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Planning my Magazine advert By Kabita Nepali

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Planning my Magazine advert

Planning my Magazine advertBy Kabita Nepali

For my magazine advertisement, I decided to pick this picture in the beginning of producing my magazine advert. This image is of one of the artists from the digipak. Therefore, immediately the consumer might notice a synergy between the products, or will be easy to find it if they are looking for the digipak.

I chose this image at first because I thought it signified like she was facing away from what she needed to look at therefore, she is looking away trying to find something, which can be linked into the music video, where we could see her trying to find someone that she needed.

Stage 1:Final stage:stage 2:Here are the different stages I went through to figure out the way my magazine advert would appeal to my target market the most.

I had three different stages trying to figure out the different layouts for the image, until I found this layout (right) that I liked the most, therefore, I ended up using it. This is because I found that it keeps the advert simple while also presenting the consumer with enough knowledge to be able to understand what type of advertisement this is and appeal to them this way.

In these images I was producing the layout, structuring it until, I found it appealing as well as showing enough evidence to the consumer to get their attention, I thought that by doing this it would appeal to them more and they would want to know more information on the product.

In these images, I was trying to figure out how I can make the advert more appealing to the market as they should find it appealing at forst glance, therefore, in these images I was trying to make it as appealing as I could while still making it interesting.

Here are the two images of before (left) and after (right):

Here is the picture that I ended up choosing for my magazine advert: I chose this picture as it was the front cover of my digipak magazine and comparing to the stages before, I found that it would be more useful to the consumer to use the front cover of the digipak in order for them to locate it easily if they want to purchase it.In this image (Above), I was producing the magazine advert to the way that made the front cover/main image, stand out more and this way it makes the advert seem more interesting as it doesnt follow the stereotypical conventions and is simple as a contrast to the main image which is filled with colours and large texts that are eye catching.

Here is my final production of the magazine advert, I chose this as, it seemed more appealing to the target market, it was very eye catching and also very intriguing as it didnt give off too much information as well as make it seem enjoyable. Also, the image used is the same image form the digipak, therefore, making it easier for the consumer to locate them and this means that if the magazine advert is appealing then, the digipak would most likely get more consumers as they would want to know more about the artist through the magazine advert.

I decided to use the text in this structure, as the two highlight points were DEBUTE ALUM and OUT NOW, they were the first points that are eye catching therefore, if the consumer looks at the magazine advert they would immediately see that after the main image of the artist, hiding behind the word hide, then, the middle text INCLUDES THE SINGLES.. #1 INTERNATIONAL HIT would keep them interested about the artist and make them want to know more as they may have heard the music somewhere or, if they didnt know those songs were from this artist etc.

Overall, the magazine advert has been designed to appeal to the target group/ the consumer of the magazine in the best appealing way possible that gives them an idea of what their music genre might be and what they are aiming for.