Naber meets the globally increasing demand for non-

    flammable technical building equipment. The system, which is available in the

    usual 150 mm dimensions as a flat duct (222 x 89 mm) and round duct, meets the

    highest demands when it comes to tightness due to the all-round lip seals which

    are integrated into the system components. The assembly is just as simple as with

    COMPAIR® flow (plastic ducts). COMPAIR® STEEL flow is fully recyclable and

    therefore particularly sustainable.

    New installation variants through high point loadability

    Thanks to the galvanized, 0.6 to 0.8 mm thick steel plate and the specially

    designed cross-section, COMPAIR® STEEL flow is particularly sturdy. The flat duct

    with its variably integrated centre bar has a permissible point load of 100

    kilograms. This makes additional, exciting installation variants possible. For

    example, laying in floor structures of concrete or wet fill. For multi-storey buildings,

    this means that the exhaust air duct can be laid in the floor structure of the floor

    above. Also for downdraft systems in kitchen islands, the best possible exhaust air

    solutions in terms of technology and design are made possible if the duct is

    invisibly routed below the flooring. Of course, all the familiar duct routing scenarios

    are also possible: concealed on top of kitchen elements, in the base area and in

    suspended ceilings.

    Lowest pressure losses

    COMPAIR® STEEL flow achieves the same perfect flow results as the proven

    COMPAIR® flow and COMPAIR® bion air duct systems from Naber. The guide

    elements integrated into the round bends provide for aerodynamically optimal flow

    and 80% lower pressure losses than with standard ducts. Thanks to the high

  • Press release and photos for standard use. For further information please contact: Naber GmbH, Susanne Osewold – Marketing, Enschedestr. 24, 48529 Nordhorn, Tel.: +49 5921 704-229, Fax: +49 5921 704-158, Internet:, E-Mail:

    Management Hans-Joachim Naber is the tireless driving force behind the development and realisation of innovative products. Ingrid Naber unerringly controls the areas human resources, organisation and finance. Lasse Naber shapes the future direction of the company with drive and vitality.

    Naber GmbH A dynamically growing company within the kitchen accessories sector. More than 3,200 accessories items belong to the product range. Numerous internationally recognised design awards underline the innovative power of the family-owned business which is successful for decades.

    volume flow, all types of extractor hood thus optimally take in the vapours, also at

    low, and thus quiet, power settings. And, with an airflow of up to 650 m³/h, high-

    performance extractors and hoods deliver their promised performance in their

    installed state and not just on paper.

    100 percent compatible

    The COMPAIR® STEEL flow programme consists of 33 components, with which

    any planning requirements can be efficiently implemented. The system is

    compatible with all the vapour extraction systems available on the world market,

    including downdraft, as well as with the COMPAIR® duct systems in plastic and the

    energy-efficient Naber wall conducts. The assembly is simple, and is completed in

    a matter of minutes. The components are available separately and can be ordered

    at any time around the clock in a few weeks at

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