801 2009-aku-2012 asma nazir muhammad nazir ... 839 2009-gkib-3265 nadeem subhani mohammad azim pass

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    The result Gazette, "ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED" is issued as a notice only.

    An entry appearing in it does not in itself confer independently any right or privilege for grant

    of a Certificate / Degree which will be issued in due course of time.

    Roll# Registration No. Name Of Student Father's Name Result Remark

    Kashmir Law College Mirpur

    801 2009-AKU-2012 Asma Nazir Muhammad Nazir Absent

    802 2012-KCM©-016936 Naeem Kouser Muhammad Azeem Pass 1052

    803 2013-KCM©-016536 Rukhsana Ilyas Ameer Hussain Fail IV, S/17

    804 2012-KCM©-012359 Afsheen Sabir Sabir Hussain Pass 971

    805 2013-AKU-80 Yasmeen Afzal Muhammad Afzal Pass 1033

    806 2011-AKU-1879 Sonia Parveen Hukam Dad Fail VII A/17

    807 2010-KCM-12196 Shafiq Hussain Muhammad Saddique Pass 1058

    808 2006-KCM-9011 Zulfqar Ali Nazir Ahmad Pass 987

    809 2000-GMRB-2553 Mohammad Adnan Saeed Mian Mian Mohammad Saeed Pass 1067

    810 2002-GMRB-3449 Haroon Iqbal Moharram Hussain Pass 967

    811 2009-KCM-11767 Asif Javeed Abdul Razzaq Absent

    812 2006-KCM-9009 Naser Iqbal Bashir Ahmed Absent

    813 2004-KCM-6164 Muhammad Ilyas Ahmed Din RL P I&II

    814 2013-KCM©-016575 Faisal Mehmood Abdul Qayyum Absent

    815 99-AKU-900 Muhammad Suleman Saqi Hafiz Muhammad Ali Fail IV, S/17

    816 2011-AKU-262 Muhammad Kamran Altaf Choudhary Altaf Hussain Fail IV,VII S/17

    817 2012-KCM-12407 Naeem Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Pass 1024

    818 2010-KCM-12383 Shakeel Ahmed Haji Muhammad Ilyas Fail IV, S/17

    819 97-GMRB-2632 Zahid Mahmood Muhammad Akram Pass 1043

    820 2011-KCM-12500 Abid Hussain Abdur Rasheed Pass 978

    821 2008-AKU-1857 Kamran Ghalib Chauhdry Ghalib Fail II, S/17

    822 2000-GMRB-492 Ali Raza Shah Safdar Ali Shah Pass 968

    823 2012-KCM-12371 Amjaid Nawaz Shaheen Muhammad Nawaz RL P I&II

    824 2004-KCM-6115 Rizwan Mushtaq Muhammad Mushtaq Absent

    825 2008-KCM-9096 Babar Altaf Muhammad Altaf Hussain Fail IV,VII S/17

    826 2013-KCM©-016574 Zakeer Elahi Chaudhary Chaudhary Fazal Ellahi Pass 976

    The University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad

    (Examinations Department)

    It is hereby notified that the result of LLB Part 3rd (Final) Supplementary Examination 2016 of held in

    Feb/Mar, 2018 is being declared as under:

    Notification No. 2668/LLB- III/S16

    Maximum Marks in this examination are: 2000



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    827 2013-KCM©-016556 Syed Muhammad Yaqoob Muhammad Inayat Shah RL P-II

    828 2010-AKU-707 Syed Muhammad Ali Kazmi Barkaat Ahmed Absent

    829 2010-KCM-12229 Shahzad Hader Noor Ahmed Fail V, S/17

    830 2008-AKU-2521 Muhammad Arif Muhammad Sharif Fail IV,V, S/17

    831 2011-KCM-12489 Abdul Raheem Muhammad Malik Pass 964

    832 2007-GMRB-5808 Bilal Ahmed Musarrat Hussain Pass 991

    833 2004-KCM-2005 Mohammad Usman Gul Khan Pass 1055

    834 2013-KCM©-016568 Shahid Rashid Raja Muhammad Rashid RL P-II

    835 2013-KCM©-016579 Abdul Jabbar Qureshi Saeed Ul Haq Qureshi RL P II

    836 2011-KCM-12481 Muhammad Anar Shan Muhammad Pass 949

    837 2008-KCM-9086 Bilal Ahmed Ghulam Hussain Pass 963

    838 2008-KCM-1981 Javed Iqbal Muhammad Tuasin Sabir Pass 983

    839 2009-GKIB-3265 Nadeem Subhani Mohammad Azim Pass 958

    840 2009-KCM-11729 Jamil Ahmad Malik Alam Gir Fail IV, S/17

    841 2012-KCM-12385 Muhammad Rafiq Abdul Aziz Fail VII A/17

    842 2009-KCM-11814 Adil Usman Abdul Qayyum Pass 988

    843 2012-KCM-12405 Zain Ul Abadin Muhmmod Saeed Akhtar Pass 948

    844 2011-KCM-12373 Hamayun Mumtaz Mumtaz Ahmed Pass 941

    845 2008-KCM-9118 Muhammad Waheed Aslam Muhammad Aslam Pass 938

    846 2012-AKU-2525 Faisal Mehmood Muhammad Younis RL P II

    847 2013-KCM-16549 Manasab Hussain Khalid Hussain RL P II

    848 2013-KCM©-016556

    Shahzada Badder Ul Moneer

    Zia Abdul Qadir RL P II

    849 2009-GCSB-1883 Muhammad Kamran Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz RL P II

    850 2004-KCM-6176 Tariq Mahmood Fazal Illahi Fail IV,V,VII A/17

    851 2007-GMRB-5846 Qamar Ali Barkat Ali Fail V,VII A/17

    852 2011-KCM-1204 Raja Yasir Qayyum Raja Abdul Qayyu Fail IV, A/17

    853 2004-GMRB-4894 Raja Imran Siddique Raja Muhammad Siddique KhanFail VII A/17

    854 2011-KCM-12830 Azhar Aziz Ch. Abdul Aziz Fail V, A/17

    855 97-GMRB-2440 Muhammad Safdar Nazir Hussain Fail IV,VII A/17

    856 2008-KCM-9116 Gul Nawaz Khan Muzzfar Khan Pass 934

    857 2006-KCM-9062 Nadeem Akhtar Ghulam Muhammad Fail VII A/17

    858 2004-KCM-6137 Noor Hussain Mian Khan Pass 941

    859 2009-KCM-11758 Nadeem Altaf Khan Sharwani Altaf Khan Sharwani Pass 963

    860 2012-KCM-12363 Ghulam Dastgir Ghulam Sarwar Pass 1008

    861 2008-KCM-9145 Samee Ullah Ali Muhammad Pass 951



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    862 2009-KCM-11798 Syed Ali Muqaddus Rizvi Syed Abid Hussain Rizvi Fail VII A/17

    863 2007-URTB-9361 Akhter Abdul Rehman Pola Khan RL P I & II

    864 85-GMRB-1575 Zafar Sultan Sultan Ahmed Pass 1022

    865 2012-KCM-12384 Muhammad Iqbal Muhammad Sadiq RL P I & II

    866 2009-KCM-11760 Mohammad Azhar Mohammad Zafar Pass 932

    867 2013-KCM©-016573 Babar Khan Gul Zareen RL P II

    868 2013-KCM©-016560 Muhammad Yasir Muhammad Bashir RL P II

    869 2004-GRTB-624 Khawaja Sami Mumtaz Khawaja Mumtaz Ahmad Pass 936

    870 2005-AKU-660 Zahir Ahmed Muhammad Akbar Pass 997

    871 2011-GMRB-000585 Imran Khan Muhammad Hanif RL P II

    872 2012-KCM-12399 Asim Iqbal Ch. Muhammad Iqbal Fail VII S/17

    873 2007-SNMR-6832 Muhammad Idrees Muhammad Yasin RL P II

    Al-Ghazali College Kotli

    874 2001-GHAB-997 Atif Nadeem Ghulam Hadier RL Pre Roll

    City Law College Rawalakot

    875 2013-CLCR©-016631 Syed Mustazhar Mehdi Syed Walayat Hussain Pass 953

    876 2013-CLCR©-016649 Imtiaz Hussain Rehmat Hussain RL P II

    877 2013-CLCR©-016629 Zulqarnain Muhammad Sarwar RL P II

    878 2013-GMRB-1589 Imran Gulzar Gulzar Ahmed Pass 1015

    879 2013-CLCR©-017829 Arif Hussain Sardar Shah RL P II

    880 2012-ASLM-14227 Mehr Ali Muhammad Iqbal RL Pre Roll

    881 2013-CLCR©-017787 Ch. Zeshan Ahmed Ch. Shoukat Ali Fail V, A/17

    882 2013-CLCR©-016637 Saif Ullah Rahmat Ali Pass 925

    883 2013-CLCR©-016636 Sajjad Ali Karamat Ali Pass 932

    884 2013-CLCR©-016625 Rashid Mehmood Muhammad Yaqoob Pass 979

    885 2013-CLCR©-016620 Yasir Mehmood Muhammad Said Akbar Fail V, A/17

    886 2013-CLCR©-016640 Muhammad Gulfraz Muhammad Ashraf Pass 942

    887 2011-KCM-12854 Sajid Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob Pass 922

    888 2012-KCM-12851 Safina Shaheen Mohammad Rafique RL P II

    Kashmir Law College Muzaffarabad

    889 92-AKU-480 Muzaffar Raza Muhammad Aslam Raza Pass 961

    890 2013-KLCM-016614 Sajid Ali Muhammad Sharif RL P II

    891 GKIB-223 Muhammad Asif Jan Muhammad Absent

    Asian Star Law College Muzaffarabad

    892 2012-ASLM-14197 Javaid Akhter Khan Muhammad RL Pre Roll



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    893 2013-ASLM©-016585 Sardar Muhammad Asghar Hadayat Ali RL P II

    894 2012-ASLM-14202 Muhammad Asadullah Tahir Ali Bukhari Absent

    City Law College Rawalakot

    895 83-AKU-1231 Abdul Rashid Khan Abbasi Afsar Khan RL PI&II

    896 2013-CLCR©-017692 Imran Khan Muhammad Latif Pass 988

    897 2013-CLCR©-017789 Raja Shahid Iqbal Raja Muhammad Iqbal Pass 992

    898 2010-KCM-12200 Nazia Imran Imran Ali RL Pre Roll

    Kashmir Law College Muzaffarabad

    899 98-AKU-1109 Shoukat Mehmood Abdul Aziz RL Pre Roll

    900 92-GBAB-262 Tahir Muzaffar Malik Malik Muzaffar Khan Pass 989

    901 2003-Ukib-2150 Yasir Arfat Feroz Bashir Ahmed Ch RL Pre Roll

    902 95-Aku-1243 Sadher Ahmad Abdul Latif Mughal RL P I&II

    903 2005-Aku-138 Shafaqat Hussian Mir Hussian RL P I&II

    904 2011-Klcm-12086 Rana Irfan Saeed Mukhtar Ahmed Rana RL P I&II

    905 2008-Klcm-9240 Ejaz Akhter Abdul Latif RL P I&II

    906 2008-Gmdb-4507 Ahmad Misri Muhammad Suleman Pass 961

    907 2008-Aku-2463 Sadar Zulfiqar Ali Sardar Sikander Baig Fail IV, S/17

    908 2013-Klcm-017213 Adnan Nasab Raja Naseeb Ahmed RL P I&II

    909 2008-AKU-120 Awais Rafique Muhammad Rafique Pass 958

    910 2004-Gmdb-5024 Muhammad Rashad Aslam Muhammad Aslam Awan Fail IV,V, S/17

    911 2009-Klcm-11858 Amir Azir Muhammad Aziz Khan RL Pre Roll

    912 2008-Gmdb-4224 Raja Aamir Afsar Mohammad Afsar Khan Fail IV,VII S/17

    913 2012-Aku-735 Qaisar Shahban Baig Muhammad Amin Zaidi Pass 1088

    914 2013-Aku-3065 Zrar Ahmed Nazeer Khan RL P II

    915 2004-Aku-90 Sikandar Hayt Khab Muhammad Waseem Khan RL Pre Roll

    916 95-Aku-376 Muhammad Farid Muhammad Din RL P I&II

    917 2013-Klcm©-016599 Basit Ali Choudary Muhammad Aslam Pass 953

    918 2008-Aku-2355 Shaja Ur Rehman Gul Rehman Fail IV, A/17

    919 2008-Gdab-1791 Azhar Faraz Abasi Muhammad Faras Abasi Pass 921

    920 2010-Gdab-8016 Muhammad Amir Mughal Muhammad Shafi Mughal Pass 970

    921 2003-Gmdb-4920 Shahzad Ahmed Rathore Jhangir Ahmed Rathore Pass 1120

    922 2011-Klcm-13024 Muhammad Jafeer Abdul Rehman Pass 953

    923 2013-Klcm©-016615 Chaudhri Fawad Ul Hasan Chaudhri Muha