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<ol><li> 1. VO: How does a business survive? Note: Text Animation </li><li> 2. VO: SALES. Note: Icon appear and text animation </li><li> 3. VO: Profits, salaries, overhead. . .all come from SALES. Note: Sale shifts down to bottom and Icons appear as per Vo </li><li> 4. VO: Problem is, sometimes even the best products or services dont boost sales. Note: Icons appear of Products and services and a grph of sales appear </li><li> 5. VO: The challenge? Note: Text Animation </li><li> 6. VO: Keep selling. . .make repeat sales-- Note: Person try to sell things </li><li> 7. VO: retain loyal customers Note: Person from last slide comes in center in a circle and lines comes out to retain customers </li><li> 8. VO: For small-to-medium-size businesses thats priority number one. Note: Business graph is shown growing </li><li> 9. VO: A great solution? Note: character enters the scene and bulb pops out </li><li> 10. VO: Loyalty promotion. Note: Bulb disappear and loyalty Promotion comes out with a speech bubble. </li><li> 11. VO: Traditional loyalty cards are simple, proven. Note: Loyality cards appear on screen </li><li> 12. VO: They earn you more business-- Note: Hand appears from bottom with business icons on plank </li><li> 13. VO: for less than most advertising. Note: A hand with mike comes from left </li><li> 14. VO: But what about flexibility? Control? Note: Icons appear as per vo </li><li> 15. VO: You can run 1 or 2 same-card promotions Note: Promotion icon in center and loyalty cards on both sides of screen </li><li> 16. VO: before reprinting or changing programs. . . Note: Icons appear as per vo </li><li> 17. VO: staffs can abuse the promotion. . . Note: Below the staff is shown an above that are the icons of promotion </li><li> 18. VO: theres no record of customer data Note: A hand with a magnifier looks upon customer and text animation on top </li><li> 19. VO: customers can lose cards, Note: A customer appears with pockets out looking sad and crying </li><li> 20. VO: or have to carry multiple cards. . . Note: Hand appears with multiple cards in hand </li><li> 21. VO: as your customer base grows, Note: Customer keeps on increasing </li><li> 22. VO: you re-print more cards-- for more money. Note: Printing machine in center with money falling from top and we see a pile of cards being re printed </li><li> 23. VO: The smart solution: Note: Text animation </li><li> 24. VO: a mobile card you can develop and publish with no programming knowledge. Note: A phone appears with card in it </li><li> 25. VO: Our mobile app package software drives a multi-function, Note: card disappear and we se cog wheels rotating </li><li> 26. VO: digitally-managed loyalty card Note: mobile appears on screen </li><li> 27. VO: to keep existing customers. . . get new customers. . . Note: existing customers enters from left and new customers from right </li><li> 28. VO: significantly increase sales. Note: Graph of sales appears on screen which keeps on growing </li><li> 29. VO: with eLoyalty tabs you create unlimited programs Note: a hand with phone appears browsing things </li><li> 30. VO: --download customer data quickly, securely Note: screeen changes and we see a person icon and download bar getting full </li><li> 31. VO: --rely on a unique pass code for every employee Note: screen changes and we see authentication on screeen </li><li> 32. VO: --every transactions trackable, backed up live, securely Note: screen changes and we see a card in center and is secured </li><li> 33. VO: --no waste, no worry Note: Icons appear as per Vo </li><li> 34. VO: How do you secure future sales? Note: Text Animation </li><li> 35. VO: Pre-paid packages are a win-win for you and your customers. Note: Phone and come from outside then appears text and icons </li><li> 36. VO: You make sales Note: Phone and come from outside then appears text and icons </li><li> 37. VO: customers get a bargain. Note: Phone and come from outside then pop-up icons circles </li><li> 38. VO: But electronic packages cost time and money to install and track. Note: Icon appeear as per vo </li><li> 39. VO: Manual solutions mean paper work, data control problems. Note: Person in center with pile of papers on left and data storage on right </li><li> 40. VO: With ePackage tabs you create multiple, unlimited packages. . . Note: Phone and come from outside then appears text and icons. </li><li> 41. VO: like ten cups of coffee for the price of eight, Note: Hand touch on Phone and appears text and Amount </li><li> 42. VO: or five facials for the price of four. Note: Hand touch on Phone and appears text and Amount </li><li> 43. VO: You get more than cash up front. Note: Coins scale up randomly. </li><li> 44. VO: You collect accurate, Note: machine appears and type collect amount. </li><li> 45. VO: real-time data thats easy to implement and cant be lost. Note: Phone come from outside and create graph with line animation. </li><li> 46. VO: Simple. Cost-effective. Note: Line and tags come up to down and text tag pop-up. </li><li> 47. VO: Getting cash advances and sales? Note: Rotate water mug and water scale down and money tree scale up. </li><li> 48. VO: Pre-paid Credits the way to go. Note:Hand appear with card and icons appear from it </li><li> 49. VO: But that means a long, expensive launch, high fees, lost or misused cards, complicated data. Note: Hand goes up and text appear as per vo </li><li> 50. VO: Our ePursez tabs launch pre-paid instantly, Note: Phone and come from outside then appears text and icons. </li><li> 51. VO: reload eDollars, Note: Text type and run hand with text. </li><li> 52. VO: collect and manage customer data with a real-time, cloud-based backup. Note: appears username And sign out button and graphics with hand motion on screen. </li><li> 53. VO: The result? Accurate, secure, Note: typed text on screen with hand motion. </li><li> 54. VO: trackable transactions. Note: Appears transaction sheet and hand touch on screen. </li><li> 55. VO: More cash in your cash flow. Note: Appears tags and hand touch on screen. </li><li> 56. VO: Need more reasons to go mobile? Note: Appears tags randomly and hand touch on screen. </li><li> 57. VO: Create your own online marketplace. . Note: Appears tags and product image randomly and hand touch on screen. </li><li> 58. VO: put customized photos, Note: Appears full product image and click on details. </li><li> 59. VO: product descriptions, Note: Appears lines and delete icons. </li><li> 60. VO: delivery and tax fees right in your online store. . . Note: Appears lines and hand motion. </li><li> 61. VO: streamline management and payment for your products with built- in app convenience. Note: Appears lines and hand motion and click on details. </li><li> 62. VO: Your customers get to your business with an easy-set up GPS tab. . . Note: Map scale up from centre click on one place. </li><li> 63. VO: Click to call you directly,on multiple numbers. . . Note: Map scale up on top from centre and scroll tags down to up by hand. </li><li> 64. VO: Tell-a-Friend about you across a range of social media. Note: Pop-up icons randomly of social media. </li><li> 65. VO: There are valuable email. . .photo. . .and image options. . . Note: mobile with hand , Icon will pop out. </li><li> 66. VO: and a customized One Tap to Contact tab so your Note: Hand wiil tap on mobile , to reveal contact . </li><li> 67. VO: customers know everything about your business. Note: first middle, icon will come the the all icons in the side will pop out. </li><li> 68. VO: Tap. . .swipe. . .wave. . .click-- Note: this screen come by swapping previous, screen. </li><li> 69. VO: from banking to boarding a plane, Note: here plane icon will only be swapped to next Icon </li><li> 70. VO: , mobile apps do business now. Note: green icon comes After Plane Icon. </li><li> 71. VO: And increasingly more smartphones and users Note: all hands comes from bottom. </li><li> 72. VO: mean mobiles the way business will be done. Note: mobile increases, With Icon </li><li> 73. VO: The mobile app marketplace is getting bigger. . . Note: The icon will comes from, bag, while coming out they are small after that they will get big. </li><li> 74. VO: and nobody ever leaves their phone at home. Note: the Typography of the text with mobile. </li><li> 75. VO: More consumers use mobile Note: mobile icons will pop out in the mobile, </li><li> 76. VO: apps for fast, secure Note: show for money paid. </li><li> 77. VO: retail transactions. Note: the process completed. </li><li> 78. VO: Now our revolutionary, new app-making platform takes your customers--and their loyalty--mobile! Note: line scale one by one. </li><li> 79. VO: This is the all-in-one business and user-friendly mobile solution: Note: mobile screen will change </li><li> 80. VO: Secure Note: secure Iocon will pop out. </li><li> 81. VO: , efficient, Note: efficient Icon will pop out. </li><li> 82. VO: waste-free. Note: waste free Icon will pop out. </li><li> 83. VO: Your costs? Note: Text Animation </li><li> 84. VO: A one-time, low setup charge. Note: Hand appear with phone and a we see a registration page on screen </li><li> 85. VO: One low monthly fee. Note: page scrolls down and we see a monthly calender and a hand comes from top with a coin </li><li> 86. VO: No contract, Note: page scrools down and we see the contract is not compulsary </li><li> 87. VO: no hidden costs-- Note: Page comes down and wee see no hidden cost </li><li> 88. VO: you cancel anytime you want. Note: Icom pop up on screen of mobile </li><li> 89. VO: Mobile loyalty adds value to your services, Note: Hands comes out from from both directions with mobile in hand </li><li> 90. VO: in a growing, 24/7 industry Note: Icon Pop up on screen </li><li> 91. VO: . . .increases your revenues Note: Oiple of coins rising and arrow also rising </li><li> 92. VO: . . .makes your business stand out. . . Note: Character enters from left and board pops up with a graph going upwards </li><li> 93. VO: keeps your customers with better service and convenience. Note: Character enters from left and from right a hand appears with service icons on it </li><li> 94. VO: The new way to do business is Note: Mobile appear with hand </li><li> 95. VO: one tap. . . Note: Finger taps on screen </li><li> 96. VO: swipe. . . Note: Finger swipes on screen </li><li> 97. VO: wave. . . Note: Finger taps on screen and wave coming out </li><li> 98. VO: click away. Note: finger clicks on screen </li><li> 99. VO: Contact us for more information Note: Contact us appear on screen </li><li> 100. VO: and a free demo. Note: Contact us goes up and free demo graphic pops up on screen </li></ol>