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Name: Irish ann L. Espeo Course: bachelor of secondary education: major in mathematics secondary education: Tanza national trade school elementary education: paradahan elementary school

My portfolio in educational technology 2

irish ann l. espeobse mathematics


The Student Educational Technology in a Nut Shell Learning Through Educational Technology 2 The Student After Educational Technology 2


Im Irish Ann L. Espeo,3rd year student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics at Cavite State University Main Campus.

Educational Technology in a Nut ShellAn Overview: Educational Technology 2Educational technology 2 is concerned of Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning.Putting together technology into teaching and learning so that these will become one in learners education. It focused on introducing, reinforcing, supplementing, and extending the knowledge and skills to learners so that they can become exemplary users of educational technology.

Educational Technology in The Asia Pacific Region It is really necessary that there should be state policies and strategies in the use of technology especially in educational institutions on a country it is because these serves as guiding principles for educators how to go about in the adoption of these technologies. Most of the countries in the Asia Pacific Region are already adopted their own policies and had created an educational technology environment in their schools. Such as:MalaysiaSingaporeHong KongNew ZealandAustraliaEducational Technology in a Nut Shell

Basic Concepts on Integrating in Instruction The mere use of computer does not mean that technology is already integrated in the instruction. A need to provide learning on how educational technology can be applied and integrated in the teaching-learning process is very crucial.State-of -Art ET Application PracticesEducators today should become more aware and active in adopting state-of-the-art educational technology practices for them to ride on in the system and development of technology.

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

IT Enters a New Learning Environment

There are four conceptual models;Meaningful Learningfocus to new experience that is related to what the learner already knows. Discovery LearningGenerative LearningConstructivism

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

IT for Higher Thinking Skills and CreativityThe traditional information absorption model of teaching is that the teacher is the one who organizes and presents information to student-learners. The Upgraded Project MethodGiven these complex thinking skills, the modern day teacher can now be guided on his goal to help student achieve higher level thinking skills and creativity beyond the ordinary benchmark of the students passing, even excelling achievements tests. Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

Higher Thinking Skills IT-based Projects Through

The Four Types of IT-Based Projects Resource-based ProjectsSimple CreationGuided Hypermedia ProjectsWeb-based Projects

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

Computer as Information and Communication Technology

Through computer technology, educators saw the amplification of learning along with computer literacy. Some computer-assisted instruction (CAI) was introduced using the principle of individualized learning through a positive climate that includes realism and appeal with drill, exercises that uses color, music and animation.

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

The Computer as a TutorThe computer is one of the wonders of human ingenuity, even in its original design in the 1950s to carry out complicated mathematical and logical operations.Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI)It can be a tutor in effect relieving the teacher of many activities in his personal role as a classroom tutor.however, that the computer cannot totally replace the teacher since the teacher shall continue to play major roles of information deliverer and learning environment controller.Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

The Computer as the Teachers Tool

It focuses on constructivism and social constructivism of learning.The Computers CapabilitiesInformative ToolInformative ToolConstructive ToolCo-constructive ToolSituating ToolEducational Technology in a Nut Shell

Information Technology In Support Of Student Centered Learning

The Traditional ClassroomControl classroom activities through lecture presentation and teacher-led discussions.The SCL ClassroomStudents are become active not passive learners, demonstrating independence and self-awareness in the learning process.

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

Cooperative Learning with the Computer

Cooperative or collaborative learning is learning by small groups of students who work together in a common learning task. It is often also called group learning but to be truly cooperative learning, 5 elements are needed:common goalInterdependenceInteractionindividual accountabilitysocial skills

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

The Software as an Educational Resource

Computer hardware can hardly be useful without the program or system that tells what computer machine should do.Instructional software can be visited on the internet or can be bought from software shops or dealers. The teacher through his school should decide on the best computer-based instructional (CBI) materials for the schools resource collection.

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

Understanding HypermediaIt is an extension of the term hypertext, is a nonlinear medium of information which includes graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks.Characteristics of hypermedia applicationLearner controlLearner wide range of navigation routesVariety of mediaEducational Technology in a Nut Shell

The Internet and Education

The internet, also simply called the NET. The internet is not really a network but a loosely organize collection of about 25,000 networks accessed by computer on the planet. It is astonishing to know that no one owns the internet. It has no central headquarters, no centrally offered services, and no comprehensive online index to tell users what information is available in the system.

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

Educational Technology 2 Practicum

The practicum phase consist of hands-on computer tutorials which the student teacher or professional teacher-trainee will need to make him/her capable.The practicum phase consist in:Basic Microsoft word (6hrs)Microsoft PowerPoint (6hrs)Internet as tool of inquiry (4hrs)

Educational Technology in a Nut Shell

Learning Through Educational Technology 2

Educational technology involve a deeper understanding of the computer as well as hands-on-application of computer skills. To infuse technology in the student-teacher training, helping learners to adapt and meet rapid and continuing technology changes in information and communication technology (ICT) environment.

Computer in now generation is really a big help especially in the 21st century education. It not only benefited the students but even the facilitators or the educators. As a user, it is our responsibility on the effect of the technology to us. It is depend on us if it will be a great help or a distractors.Learning Through Educational Technology 2

As presented on this lesson, technologies integrated education through the help of the facilitators which are still the reason of quality education. With out users such as; students and educators technology is no use.

Learning Through Educational Technology 2

Living in a developing country and knowing that the neighbor country of ours is now ready in this kind of education. It awaken us that those other countries are really progressive when it comes with the development of computer, we know that even those elementary grades are already aware with the use of computer because of the fact that computer plays a vital role with our learning.Learning Through Educational Technology 2

The Student After Educational Technology 2

This presented lesson teaches us to be aware with the use of different use of computers computer software and etc. As a future educator we are given a chance to become an effective teacher someday we are being thought for a better teaching which is also helpful for both teacher and students.

To close this presentation I assume that you have gain relevant information and knowledge can also help you as like me a future educator.As a future educator we should be updated on the progression of the technology in this generation of 21st learners. The Student After Educational Technology 2

There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails. Nancy KassebaumThe Student After Educational Technology 2

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important. Bill GatesThe Student After Educational Technology 2


Educational Technology 2; Second edition. Quezon City; Lorimar PublishingPaz I. Lucido, Ph.D. (2012)