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  • 1. My Evaluation... By Hannah Brodie

2. My magazine challenges the forms of other real media magazines because it has all the features that other popular magazines have such as bright, fun and colorful, as one of my questionnaire answers says. It also includes interesting topics and information which would appeal to most young people.bright colours... 3. My media product represents a young, outrageous, energetic, fun social group of people that enjoy music according to my questionnaire responses. This is because it is mainly about clubbing, dancing, raving and having a great time in a hot climate on a beach in the Summertime. Young people like to go clubbing and like music so my magazine is perfect for them. 4. I think that most newsagents and music shops would sell my magazine, as it is interesting and popular because its about music, and the local DJ is featured in this one, which is a lucky opportunity and article to have inside a magazine. My survey results also show that it is likely to be sold in most newsagents. But Disco mix Club or crown publishing's would publish my magazine as it fits into the genre of magazines that they commonly distribute. 5. The Target audience for my media product would be 16- 25 year olds as they are young and interested in music and the 18 and above group are able to go clubbing as that age is the prime time to go out and have fun. 6. I attracted my audience by the photography I used, as it is a beach scene and everybody loves a hot beach especially when it involves parties. The photography of an attractive girl with headphones on having fun listening to music also attracts them as she is a good looking model and the fact that she likes music will appeal to men in particular as they will assume that there will be attractive women in the magazine. The girls will look up to her for her tips on how to look good, and stay up all night, making them want to buy it and read more. My survey results also show that they are attracted to it because of the interesting layout, the clear photography used and also because it is about clubbing, which is what my target audience have great interest in. The colour scheme and the content was also popular. 7. I have learnt a lot about technologies whilst making this product. I never knew how to use Photoshop before and I found out about a lot of useful techniques that worked well in my magazine. Such as being able to take a photo against a green screen in the TV studio, then transporting it to Photoshop to edit for my front cover. To do this I cut around the image and used the magnetic lasso tool to get rid of any excess green around the image. It saved a lot of time as it was fairly easy to do. I learnt how to use the ruler tool on Photoshop to make sure that all the columns on my double page spread were straight and in line with each other. I also learnt how to adjust the contrast and brightness to make the colouring of my double page spread change into a blue tone, which matches well with the house style of the rest of the magazine. In addition to that, I learnt how to use the eyedropper tool to capture the same colour as the orange on my masthead and use it on other fonts elsewhere in my magazine. This allows you to get exactly the same colour as you originally used. 8. I have learnt so much over the production of my preliminary task. As I had previously mentioned, I had never used Photoshop before and never thought that I would be able to use it to the extent of making 2 magazines. In my college magazine I stuck to the house styIe well, this resulted in me not really focusing that much on the house style for the music magazine. However despite this I still managed to come out with a very good house style. I done this by using the masthead on each page as well as a blue colour scheme/background with black, orange and white text. I made sure that all my photos were clear with a decent colour, contrast and brightness to them with the right amount of lighting and similarity to its background. I have learnt to stop and look at each page to make sure they look good and have the right amount of information, pictures and tried not to go too far with the colours, by sticking to two or three colours throughout the magazine. I also developed my skills of using Photoshop tools to make my magazine look good and give an interesting layout. 9. Music Magazine Evaluation:3 Magazines that are similar to mine... 10. My music magazine is about clubbing, raves, music and DJs. Therefore Mixmag is a similar genre of magazine to mine. Published by Disco Mix Club The front image is a mid shot of a girl like mine as it focuses on them and you dont need to see their whole body to understand what its about. It also has a bar code and a masthead across the top in orange and white font which are the colours I chose as they are bright and stand out, displaying that its a lively clubbing magazine. Also the article on the person on the front cover is on the left hand side (Annie Mac). Because my model is leaning slightly to the left, the text is lower down the page whereas the text on this magazine goes all the way down the right hand side of the magazine. 11. Conde Nast This magazine has a similar layout to my magazine as the masthead is at the top with the model in the centre of the page.This magazine is all about fashion. My magazine features fashion, but not to this extent. This magazine also has a barcode and black font. The main side of the text is on the left hand side of the magazine similar to mine. 12. Unlike mine the text on this magazine is behind the image whereas mine, some of it is over the image. The model is in the centre of the page and it is a mid-shot like mine. The layout of the text in mainly in the top half of the magazine. This is so it can be seen on the top shelf making the text most visible.My text is at the bottom so it would be positioned on the bottom/front shelf. This magazine is about music like my magazine as it features Lady GaGa as the main image. The masthead is at the top in a bold black font, similar to my magazine, therefore it stands out Crown publishing