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<ul><li> 1. The Peninsula-Wide News PublicationVolume 2, Issue 48 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF K OREA Sept. 17, 2004 Area III Video teams to tape Soldiers take 2ID gets new commander holiday greetings the plunge Page 5 Page 3 Page 16USFK draws line in the sand,works to end human traffickingBy Kevin Krejcarek and commanders at all levels have taken KNP and military police routinely patrol suspect human trafficking, report it.U.S. Forces Korea Public Affairs Office aggressive steps to end USFK local entertainment districts. Look for signs of prostitution, private personnels involvement in these illegal Local businesses not meeting rooms for employee and patrons, YONGSAN The Department of activities. USFK standards are placed off limits, money being exchanged for unknownDefense and U.S. Forces Korea Commanders have intensified said Cummings. If indicators point to reasons, and the appearance ofcommunities have taken a firm stance courtesy patrols to help human trafficking or other criminal someones freedom being restricted.on eliminating prostitution and human servicemembers and civilian employees activities, these clubs are also placed I expect those in authority at alltrafficking. by staying safe and avoiding criminal off limits. Owners may appeal that levels to examine opportunities for Trafficking in persons is a violation behavior at local night spots, said Col. decision through the Armed Forces combating trafficking in persons,of human rights; it is cruel and MaryAnn Cummings, director of Disciplinary Control Board process. Wolfowitz said.demeaning; it is linked to organized USFK Public Affairs. Off-limits establishments are listed To report human traffickingcrime; it undermines our peacekeeping Military law enforcement officials on the 8th U.S. Army intranet Web site incidents, call the USFK hotline at DSNefforts; and it is incompatible with are also working closely with their at 333. If calling from an off-postmilitary core values, said Deputy Korean National Police counterparts for Action by leadership alone is not telephone, dial 0505-736-9333.Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. them to investigate potential areas of enough, it needs the support of United States Forces Korea officials prostitution and human trafficking. everyone, Cummings said. If you E-mail Alleged deserter returns Br eathe! Breathe! to Army after 39 years By Maj. James Bell Army News Service CAMP ZAMA, Japan Thirty-nine years after Sgt. Charles Jenkins allegedly left his last active-duty post in Republic of Koreas demilitarized zone for life in communist North Korea, he voluntarily returned to U.S. control by reporting to the provost marshal at Camp Zama, Japan, Saturday. Since arriving in Japan in July, Jenkins had been staying at the Tokyo Womens Medical University Hospital under the care of Japanese medical personnel. In accepting Jenkins surrender, Lt. Col. Paul Nigara, Camp Zamas provost marshal, assured Jenkins that he and his family would be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Jenkins, 64, was escorted into the military police headquarters, along with his wife and two adult daughters. He was issued a military identification card, military uniforms and a cash advance on his re- instated monthly military pay, which comes to about $3,300 per month. Legal proceedings against Jenkins are scheduled to start immediately, according to officials. Jenkins could face a number of charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including desertion, soliciting others to desert, aiding the enemy and encouraging disloyalty. The maximum penalty among those charges is life in prison. Capt. James Culp, an experienced trial lawyer with Trial Defense Services in the ROK, has been assigned as Jenkins defense counsel in the proceedings. Hell be treated with dignity and fairness, and hes innocent until proven guilty, said Maj. John Amberg, U.S. Army Japans director of Public Affairs, during a press conference following Jenkins return to PHOTO BY STEPHAN OERTWIG U.S. custody. Cynthia S. Dennis breathes in a bit of air during the 500-meter swim portion of the 2004 8th U.S. Army Team Triathlon Jenkins has been assigned administrative duties at the Headquarters Sunday at Camp Casey. Read more about the event on Page 18. and Headquarters Company on Camp Zama. </li> <li> 2. MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 2 Sept. 17, 2004 CommentaryAfghan soldiers share our values, professionalismBy Maj. William S. Wynn The news coming from Shindand was that there had for all the people of Afghanistan, said ANA Lt. Col.Office of Military Cooperation - Afghanistan been heavy factional fighting and a number of killed Sherbate Wardak, commander of the 5th Kandak, 3rd and wounded. Brigade, one of three battalions sent to restore national If you would exchange their AK-47s for M-16s The word came down: load up and get on the plane. government authority at Shindand.and give some of them shaves, they would look very We boarded a Belgian C-130. The flight to the More unusual was our interview with four ofmuch like U.S. Army soldiers. Shindand National Airport was about an hour and a Amanullah Khans militia fighters. That is the thought that went through my head as half. It turned out to be an unexpected learning It was Amanullah Khans militia that had taken controlI looked at the Afghan National Army, or ANA soldiers experience for me. of the airport from Herat Governor Ismail Khans forcessitting on the runway at Kabul International Airport While I am no stranger to military air on Aug. the early morning hours of Aug. 16. They were transportation, this was my first flight with non-US It was because of these fighters that the soldiers Isoldiers who were waiting to deploy into what could military personnel and at first, I felt awkward and had accompanied had been sent here, possibly to fighthave been a combat operation against their own isolated among the ANA troops. them, yet they proclaimed their gratefulness to thecountrymen. That changed when the soldier sitting next to me, Afghan government for sending the ANA to restore In fact, apart from their weapons, beards and ANA Pvt. Abdul Kabir, began talking to me in English. peace and order the peace and order that they haddialects, the Afghan soldiers I observed reminded me It did not take long for me to become impressed with upset.of Soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division, waiting on this ANA soldier. He was soon showing me pictures The militia fighters also stated that they have beenthe Green Ramp at Pope Air Force Base, N.C., to of his family from his wallet. While looking at them fighting for too long and with the presence of the ANA,depart on a mission. and talking with him about his family, it dawned on they truly believe that they will experience peace. Certainly, the speed at which the decision had been me again about the similarities t...</li></ul>