musical instrument digital interface (midi)

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Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). Sophie Wu. History. 1982, Dave Smith met Ikutaro Kakehashi 1983, the MIDI 1.0 Specification Digital Music. Midi what?. Technical standard MMA MIDI committee of AMEI. 3 parts. The message . 3 parts. The hardware The format. Shortcomings . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

Sophie WuHistory1982, Dave Smith met Ikutaro Kakehashi1983, the MIDI 1.0 SpecificationDigital Music

Midi what?Technical standardMMAMIDI committee of AMEI

3 partsThe message

Status ByteData Byte 1Data Byte 2Message1000nnnn0kkkkkkk0vvvvvvvNote Off1001nnnn0kkkkkkk0vvvvvvvNote On1010nnnn0kkkkkkk0pppppppPoly Key Pressure1011nnnn0ccccccc0vvvvvvvController Change1100nnnn0ppppppp[none]Program Change1101nnnn0ppppppp[none]Channel Pressure1110nnnn0fffffff0cccccccPitch Bend3 partsThe hardwareThe format

Shortcomings Serial transmissions

Using midiUser friendlyApplicationsDigital musical insturments

Other usesTheatreConcertsMIDI mazeIrig midi

Future?Tv showsClubsDjsLights and environment

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