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  • Muhammad Ali, PhD (

    PhD Computer Science

    University of Innsbruck, Austria (2003 2008)

    MSc Computer Science

    University of Peshawar, Pakistan (1995 1997)

    I have been working with the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) Peshawar since

    January 2000. IMSciences is a young and innovative school operating the public sector which,

    after its inception in 1995, has excelled remarkably on the national higher educational scene of

    Pakistan. It has been ranked among the top 5 business schools of the country. The Institute is

    headed by a Director. For further details, please visit our website:

    In Nov. 2003 I went to Austria after being awarded a competitive scholarship by the Higher

    Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan to pursue my PhD in Computer Science. Prior to that, I

    was serving as a lecturer at IMSciences.

    Leadership and academic management positions held at IMSciences

    Since June 2013 till date Joint Director, IMSciences

    The Joint Director is the academic head of the Institute. All the department heads and

    programme coordinators report this position. The Joint Director assumes the acting charge of

    the Director in case of his absence. The key responsibilities include:

    Manage and participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives,

    policies, and priorities for the Institute and recommend modifications to the Director in

    existing policies and procedures as appropriate

    Forward policy suggestions to the Executive Committee through the Director


    Direct liaison with department heads and programme coordinators on various academic

    programmes offered at the Institute.

    Consultation with academic departments and examination section regarding semester

    start, semester breaks, examinations schedule etc. to ensure degree completion in

    stipulated time duration.

    Monitor teachers performance and evaluating feedback from programme heads and

    students and identify areas of improvements.

  • Submit recommendations to the Director to be forwarded to the academic committee for

    finalizing course contents, start of new academic programme etc.

    Submit recommendations for teacher appointments, promotions, etc.

    Sits as a permanent member of the faculty selection board which is the highest level

    body meant to appoint faculty members at IMSciences on permanent basis.

    To be a co-signatory with the Director on the final degree and transcript awarded to a


    Chairs the following internal committees

    o Advisory Committee: This is the highest level of internal committee responsible

    for providing advice and guidance on all issues governing the Institute. The

    committee is advisory to the Director and has purview over all strategies,

    policies, directions, issues, and priorities at all levels and across the Institute,

    including research, academic, and administrative infrastructure.

    o Semester Committee: The semester committee resolves issues and cases

    relating to student exams and unfair means, drop outs, short of attendance, and

    semester freeze as per IMSciences rules and regulations.

    o Research Committee: This committee supervises the efficient utilization of

    research funds by the students and faculty.

    o Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR): This body is responsible

    for the evaluation and approval of PhD proposals of our students. It includes

    senior faculty members of IMSciences along with renowned academicians,

    subject specialists and representatives of industry.

    o Project Management Committee: The project management committee is

    responsible for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various building

    infrastructure and IT related projects at IMSciences. The SOPs of PM committee

    includes providing assistance to projects when and if required, resolving issues

    related to project scope changes, resolving conflict and disputes etc.

    o Other committees: The Joint Director also chairs the anti-plagiarism committee,

    the institutional advancement committee, and the grievances committee.

    Since August 2010 till date Director ORIC, IMSciences (additional charge)

    The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) was established in 2010 at

    IMSciences in order to promote research and strengthen the process of technology transfer and

    commercialization efforts at IMSciences. The key objectives of ORIC includes supporting and

    enhancing the institutes strategic research directions, identifying and facilitating the faculty and

  • students to apply for external research funding, and working toward the establishment of an

    entrepreneurial culture at the institute.

    Currently I am supervising a team of four full time members including Manager Research

    Development, Manager Research Operations, Manager University-Industry Linkages and

    Knowledge Exchange and a research associate besides three part-time employees including

    administrative assistant, accountant and publications manager.

    Key achievements of ORIC Organized an International conference titled Perspectives on small business

    management and entrepreneurship, held in Dubai from Feb. 6 10, 2014. The

    conference was co-organized by University of Southampton and partially supported by

    British Council Pakistan.

    Established a fully functional office for ORIC and hired staff for it

    Submitted ten research projects in social sciences to Higher Education Commission of

    Pakistan (HEC) out of which 7 were approved and awarded up till now with a total worth

    of 22 million Pkr (0.22 million USD)

    Introduced cash rewards for faculty and students for publishing in reputable journals

    Got two research projects approved from ICT R&D fund worth 25 million PKR (0.25

    million USD)

    From July 2008 till May 2013 HoD, Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

    The Computer Science department looks after all the academic programmes offered by the

    department along with supervising and controlling all the IT infrastructure of the Institute. The

    department offers undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes. As HoD, I supervised

    10 full time faculty members, and 14 technical and administrative staff members.

    Key achievements as HoD-CS/IT

    Started PhD Computer Science programme in 2010

    Started MS Computer Science rogramme in 2009

    Designed and developed the curricula for MS and PhD programmes and got them

    approved from the academic council of IMSciences

    Acting as the anti-plagiarism software (turnitin) administrator at IMSciences since 2009

  • Initiated and supervised the development of campus management solution in OpenErp

    (currently known as Odoo) in 2010

    Editor-in-chief of Journal of Computer and Information Sciences, ISSN: 1995-5391 (2009


    Supervised the implementation of a Gigabit network at IMSciences with the support of

    HEC under the project PERN2 (Pakistan Education and Research Network). PERN2 is a

    fully integrated and dedicated communication infrastructure which provides high speed

    access to national and international research resources and repositories. For further

    details, the following website can be checked:

    Teaching and Research

    From Jan. 2000 till Nov. 2003: As lecturer I taught various courses in Computing and Business Administration disciplines.

    For core computing programmes: Databases, Data Communications, Operating Systems,

    Programming with C/C++

    For business and management disciplines: Introduction to ICT, Computer for Executives,

    Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design

    2008 2009:

    Data Communication and Networks MSc Computer Science (3rd Semester)

    Introduction to Operating Systems -- BS Computer Science (4th Semester)

    2009 2010:

    Computer Communication and Networks BS Computer Science (5th Semester)

    Research Project I BS Computer Science (7th Semester)

    Advance Computer Networks MS Information Technology (1st semester)

    2010 2011:

    (Designed, developed and introduced a course on Research Methodologies in Computer

    Science at MS and PhD level).

    Research Methods for Computer Science and Information Technology -- MS

    Information Technology / MS Computer Science (3rd semester)

  • 2011 2012:

    Introduction to Computing BS Computer Science (1st semester)

    Research Methods for Computer Science MS Computer Science (3rd semester)

    Research project I BS Computer Science (7th semester)

    Computer Architecture -- BS Computer Science (5th semester)

    2012 2013:

    Introduction to Computing BS Computer Science (1st semester)

    Advance Topics on Research Methods in Computing PhD Computer Science (1st


    2013 2014:

    Introduction to ICT BS Computer Science (1st semester)

    Research Methods for Computer Science MS Computer Science (3rd semester)

    Thesis supervision PhD students

    Awais Adnan, Content Aware Video Presentation System (thesis submitted for external

    evaluation Jan. 2015)

    Mah-Rukh Fida, Routing Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks (in-progress)