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CHORD MASTERYBy Claude Johnson Welcome to Chord MasteryWe !rote th"s e#$oo% &or you' so you can e()andyour chordal %no!led*e' your chordal +oca$ulary' and ho)e&ully so you can"m)ro+e as a *u"tar )layer "n !hate+er style you chooseThere are , ca+eats - !ould l"%e to )resent to you $e&ore !e d"+e "nto the mater"al."rstly'learn"n* chords $y themsel+es !"ll not ma%e youa !hole let $etter /ust $y themsel+esThe real )ath to $ecome a *ood )layer "n any *"+en style "s !ell to learn that style!That "s !hy' a&ter you *o throu*h th"s $oo%' - recommend you chec% out the l"n%s at the end to some style-specific DVD coursesSecondly' the ma/or"ty o& e(ot"c and ad+anced chords are $est su"ted &or a /a00 conte(t Most other &orms o& mus"c' such as roc%' )o)' $lues' or metal' rely on )r"mar"ly s"m)ler chords' althou*h there are many e(ce)t"onsThere are 1 sect"ons to the mater"al-n the &"rst sect"on' - !"ll sho! you $as"c' common chords "n the o)en )os"t"on-& you ha+e some e()er"ence' most o& these !"ll $e &am"l"ar -n the second sect"on' - !"ll sho! you mo+a$le sha)es so you can )lay chords all o+er the nec%These are hel)&ul to learn to master your &ret$oard %no!led*eThese are "ncluded as se)erate e#$oo%s &or youThe th"rd sect"on 2th"s document3 "s $y &ar the most e(c"t"n*Here' - !"ll co+er the ad+anced chords and ho! to use them "n a mus"cal conte(tTh"s "s 4OT one o& those $oo%s !here you must start at the $e*"nn"n* and )roceed slo!ly and care&ullyYou can de&"n"tely &eel &ree to /um) around to any )a*e you l"%e and cherry )"c% anyth"n* that loo%s "nterest"n*Don5t try to learn "t all "n one n"*ht' or e+en &eel that you must learn all the chords here -& you !ant to ma%e a ser"ous study o& "t' you canHo!e+er' an e6ually +al"d a))roach "s to use th"s $oo% as a re&erence *u"de o+er a lon* )er"od o& t"me' and /ust &l") to a ne! )a*e !hene+er you !ant to learn someth"n* ne!Just ha+e &un !"th "t7 O%' no! !e5re at the *ood stu&&-& you5+e $een )lay"n* *u"tar a l"ttle !h"le' the &"rst $onus e$oo% 218 )o!er&ul s"m)le chords3 !"ll $e elementary &or youThe second $oo% 2)lay"n* chords all o+er the nec%3 "s &a"rly common %no!led*e as !ellHo!e+er' th"s th"rd document del+es "nto the most ad+anced *u"tar chordsTh"s "s really the heart o& th"s learn"n* )roduct- tr"ed to des"*n th"s $oo% to $e $oth com)rehens"+e and com)act at the same t"me We %no! that the most com)l"cated chords are &ound "n /a00 *u"tarSo' a&ter an e(haust"+e study o& /a00 standards' - came u) !"th 9: ad+anced chord ty)esTh"s co+ers nearly e+ery )oss"$le chord you !"ll e+er see "n mus"cBy co+er"n* all these d"&&erent chord ty)es' !e ha+e a com)rehens"+e study o& chords .or each one' - try to )ro+"de the one or t!o most common and use&ul +o"c"n*s o& these chords' alon* !"th a mus"cal e(am)leTh"s ma%es "t com)act and )ract"calAdvanced Chord #1:The 9 Chord ; Chords are the ne(t lo*"cal ste) a&ter < chords $ecause o& the e(tra d"aton"c tone that "s stac%ed on to)Ty)"cally' on the *u"tar' !e lea+e out the &"&th de*ree o& the note o& ad+anced chords ' to ma%e "t eas"er to )lay-n mus"c' !e only really need the 1rd and the


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