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Roles and functions of E

Roles and Functions of Educational Technology in 21st Century Education


Education is no longer about listening to the teacher talk

1. Instruction should be student -centeredStudents will need to acquire new information as problems arise. Then, they will need to connect the new information with the knowledge they already have and apply it to solving the problem at hand.

2.Education should be collaborative

Students should be encouraged to work together to discover information, piece it together, and construct meaning. Students should learn how to recognize the different strengths and talents each person can bring to a project, and change roles depending on those attributes.Collaboration should also be dynamic.

3. Learning should have contextTeacher doesnt gives up all control of the classroom.

The teacher can make a point of helping students to understand how the skills they are building can be applied in their lives.

Learning something that we can see the value!

The Role of Technology in the 21st Century Learning

Constant social interactionEasily created & shared digital content

Important Functions of Educational Technology

Educational technology tries to find out the different variables of teaching, their interlinks, effects upon each other, relationships, theories of teaching, phases of teaching principles, maxims of teaching that improves the quality of education.Improvement in Teaching

Find out different variables of teaching

Analysis of the Teaching- Learning ProcessConcerned with various phases of teaching

Improvement of Learning

Analyses the process of learning and the related theories.

Finding out the right objectives!

Educational technology helps in enhancing the right objectives in the light of the changed circumstance and changed environment.Enhancing Goals of Education

Render its help in training teachersNew curriculum and new materials is to be handled by teachers.

Training to Teachers

Suitable type of curriculum will help in the attainment of goals

Development of CurriculumKeeping in view the objectives of education!

Right type of materials will able to modify the learners behavior!

Development of Teaching-Learning MaterialsLearning Materials Are Important

Strategy Plays An Important Role!

The strategy has to be the right one, which should be according to the materials and is able to bring about effective teaching-learning process.

Teaching- Learning Strategies

Development of Audio- Visual Aids

Software aids , hardware aids, computer and other such appliances have to be used in the present type of teaching-learning process.

Help In Overall Improvement

Provides Equal Education opportunities to backward people, disadvantaged students and deprived sections of the society.Identification In Overall Improvement