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This is a short course on Mastering managing your money. Some simple steps to get financial security, regardless of your current financial situation. Simple and practical principles including Buddha principles found in the Diamond Cutter Sutras


  • Money Mastery
  • Millionaire Visualisation
  • Steps to Financial Security Its not about having a million dollars, it is having security with your finances, that matters. Simple steps to creating financial security
  • Pay Yourself First Make you and your family a higher priority than your creditors Save 10% for the long term (Richest Man in Babylon)
  • Create Multiple Bank Accounts 1. Income Account (salary) 2. Long Term Savings (10%) 3. Medium Term Savings (10%) 4. Pay Bills Account (PA/52=) Aim to have at least 3 months salary in our long term account = security
  • Four Seeds for [Money] anything Seed One The first seed is to decide what you want Make a goal; e.g. I want a financial security...
  • Four Seeds for [Money] anything Seed Two Make a plan in your mind I will help someone else to start their own business, I will give time and money to help them.
  • Four Seeds for [Money] anything Seed Three What you plan to do you have to actually do Think about ideas to help their business, at the same time as starting your own.
  • Four Seeds for [Money] anything Seed Four Karfi Meditation (take them out for a coffee) think about what your friends business and advice them what to do. Review all of the good ideas in your mind.
  • Diamond Cutter Sutra Negative Seeds Just as you plant positive seeds for what you want, negative seeds will have been planted throughout your life. You need to protect yourself from negative seeds.
  • Diffuse Negative Seeds Just review where is stuff coming from? (always from me) (Eg: Why does my boss yell at me?) Foundation stage
  • Diffuse Negative Seeds Think about the implications of having that seed in your mind. Ive got to get rid of this seed before is goes off... A healthy regret of past wrong thought or deed. It is not guilt, it is positively accepted as like a challenge, to get rid of bad seeds. Bad seeds weight you down; it is a burden on you.
  • Diffuse Negative Seeds Make the commitment not to do that thing again. The commitment disarms the seed. Disclaimer may be needed. (set a time limit Eg: Dont talk to children loudly until Friday) .
  • Diffuse Negative Seeds Take positive action to counter balance the seed issue Eg with a serious issue like abortion you might work with children for a time. .