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Johny Eanglish Reborn

Favourite movies Polish team

Daniel Kruk:Johny English RebornIt is my favourite movie because the leading role is played by Rowan Atkinson (our dear Mr. Bean). I love films with this actor.

Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), a secret agent never shows fear. He has a reputation for the most unusual intelligence officer in the service of Her Majesty. After the last mission, when he solved the theft of royal jewels, he used his unique skills in one of the remote areas of Asia. But when his superiors are informed about the attempt to assassinate the prime minister of China, the world needs him more than ever.

The hero performs his missions, it is very comical. Afilm very is funny to watch.

Anna Kruk:Me befor youMy favourite movie is Me before you. This film is about the joy of life and love. In this story sadness is intertwined with hope. At the beginning of the film we meet a young, ambitious and cheerful Louisa Clark, who lives in a small village in England. To help the family she begins work as guardian Wills- rich man, who is paralyzed after the accident. Gradually they get to know better. He opens new possibilites to her and she opens the new world for him. She wants to save him.

Marcin Samorek:21 Jump StreetMy favourite film is"21 Jump Street". It's an American comedy from 2012, directed by Phil Lord andChrisMiller. The film is based on the serial form 1987 with the same namemade byStephen J. Cannell andPatrick Hasburgh.


Pjotrek KozakThe dictatorMy favourite film is "The Dictator" (comedy from 2012).It'sa heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he is so lovingly oppressed.I love this film cause I realy likeparodies of everything what is arround us (frequently political and religion)Director : Larry Charles


First plan rolesSachaBaron Cohen asAladeen(Dictator)



Ben Kingsley asTamir(headantagonist)

JasonMantzoukasas Nadal (Aladeenbestfriend)



I chose this film because it shows that even a man building a ship is unable to win with the nature

I like this movie because there is a lot of action and spectacular interior of this giant ship. I recommend it strongly.

Krystian Bartuzi:The presence of 2My favorite movie is The presence of 2. It is the horror of the paranormal things. In this film one marriage is dealing with these things abd is helping the family who lives in a haunted house.

Kasia KrukStep up 4 RevolutionStep Up 4 Revolution - American musical film of 2012 directed by Scott Speer. Continuation films Step Up , Step Up 2 and Step Up 3.

The world premiere of the film took place on July 27, 2012 year.

What is the movie about?People dance in the street, art galleries and shopping centers. For even the strangest location can become a dance floor. They call themselves "The Mob". A group are led by a man named Sean. One day, the boy meets a beautiful stranger named Emily. The girl came to Miami to become a professional dancer. Now she will have the opportunity to participate in something more than just a dance competitions. This is not only a revolution in dance - a dance becomes revolution!

Katarzyna Migdal the teacherPulp fiction I just love watching this film. It consists of some parts, each of them show a different story which extremely interested. I think that The best thing is the music! Everybody knows it, I hope. John Travolta, Uma Turman, Bruse Willies, Samuel Lee Jackson, Quentin Tarantino and many more famous names!

Thank you for your attention!