mulan worksheet

Mulan worksheet
Mulan worksheet
Mulan worksheet
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Grade 8 k to 12


  • 1.INTERVENTION WORKSHEET NAME: __________________________________ GRADE & SEC:___________________ LESSON: Mulan: Breaking Barriers of Social Convention Activity 1: Read the plot summary of the movie Mulan (1998). Then, accomplish the story frame organizer. Fa Mulan is getting ready to meet the matchmaker the woman who arranges who she can marry. If she gets a good husband, she will bring honor to her family. Unfortunately, Mulan accidentally sets fire to the matchmaker, who gets very angry. The Huns, led by the evil Shan Yu, invade China. Each family must send one man to be a soldier. Fa Zhou, although old and injured, isthe only man in his family. Mulan decides to go instead. She disguises herself as a man and joins the army. She knows that if others discover that she is a woman, she will be killed. Mulans First Ancestor wants to send an ancestor to protect and help her. He asks Mushu, a small dragon, to awaken the Great Stone Dragon. Unfortunately, Mushu accidentally destroys this Dragon. He decides to go protect Mulan himself. Mulan joins the army and trains to become a soldier with a group led by Captain Li Shang, the son of General Li. The men finish their training, but Chi Fu, the Emperor's counsellor, refuses to let them go to battle. He believes that they are not prepared to go to war. Mushu writes a fake letter from the General, however, ordering Li Shang to take his men to battle. When they arrive at the battlefield, they findthat General Li and his men have been killed. Captain Li Shang and his troops are attacked by the Hun army. As the Huns come down the mountain, Mulan takes the cannon and fires the rocket at a mountain of snow, which causes an avalanche. The Huns are buried under the snow. Mulan rescues Captain Li from being buried by the snow, but is injured. Li Shangcalls a doctor as Mulan faints. The doctor discovers that she is a woman. Although the punishment for her actions is death, Captain Li decides not to kill her, as she saved his life the day before. He expels her from the army, and she decides to return home, saddened by her failure. As she prepares to leave, she discovers that the Huns are still alive. She goes to the Palace and tries to warn Captain Li's army as they are celebrating their believed victory, but they dont listen to her. The Huns kidnap the Emperor. Captain Li Shang and his troops try to follow the Huns into the palace but are unsuccessful. Mulan thinks of a plan. She and some of the soldiers disguise themselves as concubines and sneak into the palace. The Huns are distracted by the women, and Mulan and her friends save the Emperor. Captain Li and Mulan are still in the palace, fighting Shan Yu. Shan Yu is about kill Captain Li when Mulan again saves him. The Emperor bows to Mulan, an extremely high honor. The Emperor then offers Mulan a job in the palace, but Mulan politely refuses the offer because she wants to return to her family. Mulans family is pleased to see her come back. Captain Shang also arrives to visit Mulan. She invites him to stay for dinner.

2. Activity 2: Character Analysis. When you analyse something, you find information about it so that you can describe it in more detail. A character analysis provides information about a characters role in the film by describing its appearance, adventures, challenges and achievements. Use the table below to analyse your favourite character in the movie, Mulan. Activity 3: Write a Friendly Letter to the Character whom you like most in the movie Mulan. Why do you like his/her character? What values and traits would you like to imitate from him/her? Date:_______________ Dear ______________, _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Love, ___________________ 3. Activity 4: Accomplish the MOVIE REVIEW graphic organizer. Prepared by Mr. Marco Meduranda