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CURRICULAM VITAE MUHAMMAD NAZIR TAJ MUHAMMAD KHANEmail-adnansaift@gmail.comWP. +966595980668-+966570984767HP. +923419118122-+923315624613POST APPLLIED : OFFSHORE & ONSHORE CRANE OPERATOR (STAGE II)Objective: To be associated with your organization that provides me an opportunity to show my skills and Improve my knowledge with the latest trends and to be part of team that works dynamically towards the growth of the organization, with an objective to accept the challenges and utilize my Education and experience. Fathers Work Experience:Full 18.6 years experience in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arab on Heavy machineries, Crane, Forklift Operation and Heavy & Light Driver work at Offshore & Onshore. Different works Experience:Experience Summary In Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates & Pakistan.Position : OFFSHORE &ONSHORE CRANE Operator Organization : GREY WOLF OILFILED SAERVES Saudi Arabia. Duration : From April 2016 Till the datePosition : ONSHORE CRANE Operator Organization : ITM.CO.LTD OILFILED DRILLING SAERVES Saudi Arabia. Duration : From April 2015 to April 2016Position : OFFSHORE &ONSHORE CRANE Operator & Lifting Supervisor. Organization : DESCON ENGINEERING DAS ISLAND UITED ARAB EMIRATES Duration : From April 2007to Jan 2015Position : ONSHORE CRANE Operator & Lifting Supervisor/Transport I/C Organization : ALMARSA TRANSPORT SHARJAH UITED ARAB EMIRATES Duration : From Agut 2002to Jan 2007

Different works Experience in Pakistan: Position : ONSHORE CRANE Operator 8years Experience in Pakistan Organization : DESCON ENGINEERING Duration : From April 1998to Dec2002CRANE OPERATOR: Habib Rafiq Construction CompanyIslamabad: Bahria Town Construction Company Islamabad.HELPER FOR CRANE OPERATOR:Habib Rafiq Construction CompanyIslamabad.Pakistan Steels Meal Karachi. Landis Steels Karachi.Bahria Town Construction Company Islamabad.FORMAIN:Ghelani Glass factory. HEAVY & LIGHT DRIVER:Pak witan transport Karachi. Taj Ice Factory New DarbandNoman public call Cantor New Darband.Noman tent store New Darband. Afraidy transport KarachiGul-Ishtiaq transport Mansehra kpkPENTER:Pindi panting shop Rawalpindi.Akash workshop. Islam Abad. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Certificate NO#016954 High School certificateDate: Jan 1984 to Dec1994B.I.S.E ABBOTTABAD K.P.K PAKISTANComputer Knowledge:Computer Programming & application of Ms-Office (Ms-Word, Excel, Power Point& Photo Shop)BOSIET Courses (personnel Safety Training record book)COMPRESSED AIR EMERGENCY BREATHING (CA-EBS) INITIAL, (SMTC.DUBAI)BOSIET Courses:Personal SEA Survival Techniques (PST)Personal Safety & social Responsibilities (PSSR)Life boat SEA SURVIVAL AND SKYSCAPE.Safety training Centre in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Certifications: Training 15 Days Centre name: Staff Development Training Centre.Confined Space Entry InspectionAir hoist operator Basic first Aid &CPR Emergency Response leaderGas tester trainingCentre Name: direct Fire fattening centre second in deserter area Dammam.Certifications: Training 15 Days Fire direct training Fire fattening training H2S fire fattening training Offshore Fire fattening training Onshore Fire Fattening training .TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION:Crane & Forklift Operator & Heavy Equipment Operation Certifications Details. TIB, Technical Inspection Bureau.TUV, TUV NORD, middles. EAST.W.L.L. ESTD, Emirates Technical & Safety Development Centre..AJC, Heavy lift Division Al Jabber Enrage. MFC, Medical Fitness Certificate.Basic Rigging slinging & Bans man 15 day Course. TUV.Rehin landS.S.E 10th Class Certificate.AIB Arabian Inspection Bureau.IGD HABSHAN, H.S.E CERTIFICATE. TUV SUD Middle East L.L.C. OFFSHORE CRANE OPERATOR & Rigging Supervisor CTF.

TRADE TRAININGS:Onshore &Offshore Crane operator license-By (TIB) Technical Inspection Bureau Abu Dhabi U.A.E.Rigger License in Abu DhabiWork at Height Harness Course in United Arab EmiratesElevator Work Platform in Descon Engineering Abu DhabiForklift-Truck in Descon Engineering Abu DhabiRail Safety Induction certificates in Descon Engineering Abu DhabiMidi-pass MFC, Medical Fitness Certificate. Zirco EMW middle Est.Crane Operator Certificate in Descon Engineering Abu DhabiCrane Operator license in Al Marsha transport SHARJAH UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.FORKLIFT Operator Certificate in Descon Engineering Abu DhabiFORKLIFT Operator license in Al Marsha transport SHARJAH UNITED ARAB EMIRATESFORKLIFT Operator license in ITM.CO.LTD SAUDI ARABIACrane Operator license in ITM.CO.LTD SAUDI ARABIAARAMCO Crane Operator license in GREY WOLF SAUDI ARABIAARAMCO FORKLIFT Operator license in GREY WOLF SAUDI ARABIADifferent Types of Cranes operatedTower Crane: Potion, TC90. LIEBHERR, TC80. MISTUBISHI, TC100.SEMENS,TC75All Terrain: LIEBHERR, TADANO LTM-1090/2/200ton----, LTM-1090/100 ton AT-1000GROVE, KATO-GMK-3050/50 TONAT750/45 ton K AT 1080/1Rig Terrain, GROVE, TADANORT755---RT555 TR-500XL4/TR450XV4/STR-70LXDTrack Mounted, Harbors, and Duck Crane Rough terrain, hydraulic truck, all terrain, boom truck, crawler Tele Crawlers, tower, conventional truck, carry Deck, forklift &Reach forksJack up Rig crane:Favelle Favco Model No.7:5/k50 ton LIEBHERR, Model No.Bos-4200 EX 50 ton Litronic-D-50tFAVELLE FAVCO, MODELNo.7:5/10K-50TON DEEP DRILLER (DDI) ENSCO-106,107,108SEMI-SUBMERSIBLE RIG:CRANE. Sea trax series -90, model s9032-160 feet boom & 90t capacityCRANE. T.S.L King post crane 160 feet boom patriot Model p.c.240-20DCRANE. Favelle Favco crane model .p.c300boom -51-8mCRANE. Dreco king post crane model-72DNs160-18CRANE. Liebherr-M.T.C.6000-100LITONIC-100TResponsibility: Drill floor lifting Jobs. Off loading &back loading of supply boat. Drill pipes, Drill Collar, casing pipes food and Chemical Container. Lifting Gauge (Man loading Unloading from boat). Lifting Various Items from Deck. Fresh Water Drill Water Fuel Cementing &Barite. Chopper Duties for HLO. Responsible for successfully operating and maintaining hydraulic, telescopic cranes at construction sites for unloading and back loading equipments. Identify and eliminate the risk factors that cause instability of lifting operations under guidance of HSE team and Plant Manager. Inspection and use of standard lifting gears and appliances. Responsible for maintaining not to reach maximum capacity of crane, maintaining crane in stable and firm condition. Executed all lifting works as per lifting plan. Recognize and perform lifting as per load chart and safe mechanical calculative techniques. Plan the lift to prevent the damage of underground and overhead services. Maintaining the lifting accessories in safe and usable condition. Monitoring the crane maintenance and schedule under the supervision of Plant Manager. Guide work force and project team to execute all lifting tasks and functions very safely. Able to participate very actively in pre-job meeting with the crane crew. Successfully completed NDRC works by utilizing Safe & lifting techniques. Crane and rigging support for the construction repair facility. Support for the installation of any facility pipe line and upgrading of the pier. Support for any civil and mechanical job of the facility. Assure that all the job must be in accordance within the safety standard procedure. Responsible for inspecting and maintaining cranes against any defects and overloading.Responsible for inspecting the worksite condition before setting up the crane. Looking all the safety and security measures before operating the crane. Roles and Responsibiutes off Fire officer Identification of hazards and their preventive measures in plant. Preparing and checking hot and height work permit in plant. Can operate fire hydrant, fire pump, and breathing apparatus. To participate in regular emergency mock drills. To update and skill to maintain good standards of own performance. Planning corrective action for non conformation related file. Preparing first aid report. Knowledge of fixed fire fighting instillation and various types of fire tender and fire notice. Knowledge of WGPM / FDCPE Extinguisher and monitor. Daily hydrants system checking Roles and Responsibilities off safety Implement of fire control substation in plant. Implement of EHz coating on fire extinguisher as a per based on iso standers. Controlling the fi


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