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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 Music With Emphasis in Piano Performance -Concentration in Piano Pedagogy -BM</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Music with Emphasis in Piano Performance with</p><p>Concentration in Piano Pedagogy (BM)</p><p>This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2011 - Spring 2012 catalog year. For more information</p><p>about catalog year, go toCatalog Year Information.</p><p>Major: MUSIBM PDG</p><p>Degree: BM</p><p>Concentration: PDG</p><p>Unit:School of Music</p><p>Program Courses</p><p>Type Hours</p><p>General Education requirements1,2 34</p><p>Music Theory 141-242 (four 4-hour courses) 16</p><p>Music Literature 361 (four 3-hour courses) 12</p><p>Principal Ensemble (eight 1-hour courses)</p><p>(Solely dependent on the ensemble audition.)8</p><p>Recital Attendance 097 (six semesters of S) 0</p><p>Conducting I 359 2</p><p>Analysis 347 2</p><p>Applied Lessons (four 2-hour courses) MUS 101, 102, 201, 202 8</p><p>Introduction to Music Study 100 1</p><p>Piano Proficiency 297 0</p><p>Total 83</p><p>Plan Courses</p><p>Major Area</p><p>Type Hours</p><p>Applied Lessons (four 4-hour courses) MUS 313, 314, 413, 414 16</p><p>Piano Literature 461, 561, 562 6</p><p>Piano Pedagogy 371, 372, 471, 472 12</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Music With Emphasis in Piano Performance -Concentration in Piano Pedagogy -BM</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Piano Pedagogy Practicum 573, 574 4</p><p>Senior Recital3 0</p><p>Total 38</p><p>Supportive Area</p><p>Type Hours</p><p>Analysis 348 2</p><p>Advanced Theory</p><p>Two 2-hour courses chosen from:</p><p>Composition 143-144</p><p>Ensemble Scoring I &amp;II 345-346Chromatic Harmony and Analysis/Post-Tonal Theory &amp; Analysis 547-548</p><p>Counterpoint I &amp; II 549-550</p><p>4</p><p>Piano Ensemble (two 1/2-hour courses) 1</p><p>Conducting II 360 2</p><p>General Electives4 4</p><p>Total 13</p><p>Total</p><p>Type Hours</p><p>Minimum Total 134</p><p>1 Students are required to take PAS 214 African American Music (Arts and Humanities content: Cultural Diversity competency) and</p><p>ANTH 205 Music in World Cultures (Social and Behavioral Sciences content: Cultural Diversity competency).</p><p>2 MUH courses may not be taken to fulfill any General Education requirement.</p><p>3 For the B.M. with concentration in Piano Pedagogy, the senior recital may be presented before the departmental faculty. A junior rec</p><p>is strongly recommended for pedagogy majors.</p><p>4 Students are strongly encouraged to take a course in Educational Psychology or Child Development.</p><p>Upper Division Assessment</p><p>All students enrolled in a music degree program will be reviewed at the approximate midpoint of the selected program in order for</p><p>students to achieve Upper Division status. Students must meet the standards of this review to register for 400-level courses in music. B</p><p>the elements and standards of the review are established by the faculty and include credit for MUS 242 Theory IV; MUS 361-01 and 3</p><p>02 Music Literature; 4 semesters of Applied Instrument at the course numbers required for the degree; MUS 359 Conducting (all BM</p><p>programs; not required for BA programs); Piano Proficiency Examination; MUS 097 Recital Attendance, with S for 4 semesters;Ensemble Participation; cumulative 2.5 GPA (good standing); minimum of 48 credit hours completed; pass English 101 or 105 and 3</p><p>additional Gen Ed courses.</p><p>Additional specific elements and standards appropriate to specific degree programs in jazz studies, music composition, music educatio</p><p>music history, instrumental and vocal performance, pedagogy, music theory, and music therapy are required of students in order to</p><p>achieve Upper Division status and to continue in the degree program. Specific degree requirements are determined by the division and</p><p>area faculties and are outlined in theMusic Student Handbookand the various Division handbooks.</p></li></ul>