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<ul><li><p>MY FAVOURITE HOBBY .......................................................................................................................................... </p><p>Beatrice Chan (2010-11 2C) </p><p> Good afternoon. Im Beatrice Chan, studying in Form 2C. First, let me ask you all a few questions. Do </p><p>you find writing unattractive? Or do you agree with this statement The composition section is the stupidest, </p><p>weariest and most boring thing you have in the school? If your answers are YES, then you should now listen </p><p>to me patiently and I shall tell you the fun, the joy and the excitement I have while Im doing my favourite </p><p>hobby WRITING. </p><p> It all started when I was only really little. My mum read me bedtime stories every single night; at that </p><p>time, I was totally fascinated by the unbelievable characters in the stories. Whenever I finished reading a </p><p>book, I often imagined what would happen to the characters afterwards. Soon, I started writing up different </p><p>endings to stories. Well, honestly, not only is creating a whole new ending to a story fun, but it is also </p><p>pleasurable. Can you imagine Sirius in the Harry Potter series was finally proven to be innocent and lived </p><p>happily with Harry evermore? It happens it truly happens in MY story. Writing really allows my </p><p>imagination to run wild. </p><p> Apart from writing new endings, I also write poems. Every day we experience different things; writing </p><p>poems, for sure, is a good means to express our feelings. Whenever I feel happy, or sad, or even furious, I </p><p>write poems. Transforming my anger or sadness into lines of words often soothes me and makes me feel a </p><p>lot better. In fact, I always write poems at home, in the classroom, on the bus or even in the bathroom while </p><p>Im having a shower. Besides, as I love sharing my works with others, it has always been great when I see </p><p>the comments from my readers after I have posted my poems online. </p><p> My dear schoolmates, writing doesnt mean to be boring. Writing occupies a large range; a drama </p><p>script, a short story, or even a post on the Facebook is a kind of writing. For me, writing is definitely the </p><p>most interesting thing; I will keep on writing and never give up my hobby. I wish someday my writings will </p><p>touch peoples hearts. Finally, let me end my sharing with my latest creation. </p><p> Writing brings me so much fun, </p><p> I can make a journey thats just begun. </p><p> I write, </p><p> I feel, </p><p> I write and feel, </p><p> and wont become a statue frozen still. </p><p> Hope you will like my sharing and start to enjoy writing. Or maybe why dont you visit my Facebook, </p><p>leave a comment on the poem I have just presented to you, and start writing. Thank you. </p></li></ul>


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