music of the baroque era

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By: Stephanie Mitschele. Music of the Baroque era. Important information involving the Music of this period!. The Attention to detail…. Detail Emotion Dynamic Melody and Harmony. Johann Sebastian Bach. 1685-1750. Early Life: Family. Born March 21, 1685 Eisenach Germany - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Bach and Handel: Musicians of the Baroque era.

Music of the Baroque era.By: Stephanie Mitschele

Important information involving the Music of this period!

The Attention to detailDetail



Melody and Harmony

Johann Sebastian Bach1685-1750

Early Life: FamilyBorn March 21, 1685Eisenach GermanyFamily= musiciansFairly large house8 years old: Old Latin Grammar SchoolSt. Georgenkirche chorusHe had an uncommonly fine treble voice

Youngest son5The loss of his family membersDue to: poor sanitationEarly age: sister and brother die Age 9: lost mother9 months later: lost fatherTaken into his brother Johann Jakobs home in Ohrdruf Germany.

Bachs new life in OhrdrufJohann Christoph= well known organist and taught Bach piano, organ, and harpsichord. Joined the choir at Michaelis monastery at Lneburg

Choir was known to, provide a free place for poor boys with musical talent ( and his friend are accepted into the choir hereMattenchor Lost his soprano voicePlayed Violin in the Orchestra and harpsichord during rehearsals. Becomes very interested in the organ.

Mattins Choir8Bachs style changesPlayed violin in the orchestra of the small chamber orchestra of Duke Johann Ernst.The Organ at Arnstadt was finishedChanged style: took after the famous organist Dietrich Buxtehude.Bach left Arnstadt

Bach left because he did not like the way that Arnstadt reacted to his new style of organ playing.9Life filled with music.October 17th 1707: married his cousin Maria BarbaraImproved church music of Germany Cothen: life centered around music1717-1723: Chamber music; violin concertos, sonatas, and piano music.

10CapellmeisterCapellmeister= Highest rank of musician, in his era.Went on tour with the prince.Maria died leaving him and his 4 children they had together.

Marriage and a familyPerformed cantatas for the PrinceAnna Magdalena Got married: had 13 children Wanted to move

Cantata= a choral composition, either sacred and resembling a short oratorio or secular, as a lyric drama set to music but not to be acted.Anna Magdalena= singer hired for the performanceNot all 13 survived childhood: 8 diedWanted to move to get a better job to give his kids a better education/ withdrawal from Cothen: music for the prince

12Continuing his passion for musicMay 22, 1723: Moved to LeipzigWorked as director of music and choirSchool with 3 churches: St. Thomas, St. Nicholas, and the New ChurchExtra income from solo performances

New Music Endeavors!Not happy with his position and salary

Focused on new music endeavors

The end of Bachs lifeHe lost his eye sightUnderwent two cataract surgeriesHis health disintegratedJuly 28, 1750 he died of a stroke.Buried: St. Johns Cemetery

George Frideric Handel

Early Life Born: February 23, 1685Halle GermanyFather wanted him to study lawTook private organ lessons17: organist of Calvinist Cathedral18: Traveled to Hamburg

Family was not musicall17HamburgViolinist of the Hamburg Opera$= gave private lessons1704: wrote his first operasAlmira and NeroPrince Ferdinando de' Medici Visited Italy

He gave private lessons to make moneyPrince Ferdinando de' Medici invited him to visit Italy

18ItalyWorked for: Francesco Ruspoli House musicianComposed many piecesMet many composers Famous in Italy for: La Risurrezione and Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno

Operas and important worksFloridante (1721), Ottone, Giulio Cesare, Flavio (1723), Siroe and Tolemeo (1728).Messiah Water music

Success within musicApril 1737: Handel had a strokeContinued playing and composingHired for jobs: Lord Lieutenant of Dublin and the Vauxhall Gardens

Vauxhall Gardens: People would enjoy music while walking through this famous garden.Lieutenant: Compose a new oratorio or an extended musical composition with a text more or less dramatic in character and usually based upon a religious theme, for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra, and performed without action, costume, or scenery. (Played at special events)21Pursuing his passion through Perseverance.2nd strokeDidnt stop him: continued to work on more oratorios.Lost his visionContinued to play organ concertosImprovisation

The end of Handels lifeDied: April 14, 1759Buried: Westminster AbbeyHe became very popular after his death.

Musical differences between Bach and Handel

Same era different stylesBachDynamically interesting

Song goes through many emotions

Minor and major HandelRepetitive


Dramatically happy or sadSimilarities between the musicians.Drama



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