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    Dear Mom

    Our BIGGEST EVER edition is packed tightly - like a holiday suitcase! Inside, you will find information, inspiration and fun ideas to make this time even more special!

    Our dietician shares some healthy ideas on holiday food at home (page 6). While, on page 9, Sarel, our local "Masterchef" finalist, offers you some personal tips on snacking and packing while travelling with children this holiday season. But for working parents, the prospect of keeping the kids occupied over the (sometimes just-too-long) holiday may loom like thunderstorms on the horizon. We brighten the skies with some great options! (See pages 2, 3, 5, 8, 14, 19-23, 29).

    As a new school year beckons, our educational psychologist provides some insight on how to prepare for attending a new playgroup, Primary School or High School for the first time (page 4). Now is also a good time to consider careful financial planning for your child's education in the future (page 30 -31). We also try to lower the festive season stress by considering ways to safeguard your home and family - whether at home or away. (See pages 26 -29)

    Should Santa spoil you with a new kitchen? Mom's Notes fell in-love with Easylife Kitchens' new showroom - and so will you! Turn to page 16-17.Finally, because it is the 'giving' season, we encourage you to read about the inspirational project called Wings & Wishes on page 12 & 13.Lastly, because you deserve it, why not enter the Jola competition to win a stunning Nelly handbag worth R600! Simply "like" our page, "like" the Jola Facebook page before the 31st of December to enter.

    We hope that the last few weeks of 2012 will be filled with joy and peace. We can't wait to grow with you and your children next year!

    Alison & Tabita


    c/o Ehmke & Ferreira Str. | Nelspruit

    MORE INFO: (013) 755 4969

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    Disclaimer: While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, neither Mom's Notes nor TwoRedPens can be held responsible for damages or consequences of any errors or omissions.The publisher does not stand warranty for the performance of any article or service mentioned in this magazine whether in an advertisemnet or elsewhere. Redistribution of changed or in any way altered Mom's Notes Magazines is strictly prohibited. 3

  • TAlKING TO YOur CHIlDYour child may be anxious about what to expect on the first day at school. If so, one way of helping them is to talk through their fears:

    explain where theyll be going, what theyll be doing and for how long;

    answer questions and try to decrease fears by asking what they think the school might be like;

    emphasize the things they may enjoy doing; tell them that you will be there to meet them

    at the end of the day. Dont dismiss your childs fears - things that

    seem obvious or silly to an adult can seem like terrible obstacles to your child.

    BuIlDING ON PrACTICAl SKIllSIf children have a good idea of what school is going to be like and have already experienced learning activities at home and in other settings, theyre less likely to find the experience stressful. Games, role-plays and reading at home can help your child get into the right frame of mind and boost their confidence. Activities for your child could include: playing games that involve taking turns or

    speaking in front of a group; playing with children of a similar age to develop

    social skills; reading books about starting school;

    using your childs favourite toys to role-play going to school;

    painting and drawing, which involve sitting down for short periods of time.

    IN THE wEEKS BEfOrE SCHOOl STArTSIn the run-up to the first day of term you could: involve your child in choosing things

    they need for school like school bags or uniforms;

    visit the school with your child so they become familiar with the building and the local area;

    most schools have arrangements to sup-port your childs transition into school which you may want to enquire about;

    establish a routine and discuss what might be happening at school at different times of the day.

    Preparing your child for school on his first day can greatly reduce any seperation anxiety your child may feel when you leave. Dont minimize the importance of easing your fears as well as your childs. If you feel guilty or worried about leaving your child, your child will probably sense that.

    Ready, steady ... SCHOOL!Your childs first day at primary school, pre-school or playgroup is a big step. However, there are plenty of practical things that you can do to prepare them, like talking to your child about school and helping to develop their practical skills.Here are a few tips to ease the stress - for you and your little one.


  • SUN CITY HOTEL From R 2,730 per person sharing

    Incl: 2 nights midweek accommodation at the Main Hotel

    CASCADES HOTEL From R 2,880 per person sharing

    Incl: 2 nights midweek accommodation at the Cascades Hotel; Includes: FREE accommodation & breakfast for

    children sharing with adults; Breakfast daily; FREE & unlimited access to the Valley of the

    Waves. Excl: Transport & items of a personal nature.

    Valid 01 Oct - 30 April 2013. Weekend rates also available (contact us for details), Rates are based on 2 adults & 2

    children u/18 yrs sharing with adults in a luxury family room. Rates are subject to increase over peak Dec/Jan periods. Sub-ject to availability. Valid for SA passport holders only. Not valid

    for groups. Standard terms & conditions apply.

    CRUISE TIME! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY onboard the Super Star Virgo.

    3 Night CruiseSingapore | Penang | Phuket | Singapore

    From R3,658 per person sharing

    5 Night CruiseSingapore | Penang | Phuket | Singapore

    Malacca | Singapore

    From R5,982 per person sharing

    Valid for Sunday departures, until 24 March 2013. Prices are for Inside Stateroom and are for the cruise only. All meals and

    entertainment are included as well as passenger handling fees and fuel surcharges. Prices subject to availability, rate of exchange fluctuations and standard terms and conditions.

    Prices exclude flights to and from Singapore. XL Travel Today will gladly assist you with all flight bookings and transfers.

    The more calm and assured you are, the more confident your child will be. Saying goodbye on that first day can be one of the hardest days for parents and children.

    HErE ArE fIVE TIPS ON HOw TO EASE THE ANxIETY: Reintroduce your childs teacher to your child.

    Allow them to form an initial relationship.

    When it is time to go, make sure to say goodbye to your child, dont linger. The longer you stay the harder it is to say goodbye. Once your child has got involved in an activity, say: Enjoy your day, see you later.

    A reward system can work well if your child struggles with seperation, but make it fun and dont spend money on the rewards. Be creative.

    Learn other childrens names in your childs class it makes school much more familiar and leaves a feeling of safety for the child.

    Being away from home for the first time is not easy for your child. You can leave something special with him to help him handle it better. A small picture in his bag or hang a photo key chain on his zipper. Lunch box love notes are a great way to let your child know you are thinking of him at school.

    To encourage responsibility and independence are both essential to independent learning for your child. Both will make it easier for your child to adjust to the demands of school, and get along with his teacher and classmates. So, whenever possible, let your child do things for himself and for others.

    Create positive feelings. If youve bought a book about starting school, read it again to your child. Share some photos and fun things that you did at school. Give your child compliments, even something as simple as they look great in their new uniform, on a regular basis, does increase their self esteem. And kids with high self esteem are happy kids and happy kids tend to be successful!

    CORA BREYTENBACH | Educational Psychologist0828102409 |

    45 Ferreira StreetNelspruit, 1200 Tel: 013-7552146

    E-mail: us on Facebook

  • December is a special month to be with family and it is a time where children are attending many festive gatherings. Incorporate healthy meal and snack ideas into the daily routine. It is lots of fun for children to prepare their own meals. Holiday foods can be healthy, fun and delicious!

    SOME TIPS fOr THE HOlIDAYPrepare healthy meals together. Taking the time to cook during the summer holidays and involving the children in the cooking makes a meal more fun for them and helps you teach them about ingredients and how they help or hurt their bodies. And healthy cooking doesnt necessarily have to take longer.

    let the kids help with shopping and planning. Make sure the kids help decide on meals and snacks and let them help grocery shopping. That way they can suggest some meals that they would like (which they are more likely to eat happily) and also have the chance to explore the nutritional value of various ingredients.

    Consider foods that attract kids. Consider serving food like veggie chips, carving peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread to look like a pirate or decorating the top of the morning breakfast cereal with a smiling face of bananas, blueberries and raisins.

    Clean out the cupboards Go through your cupboards AND get all the junk out. The easiest way to cut out the unhealthy and add in the healthy is to keep all the unhealthy out. You can even make it a game with the kids. The child with the most fat kicked out of the house can win a prize.

    HOLiday MeaL ideaSKIDDIES KEBABSThis Friday night treat is quick to cook. You kids will love it and its easy for them to prepare. All you need for sides are egg noodles and salad or green beans.

    Ingredients 300g lean stew beef, cut into small cubes Salt to taste Cherry tomatoes (+/-20) 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup honey

    Preparation:1. Combine the beef cubes, cherry tomatoes, soy sauce, and honey in a medium bowl and toss.2. Skewer the beef cubes and tomatoes, alternating or separating them onto different skewers (whatever makes your kids happy). If youre using wooden skewers, soak them in water for 20 minutes or so before hand.3. Place the kebabs on a small baking sheet and keep them covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator until youre ready to cook them. The kebabs can be broiled for 10 to 14 minutes (turn once) or grilled. Serves two adults and two kids and there will be some left for dad for lunch tomorrow.

    HAM MuffIN BITESThese little corn muffins have the pizza flavor kids crave in a handy bite-size package and works great for picnics. Eat them warm, right from the paper liners. A great holiday snack! Get the kids involved in the preparation and mixing.

    MuffIN CruST11/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup cornflour 1 tablespoon sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 large egg, lightly beaten 1 1/4 cups low fat milk 1/4 cup canola oil

    TOPPING1/3 cup marinara sauce 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 cup finely chopped cooked Ham



  • Instructions1. Heat the oven to 200 C and line about 36 mini muffin cups with paper liners.

    2. Sift the flour, corn flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, blend the egg, milk, and vegetable oil. Make a well in the dry mixture and add the liquid. Stir the batter until smooth.

    3. In a small bowl, blend the marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese; set aside. Spoon the batter into the muffin pan liners, filling them about three quarters full. Spoon about 1/2 teaspoon of the

    sauce-and-cheese mixture on top of each one, pushing it in slightly, then sprinkle with chopped Ham.

    4. Bake the muffins for 15 minutes; theyll puff up and brown slightly around the upper edge. Cool in the pan for several minutes, then remove from the pan and eat warm. Makes about 36 mini muffins.


    Nutritious pudding ideas: fruit salad with yoghurt iced lollies (made with fresh fruit puree and water) Frozen fruit yoghurt e.g. Frozen strawberry yoghurt

    made with fresh strawberries Muffin or pancake with some fruit slices.

    Examples of easy snacks fruit including dried fruit e.g. raisons and

    apricots cherry tomatoes and cubes of cheese yoghurt with berries or fruit slices a small sandwich, crackers including rice

    crackers or provitas with marmite or cottage cheese

    vegetable sticks or breadsticks with hummus or yoghurt based dip

    fruit and milk /yoghurt smoothie

    Have the kids help find red and green fruits and vegetables that you can shape

    into a holiday scene.

    Wishing you all a lovely healthy relaxing summer holiday


    071 246 0357

    " "


    ! # "!



    License PLate Gameeveryone knows this classic car game, but here's a fun twist: Before you pack up the car, print out a map of the south africa so kids can colour in the provinces of the license plates that they spot on the road.

    count it uPBefore you leave, have the kids guess how many fast-food restaurants or gas stations you'll pass en route. Then, have kids count the number of times they see a sign for each one (either on a billboard or on a rest-stop sign). The one closest to the actual number wins!

    ReciPe Detectivestart training your budding top chefs' taste buds early. Pack a bunch of different cookies (homemade, store bought, whatever) with you in the car, and have the kids guess what's inside. some of the ingredients (like chocolate chips or raisins) may be obvious, but they'll be guessing the ones like sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and flour for at least a few kilometers.

    BuzzPick a number between zero and nine and call it the buzz number. starting at zero, go around the car counting so that each player has to say the next number. every time the buzz number

    VISIT US TODAY!shop 7 The village shopping centre ehmke str. | nelspruittel: (013) 752 8037email:

    or a number with that number comes up, that player has to say "buzz" instead of the actual number. if he accidentally says one of the buzz numbers instead, he is out. The last player left is the winner. Ps: This is an easy one for moms and dads to join in on.

    Alternatively, pop-in to LITTLE HOOT to take your pick of our top choices for en-route entertainment!

    some of our brands include: neW Le toy van neW Haba melissa and Doug We Play smart Think tank Planx ses Djeco sylvanian Families


  • SAREL SE LEKKERlANGPAD-KOSMasterchef South Africa Finalis, Sarel Loots - deel met Mom's Notes sy kosblik idees.

    Deesdae maak dit finansiele sin om padkos te pak vir die langpad, oppad na 'n langverwagte en soms duur vakansie. Dit is nie net goedkoper nie, maar ook baie meer pret as voorspelbare kitskos keuses! Indien die kinders help met die voorbereiding, berei jy hul ook voor vir die reis - en sal hul nie die kitskos opsies 'vervang' nie, maar uitsien om hul eie skeppings te geniet.

    My waarhede: As kinders is knieserig en moeilik gedurende langpad reise raak, is dit meestal omdat hul honger en moeg voel. Pak dus kussings en kosblikke!

    Indien jy spasie het, pak elke familielid se kos in hul eie boksie of kosblik. Laat jou kinders toe om self die kosblik te pak. Dit is veral handig indien jy moet bestuur en eet gelyktydig. Wanneer almal klaar geeet het, kan elkeen hul eie papiere, lee koeldrank boksies ens. in hul eie bokse wegbere.

    lae GI versnapperinge hou jou kleingoed se energievlakke intoom. Op die langpad kan kinders met hoe suikervlakke uitputtend wees - veral as jy meer as een kind het. Kies heelgraan brood vir toebroodjies, en dalk 'n smeer soos grondboontjiebotter.

    Indien jou vakansiebegroting reeds fyn gesny is, hoef etes nie uitspattig te wees nie - en kreatiewiteit kos niks! Ek onthou padkos op beton piekniektafels langs die pad. Onthou jy ook hard gekookte eiers, droe boerewors en koue hoender? Daardie tafels is steeds daar - maar soms net effens oorgroei. Doen dalk jou deel vir die omgewing en onthou swart sakke. As jul daar stilhou, maak die area skoon voor- en nadat jul piekniek hou.

    Vars vrugte en groente in vinger-vriendelike stokkies en blokkies is heerlik en gesond op die langpad. Neute is ook 'n baie gesonde keuse. Meng dit met rosyntjies, sultanas en dadels en blus ook die lus vir iets soet by die petrolstasie.

    Drink baie water. Dit sal nie net jy en jou gesin hidreer nie, maar ook nie die bekleding van jou voertuig vlek soos koeldrank nie!

    Hier is een van my gunsteling langpad kosblik wenners:

    wortel Kofyntjies250 ml suiker + 250 ml olie + 3 eiers = Verroom 375 ml NuttyWheat + 10ml bakpoeier + 10ml Kaneel + 5 ml koeksoda = sif en meng by die olie en eiers. (Die semels ook!).350 ml Gerasperde wortels + 350 ml fyn piesang + 250 ml gekapte Neute = meng ook in met beslag.

    Bak in n vooraf warm oond van 180 grade vir 30 min (Dit hang af van hoe groot jou bak is. Onthou kolfyntjies bak baie vinnig. Toets met n mes tot die mes skoon uitkom.)

    Maak versiersuiker en versier:250 ml Roomkaas + 200 g versiersuiker. = meng lekker saam tot dit n gladde tekstuur het.

    Hoenderrepies met 'n verskil.Kan nie die lus vir krakerige aartappelskyfies op die langpad weerstaan nie?

    Berei die hoenderrepies voor deur eenvoudig hoenderborsies op te sny en dan in suurlemoensap en soetrissiesous te marineer. Kry 3 bakkies gereed met 1: koekmeel + sout en peper na smaak, 2: geklitste eiers, 3: fyngedrukte "Fruit Chutney Chips" en gekrummelde brood. Doop dan die repies eers in die meel, dan die eier, dan die krummels en laat staan in die yskas vir 10 min op 'n draadrakkie. Diepbraai die repies tot goudbruin en dreineer goed op handdoekrol papier. Pak gekoelde repies in kosblikke met 'n sousie in aparte houertjies.

    Volg my doen en late op my facebook


  • Come find a great range of healthy alternatives for a cheerful Christmas menu - for even the most specialized diet.

    Guilt-free festive Treats

    CAKE FLOURNatures Choice Gluten-Free Cake Flour can be used to replace regular flour cup-for-cup for best results make use of our wide selection of gluten-free recipes available.

    MILKSHAKESKids and adults alike enjoy these milkshake mixes. Each variety can serve as a delicious treat or as a soothing nightcap. Like everything in this world that tastes really good, these products should be used in moderation even if they do contain only what we consider to be bio-friendly ingredients.

    CUSTARD POWDERNatures Choice Custard Powder is completely gluten-free, egg-free, tartrazine-free and unsweetened, yet full of the most delicious flavour.

    Because it has no added sugar, you have a choice. Perhaps you would like a delicious healthy low-calorie dessert with fresh fruit sweeten the custard with xylitol, agave crystals or stevia (all available from Natures Choice) and a dash of vanilla. For a low-GI sweetener, try nutrient-rich molasses or coconut sugar for a caramel-flavoured boost of slow-release energy.

    Natures Choice Custard Powder will remind you of all those desserts that you loved, and that you can now enjoy again even if you are on a specialized diet.

    wESTEND SuPErSPAr | (013) 745 7844


  • a delicious Gluten-free dessertApple Crumble

    4 apples, chopped into chunks3 tablespoons chopped pecans1/2 cup fructose3 tablespoons gluten free cake flour1/4 teaspoon each nutmeg, ground cloves and cinnamon

    Crumble Topping

    1/2 cup gluten free rolled oats1/2 cup fructose1 teaspoon cinnamon6 tablespoons butter cup chopped pecans

    Preheat oven to 180C.

    In a bowl, mix together chopped apples, pecans,fructose,cakeflourandspices.

    Spoon fruit mixture into pie dish.

    In a bowl, mix together rolled oats, fructose and cinnamon. work butterintomixturewithfingers until it resembles coarse crumbs. Add pecans.

    Sprinkle this crumble over fruit mixture.

    Bake for 30 50 minutes until crumble topping is golden brown.

    Serve with Natures Choice custard.

    Guilt-free festive Treats



    Every day, children are diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. Help is often available at specialized government hospitals, but for many children and their families the treatment they so desperately need is out of reach because the cost of transport to these facilities is simply not affordable. Where the treatment required is not available locally, we arrange and sponsor flight or bus tickets to a suitable medical facility.

    ABOUT WINGS & WISHESWings & Wishes was established in 2006 after a group of employees from Coca-Cola Sabco (Pty) Ltd identified the need in their community and started donating their frequent flyer miles as part of an internal Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The miles were committed to facilitating the transport of critically ill children and an accompanying adult to the Red Cross Childrens Hospital in Cape Town, or an alternative appropriate medical facility, for treatment.

    The program is now a registered project under The Coca-Cola Sabco Community Foundation (IT 60/2007) and is run primarily by employee volunteers. The program is funded entirely through donations and is supported by many individuals and organizations in South Africa. As word of the program spreads, requests for flights and bus tickets are a daily occurrence and we are now assisting at least one child a day.


  • HOW CAN YOU HELP?MoneyYour donation of funds towards flight costs and essential provisions will make a signifi-cant difference in the lives of these children and their families. Funds raised are also used to provide alternative transport methods should a flight not be a suitable option.

    MilesYour donation of frequent flyer air miles, in amounts of 20 000 or 30 000, will be used to purchase air tickets.

    MercyWe provide basic essentials for the children whilst in hospital. These Mercy Packs contain pyjamas, soft toys, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, colouring in books and pencils, and any other comfort items to make their stay in hospital more bearable. Donations to-wards the Mercy Packs are gratefully received.

    Pledge a flightAs flights are requested, the bookings are made, and the cost of the flight is invoiced to the individual or company who pledged the flight. Average cost of a flight is approximately R1300.

    Children supported to date since 2006


    Flights sponsored to date since 2006


    Bus trips sponsored to date since 2006


    Purpose, Vision and ValuesCorE PUrPoSE:dedicated to transporting critically ill children to receive lifesaving medical treatment.

    ViSion:Transport should never be a barrier for a child to reach lifesaving treatment, wherever they live.

    CorE VALUES:Compassion, Minimal bureaucracy, integrityWe undertake to provide compassionate support immediately, with minimal bureaucracy, whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrity for the children and their families.

    CriTEriA:We assist children who do not have access to the required specialised medical treatment in their home towns and whose families would not otherwise be able to afford the transport to get them to a suitable medical facility. We also require written motivation from a medical practitioner explaining that the treatment required is not available at a local institution.

    CONTACT Us TOdAY!donna James-Jansen | Promotions ManagerT: 013 754 3000 | M: 082 577 0826E:

    Louise day | Wings & Wishes ManagerM: +27 082 412 7823T: +27 041 395 4240Fax: +27 086 566 9663Email:



    Challenge your friends and their

    families to a fun and safe paintball game.

    Perfect opportunity for Moms and Dads to spend time with the kids

    this holiday.

    When: 8th December 2012


    (Barberton Road)Starting at 09h00

    Tickets are r50 each (p/p)for a 100 ball game.

    Tickets available from

    Rudamans Bike & Marine

    & Church Unlimited.

    For more information contact

    Alison on 083 2545004

    Launched as a speciality shop for people interested

    in outdoor sports.

    Rudamans Archery and Paintball specialises in providing expert advice, training (at our in door

    practice range) and equipment to make your

    sport more enjoyable and safe.

    We stock the following product ranges:

    Bows Bow accessories Paintball guns Paintball accessories Clothing 2nd hand products

    1 Plankie StreetNelspruit 1200P O Box 1885Nelspruit 1200

    Tel 27 13 752 7077Fax: 27 13 753 6282



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  • We have showrooms nationwide, so you are never too far away from Easylife Kitchens. Call us on 0861 EASYLIFE or visit to find the showroom nearest to you.

    Easylife Kitchens Management (Pty) Ltd retains copyright to all images and text.




    Moms Notes


    We love these

    adjustable modul


    units available at

    Easylife Kitchens


    These shelves can


    adjusted as your

    needs change!


  • Unit 4 Lowveld Lifestyle CentreWaterfall Avenue.Riverside Industrial Park


    OfficeHours:Weekdays: 8:00 - 17:00Saturday: 9:00 - 13:00





    At Easylife Kitchens, we recognise our Clients as the cornerstone of our business. For this reason, we consider superior levels of client service to be more important than anything else.

    There are many kitchen suppliers to choose from, so why should you use Easylife Kitchens?

    Easylife Kitchens is an established and reputable company, with factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town that make use of modern and constantly upgraded technology to ensure top quality components and value for money. At Easylife Kitchens we do not compromise on quality we only use first-grade materials, and we offer you a two-year guarantee on workmanship and materials as well as a lifetime guarantee on Blum hinges and runners.

    We make sure that your entire Easylife Kitchens experience is a pleasant one. Our fully equipped and stylish showrooms allow you easy choice of product and the opportunity to personally inspect our workmanship and quality. There youll find the widest range of finishes and accessories allowing you to create a kitchen suited to your needs. Our professional and experienced sales staff will assist you with the layout of your Easylife dream kitchen using state-of-the-art computer-aided design technology, to make sure that your dream kitchen becomes reality.

    Visit our brand new showroom!

    Moms Notes


    We love these

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  • HAVE YOU HEARD Of LITTLE HOOT?THE bEST EDUcATIONAL TOY STORE IN THE LOwVELD!This christmas, find educational fun at Little Hoot ...

    You no longer have to take to trip to Gauteng to find all your educational equipment. Pop into our store situated at The village shopping centre, ehmke street, nelpruit to glimpse our world of amazing educational items and toys. enthusiatically welcomed by many occupational Therapists and parents, Little Hoot offers the best educational aids, endorsed by professionals, on your doorstep. You will find puzzles, exercise balls, bean bags, pencil grips, weighted wrist band, nail boards, tilted boards ... and much more at Little Hoot!

    Dear Mom, let us help you take the guess work out of Christmas shopping. Let you children fill-out the attached "wishlist" form and "post to Santa"!

    My Wishlist to Santa!1. _________________________________2. __________________________________ 3. __________________________________4. __________________________________5. __________________________________

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    some of our brands include: neW Le toy van neW Haba melissa and Doug We Play smart Think tank Planx ses Djeco sylvanian Families Yookidoo


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  • BREASTFEEDING SUPPORTBreast milk is widely acknowledged as the gold standard for infant nutrition due to the fact that it provides all the necessary elements for optimal growth and development.

    It has nutritional, immunological, biochemical, anti-allergic, anti-infective, intellectual, develop-mental, psychological, psychosocial, economic and environmental benefits for the mother and/or her infant.

    Exclusive breast-feeding is advocated as the sole source of nutrition for the first six months of an infants life.

    It is found that a lack of knowledge regarding breastfeeding is identified as having a great influence on the decision-making process of a mother and is therefore one of the key issues that should be addressed to empower mothers with sufficient knowledge to make an optimal infant-feeding decision.

    The key to the best breastfeeding practices is continued day-to-day support , guidance and motivation for the breastfeeding mother within her home and in the community.

    Need support and guidance for breastfeeding?

    Please feel free to join our weekly informal breastfeeding support group (no cost) on fridays @ 10 am at Zest restaurant at Ilanga Mall.

    Here you will get the support you need to breastfeed, at the same time you might meet some good friends and enjoy a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

    Call Gerdi Smit or Natalie Grobler if you need any information with regards to the breastfeeding support sessions: 072 391 6528 or 071 246 0357


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    Knowing the milestones of your baby's vision development (and what you can do to help it along) can ensure your child is seeing properly and enjoying his world to the fullest. We will continue this developmental journey to that of primary school level with Grant and Stacy Freeman. This Month we are going to look at the vision of a child from birth to 6 Months of age.

    Early detection and treatment are essential to preventing eye conditions that have the potential to cause permanent loss of vision. Screening by the pediatrician or other primary care physician is important at birth and during the first 6 months of life when the visual system is highly susceptible to interference. However, screening this population has been problematic, leading to under detection of significant refractive error and strabismus (squint)

    Lets start with a few definitions:Visual acuity: the clarity or clearness of visionAccommodation: the increase in thickness and shape of the eyes lens in order to focus an image on the retinaStereopsis: when both eyes work together to enable you to see 3 dimensional or depth perception.

    There are different theories about the visual acuity of infants. Some literature says that a baby has adult like vision at 6 months and others, at the ages of 3-5 years. If I watch my little one I personally think that their vision is adult like at 6 months of age.

    How do you tell if your little one has poor vision?This is a difficult one as your baby cant tell you that they are unable to see.

    The sure signs that your infant might not have good vision are: Abnormal eye movements are often the first symptom of significant visual impairment Intense eye rubbing A baby that is unresponsive to the parents


    Village Shopping CentreEhmke Street, Nelspruit | Tel: +27(0)13 755 3355

    NOW ALSO: Lowveld HospitalOpposite Nel-Med, Nelspruit | Tel: +27(0)13 753 2020

    Accommodation:For the first month of your little ones life they are unable to focus on an object further or closer than 30cm. It is thought that the distance from your face to where you hold your baby when you breast feed is the distance that they are able to focus on in the first month. So when that little one is lying in your arms staring at your face they can see you clearly. They have adult like accommodation at 3-4 months of age which means that at this age their eyes can focus an object no matter how far or close it is from them.

    Stereopsis:Sensory fusion is present at birth so from the get go your little one will not have double vision but will see singularly.

    Colour Vision:The Fovea (part of the eye responsible for colour vision) is immature in infants. Newborns are unable to make colour discriminations. At about 7 weeks babies distinguish colours and at 2 months of age they have normal colour vision.

    Below is a table showing at what age a baby will more than likely be able to fixate on an object and do certain eye movements etc.

    SKill AGe Fixation to: Lights 3 monthsFaces BirthVisual objects 3 monthsAuditory objects 3 months

    Eye Movements: Horizontal BirthVertical up gaze 4-6 weeksVertical down gaze 3 months

    Stimulus (that babies react to) Faces BirthPenlight 3 monthsPursuits (ability to follow an object) 6-8 weeksCoordinated head-eye movements 3 months

    And lastly, some babies appear to have a squint. Most of the time, it is because their visual system hasn't fully developed yet. In some cases however it is due to a fold of skin between the eye and the nose that covers the nasal corner of the eye making it look as if the eye is turned inward. This apparent deviation is most noticeable when baby looks sideways.

    MYOPIA Or NEArSIGHTEDNESSFor a nearsighted person, close objects are clear, but distant objects such as a school blackboard or a street sign are blurred and difficult to distinguish. Over 25% of adults worldwide are nearsighted. The exact cause of nearsightedness

    is unknown, but two factors may be primarily responsible for its development:

    1. HEREDITYThere is significant evidence that many people inherit nearsightedness, or at least the tendency to develop nearsightedness. If one or both parents are nearsighted, there is an increased chance their children will be nearsighted.

    2. VISUAL STRESSEven though the tendency to develop nearsightedness may be inherited, its actual development may be affected by how a person uses his or her eyes. Individuals who spend considerable time reading, working at a computer, or doing other intense close visual work may be more likely to develop nearsightedness. Over time, constant visual stress may lead to a permanent reduction in distance vision. Symptoms of nearsightedness may also be a sign of variations in blood sugar levels in persons with diabetes or an early indication of a developing cataract.

    ASTIGMATISM:For people with astigmatism, objects both near and far appear distorted. This occurs because some of the light rays are focused and others are not.

    WHAT CAUSES ASTIGMATISM?A normal cornea is round like a soccer ball. With astigmatism, the cornea curves more like a rugby ball. Astigmatism can occur in combination with nearsightedness or farsightedness. The specific cause of astigmatism is unknown. It can be hereditary and is usually present from birth. It can change as a child grows and may decrease or worsen over time. Astigmatism is a very common vision condition. Most people have some degree of astigmatism. Slight amounts of astigmatism usually don't affect vision and don't require treatment. However, larger amounts cause distorted or blurred vision, eye discomfort and headaches.

    WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS?For people with astigmatism, objects both at near and far are distorted because some of the light rays from the object are focused and others are not. This is similar to the distortion produced by a wavy pane of glass.

    In the last edition we discussed the changes to the visual system for an infant up to 6 months of age. It is pretty much developed at about 6 months with a few changes happening here and there. So we aren't going to mention those. In this edition, we are going to discuss what can go wrong with your little ones eyes.

    HYPErOPIA Or fArSIGHTEDNESSPeople who are farsighted have blurred vision especially with close work and need to make a constant effort to focus, which can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and eye fatigue.

    WHAT IS FARSIGHTEDNESS?Farsightedness occurs when the eye is shorter than normal. This shape causes images to be focused behind the retina rather than on it.

    WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS?Contrary to what the name implies, people who are farsighted have blurred vision at all distances unless they make a constant effort to focus, which can lead to strain, headaches, and eye fatigue. Babies and children are usually slightly farsighted and as their eyes grow and lengthen, the condition corrects itself. However, some young people who remain farsighted are unaware of it, because they have enough flexibility in their focusing power to correct the condition without the aid of visual correction.

    If the length of your eyeball is too short or the cornea has too little curvature, near objects cannot be brought into sharp and clearly focused images. Hereditary factors often control the growth and development of the eye. However, environmental factors may also contribute to the development of farsightedness. Many people have some degree of farsightedness. The condition is only a problem if it significantly affects a person's ability to see. It is estimated that over half the people who wear glasses are wearing them because of a focusing problem due to farsightedness or presbyopia, a natural decrease in focusing ability at near distance.

    MYOPIA (near sightedness)

    HYPEROPIA (far sightedness)




  • 25

  • The bags are packed and youre ready to go. But have you done enough to secure your home while you are away? If you are staying home for the holidays, ensure that you and your loved ones shine a light on would-be intruders looking for easy targets.

    When choosing security lights, remember to choose the right one for the right application. If you have security lights that need to be left on all night, ensure you select an energy saver. Another option is to use a QI halogen floodlight with a motion sensor - just remember never to touch a halogen lamp with your fingers as this will shorten its lifespan.

    There are two type of security lighting:1. LOW-COST / ENERGY-SAVING LIGHTS Stay on all night, providing an instant deterrent for would-

    be intruders Ideal for illuminating key areas around the house or spe-

    cific sections of the garden, especially security risks Floodlights have different size beams for different effects

    - you can achieve a wide but shallow spread of light, or narrow, penetrating coverage

    Use energy saver floodlights and save money on your lighting bill

    2. MOTION-SENSOR LIGHTSThere are two types of motion-sensor floodlights:a. A sensor attached to a single fitting that switches on the light when movement is detectedb. A remote sensor attached to one or more fittings - when movement is detected at one point, all the lights come on, which is ideal for an L-shaped building Motion sensors offer the benefit of surprise

    to intruders Cost effective security option Can be installed into existing fittings If your motion-sensor keeps switching on because of pets,

    for instance, you may need to cover the bottom photocell to prevent it from detecting movement close to the ground

    It is important to position your motion-sensor correctly - remember the higher you place it, the less distance you willcover,whilealowerfloodlightwillgivea broader coverage.


    MOVEABLE MOTION-SENSOR LIGHTSNu Light offers the new range of intelligent security lights from Eurolux. These moveable floodlight and alarm solutions, with camera capability addressess the issue of static security lighting.

    An integrated motion detector, sensitive to both heat and motion, will focus a light beam on the spot where movement has been detected and transmit a wireless signal to a receiver which allows you to view that specific area via a handheld LCD monitor or a television screen. This literally means that once motion has been detected and the alarm been triggered, a person can see what caused the disturbance from a place of safety, without any risk to themselves.

    The fittings make use of infrared sensors that only detect heat and motion of substantial size and small creatures such as geckos, lizards and small birds should not trigger it.

    The range includes four security lights with differing features. Top of the range is the FS68, offering a 300W moving head floodlight, wire-less alarm and a handheld LCD receiver, which relays the image of the attached camera to the receiver in real-time. The FS67 offers a similar floodlight and wireless alarm - however instead of the handheld receiver it includes a four chan-nel TV receiver, which means that up to four cameras can be installed around the premises, with the images being relayed to a particular TV set.

    Security experts say most properties have at least four areas that can be termed high risk and can benefit from surveillance. Should your home, office or factory fall into this category and you wish to install more than one move-able floodlight with camera capability, you can purchase the FS66 as an addition. The product features only the 300W moving head floodlight and wireless alarm. The FS65 security light is an entry level product with a wireless alarm and a 150W moving head floodlight. This particular product can typically be used in smaller, low risk areas.

    All four products in this range allow for a movement scope of 210 degrees and it is recommended that they be installed by a qualified electrician.


  • Phone: (013) 757 1416Share Call Fax: 086 594 2127Email: Riverside Auto Centre | G3

    Intelligent motorised motion tracking sensor light





    TheNi9htWatcherisuserfriendlyandveryeasy toinstall.

    The Ni9htWatcher is a unique security light that monitors and tracks the movements of an intruder. With Ni9htWatcher there is nowhere to hide.


    AVAIlABlE frOMNulight, Nelspruit

    The Ni9htwatcher is a unique security light that monitors and tracks the movements of an intruder. with Ni9htwatcher there is nowhere to hide.

    The 3 PIRs (passive infrared sensors) are the unique element that make this product so effective, each relaying intruder positioning to the microprocessor, which in turn rotates the light head to that exact position.

    These highly effective PIRs allow for a total detection range of 210, covering a distance of 10 meters from the unit.

    The Ni9htWatcher was built to withstand the elements.

    The Ni9htWatcher also comes with various modes for all day activation, day and night activation, night only activation and protection against power failures.

    The Ni9htWatcher is user friendly and very easy to install.

    Ni9ht watcher and many other security solutions are available at Nu light in Nelspruit. linda and willie can help you choose the perfect products for your needs.

    Did you know that NuLight have access to the widest range of lighting suppliers from accross the world, right here in Nelspruit. Come browse their catalogues and be inspired! Security has never looked this good. For professional and effective security lighting results, NuLight can also assist in design and placement of your security lighting after consultation with you at your home or business premises.

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  • Poolware

    w I N N E r S !GaRden & fLOWeR faiR

    Congratulations to Yolande Gerber

    who won the Poolware & Jagaburns

    lucky draw competition. She is our winner of a Gemini

    Pool Cleaner and Duraturf Carpet

    valued at R1700!Colouring-in Competition

    It was difficult to choose from such talent!

    3-5 Years: Ulrich Malan6-7 Years: Leela Clausen9-10 Years: Yannika Malan

    With the festive season approaching it is natural to want to spend more time around the pool. Here are a few ways to make the experience that much more enjoyable, safe and fun!

    SuN POwErThe warmer the weather, the colder the water temperature of your pool may feel in contrast. Diving into a slightly warmed pool however, is so much more inviting, and just as refreshing. Investing in solar panels to heat your pool water is an eco-friendly way to make the most of your pool. Warmer water ensures that you and your family can enjoy a dip more often throughout the whole year!

    SHINE & SPArKlEUpgrade your pool instantly with pool lights. Not only does it add a fun element to entertaining around the pool at night, it is also an added safety precaution. Ask us about the colour changing options with a remote control too!

    SAfETY NETSPoolnets are an essential poolside safety precaution, especially if you are entertaining families with smaller children.

    MAINTENANCE MADE EASYThe Zodiac range of swimming pool chlorine generators (also referred to as salt water pool chlorinators) create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you dont need to add chlorine to your pool manually.

    With a salt chlorinator you no longer need to purchase, transport, store or manually add chlorine as part of your routine maintenance. Furthermore, a salt chlorinator also helps to eliminate red eyes,

    skin irritations and harsh chemical odours which can be caused by conventional chlorinated pools. Salt chlorinators use electrIcity to sanitise your swimming pool, by passing salt water through an electrolytic cell which converts chloride contained in the salt water into chlorine.

    Installing a chlorine generator will leave you and your family with water that is far more enjoyable to swim in. Most importantly, day in and day out a Zodiac salt water chlorine generator will keep your pool sparkling clean and sanitised automatically.

    Fitting a Zodiac Chlorinator, available through Poolware, is the perfect solution to keep your pool clean and clear when you go away for the holidays! Ask Tertius & Tersia about the options!

    Contact Us: Find us:Tel: (013) 752 2999 10 Silva StreetFax: (013) 752 3008 NelspruitEmail: (Close to Tertius: Tigerwheel & Tyre)

    083 272 2152 and more for your pool at wholesale prices!


  • Poolware

    w I N N E r S !GaRden & fLOWeR faiR

    Congratulations to Yolande Gerber

    who won the Poolware & Jagaburns

    lucky draw competition. She is our winner of a Gemini

    Pool Cleaner and Duraturf Carpet

    valued at R1700!Colouring-in Competition

    It was difficult to choose from such talent!

    3-5 Years: Ulrich Malan6-7 Years: Leela Clausen9-10 Years: Yannika Malan

    No mowing the lawn

    No off-cuts landing in your pool

    Manicured look all year round

    Less danger of slips and falls like tiles

    or concrete finished floor

    B E N E f I T S Of HaVinG TuRf aROund THe POOL:

    Jagaburns is an approved Duraturf LandscaperContact Jacqui Burns

    Cell: 082 497 8203 | Fax: 086 577 8290


    the grass is always greener on the side

    with turf

    KINDER-VERFKLASSEElke Saterdag oggend

    van 8vm - 1nm

    KINDER-MOSAIEKKLASSEVind meer uit oor ons

    Vakansie mosaiek klasse.

    Ons verskaf 'n wye reeks Mosaiek, Kuns en Handewerk


    Mosaiek Klasse








    Theo: 083 612 0639Judith: 082 326 8971

    Shop 58 (Langs Stoep Koffiewinkel)Sonpark Boulevard



  • Mom's Financial Notes

    Part 5

    THe SCHOOL yeaRSThe mere fact that you are reading this issue of Moms Notes probably means that you have little ones currently in the school system or some to start schooling in the near future. If this is the case, you will appreciate the costs involved in providing your children with the very best education possible. We all want the best for our children and will stop at very little to ensure that we provide them with all the tools needed to make a success of their lives. Irrespective of what choices they make in their futures, education is the basis of it all.

    Education is a gift for all times your children can take it everywhere they go. Give them the opportunity to learn and see how they grow and enjoy a successful future.

    It is one thing to scrounge up enough money each month to pay your childs school fees, but something as important as education requires careful planning to ensure you have the money available for High School or University when it is required. In addition one needs to consider the implications of what will happen to your childs education should you be unable to earn an income through death or disability. It is bad enough that the child looses a Mum or Dad, but can we also afford to take the risk that their education suffers in the process? When formulating your plans for your childs education, it is imperative that you not only start investing to cover the costs, but that at the same time, you ensure that you have a plan in place to cover the costs should you die or become disabled.

    THe TeST Of TiMeIt takes careful planning and a disciplined investment approach to ensure you can afford the rising cost of education. Tuition costs have escalated sharply over the last 20 years to the point where it could easily cost up to R560 000 to send a child born in 2010 to university for 4 years!


    STArT BY PlANNING AHEAD: Define your goals government or private

    school, college or university?

    Determine the investment time horizon how old is your child, how soon will you need the funds?

    Contact a Liberty Financial Adviser in order that he or she can provide you with the required calculations and best investment advice to ensure that you are able to cover the costs of your childs education through to University.

    OuR RePORT CaRd iS a+Weve been in the business of making peoples lives better for over 50 years. Our heritage is built on trust and credibility. We offer consistent performance with positive returns on your investments.


  • Part 5


    Written for Mom's Notes by Tony Page for Liberty Life Nelspruit

    Contact liberty life Nelspruit Agency Branch today!

    (013) 759 3300

    OuR eduCaTiOn BuiLdeR OffeRS: peace of mind flexibility value for money access to your money after five years paying a monthly premium together

    with an optional lump sum market-leading investment


    WHy COnSideR THe eduCaTiOn BuiLdeR? Save for your childrens future education

    with a structured investment plan.

    Invest in professionally managed investment portfolios.

    Optional investment performance guarantees on selected portfolios give you the security of a minimum guaranteed return with no restrictions on benefiting from any market growth in excess of guarantees.

    Add the EduCator risk benefit to secure your childrens education should you die or become disabled.

    The optional Retrenchment Premium Waiver will pay all premiums due for the following 12 months should you* become retrenched and cannot find employment within a month.

    The optional Disability Premium Waiver will pay all premiums due until the end of the benefit term should you* become disabled.

    Benefit from a policy bonus and reduction in management fees over time. * You refers to the premium payer.



    BackgroundA river is shaped by the changes that take place in its catchment, whether those changes are natural or induced by humans. Rivers have a natural capacity to resist adverse changes, maintain the chemical and physical habitats necessary for the many plants, animals and people that depend on the systems. However, the degree to which a river can resist and neutralize adverse effects has limits. If these limits are exceeded for extended periods the river will lose its nurturing power and its value as a habitat for plants and animals, and as a natural resource for humans. An ecological healthy river is one of which the water is good to drink, and swim and whose fish is edible for humans as well as other predatory animals.

    To know whether a river is healthy or not, or whether it is getting less healthy or perhaps recovering from bad health requires regular monitoring of the vital signs of the river (from River Health Report NAEBP).

    The Department of Water Affairs, Water Research Commission and Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism have combined forces to develop the River Health Programme. This programme aims at using standardized and proven scientific techniques to measure the health of all major rivers in South Africa. A multitude of factors determine the health of a river ecosystem: its geomorphological characteristics, hydrological and hydraulic regimes, chemical and physical water quality and the nature of the in-stream and riparian habitats. Monitoring every factor is impractical, so scientists select indicators representative of the main components of a riverine ecosystem to obtain a cost effective measure of the health of the system. (From River Health Report NAEBP)

    what are indicators of river Health?

    Indicators of river health are biological, physical and chemical characteristics of the river that can provide quantitative (how much) and qualitative (how good) information on the ecological condition of a river. The River Health Programme focuses primarily of biological characteristics as indicators of river health.

    These biological characteristics would typically be the composition of abundance of species within a particular biological community, for example a fish community. Aquatic organisms are adapted to live within certain environmental conditions. Changes within their environment may adversely affect composition and abundance characteristics of a specific community. If a river is inhibited by healthy biologic communities, the river as a whole is resilient and healthy. (From River Health Report NAEBP)

    Thus the main purpose of the river Health Programme is to provide information regarding the overall ecological status of riverine ecosystems in South Africa.

    The programme focuses primarily on biological characteristics as indicators of river health using the following primary indicators and indices:

    Communities of fish Fish Assemblage Integrity Index (FAII) Aquatic invertebrates South African Scoring System (SASS 4) Riparian vegetation Riparian vegetation Index (RVI)

    During the late 1996 to early 1997 the Mpumalanga Province was used as the pilot area for conducting testing and demonstration and the implementation of the River Health Programme in this province began with the monitoring of the Crocodile River and some of its tributaries. This provincial implementation initiative was made possible through the collaboration and sharing of resources between Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism Agency(MTPA) and Kruger National Park (SANParks), assisted by the Institute for Water Quality Studies, the Water Research Commission, and the CSIRs Environmentek. The studies focused on the Olifants, Sabie and Crocodile rivers and monitoring commenced during late 1996 and was completed during 1999.



  • INKOMATI CMA (013) 753 9000P.O. Box X11214Nelspruit1200, South

    However, the intention was that provincial and local authorities will implement and maintain the programmes because they best understand the needs, constraints and capabilities relevant to their areas of responsibilities.

    Due to various reasons this did not happen, although role-players like MTPA and SANParks did continue with these programmes in total isolation from the national programmes. In February 2011 the Province of Mpumalanga has taken up the challenge again to revitalize the River Health Programme. Role players like MTPA, SANParks, DWA, and the newly delegated ICMA held a workshop and discussed the way forward to reactivate this important programme.

    A Coordinating Committee was appointed to lead the way forward and one of the first areas identified for this programme to commence with would be in the Sabie River Catchment. With the recently delegated powers to the ICMA this agency will play an important role in this programme and have already made funds available to assist in the Sabie River Bio-monitoring project.

    (This article was contributed by Mr. Francois

    Roux, Governing Board Member of the ICMA)


    Bio-monitoring by MTPA taking place in usuthu Catchment 2010. rHAM modeling taking place


  • THe SeCReT Of CORPORaTe GifTS In this day and age it is Survival of thefittestintheCorporateWorld,and YOur BrAND needs to stand out from the rest!

    Corporate Pride is a company which, lured by your determination, will assist you in increasing your brand awareness and building your company image to ensure that you dont disappear into the ever expanding Corporate Jungle.

    Be proactive, flash your colours, lock horns with your rivals and fight for your share in the market place by providing your target audience with creative ways to recognise and remember your brand, product or service.

    In order to assist you we have access to a spectacular array of corporate gift and clothing options, from which you can select the most effective promotional tools.

    As a result of our experience in and knowledge of the promotional BRANDING arena, we are able to offer beneficial advice on the most suitable means of branding for all items of interest. Choose a product that best suits your companys needs for both promotional and/or gift purposes and we will have it branded with your corporate logo in accordance with your specifications.

    Corporate gifts can be used for conferences, team building, golf days, customer gifts, promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns and as staff incentives.

    Corporate clothing further strengthens your corporate image by creating a sense of unity amongst members of staff. Your staff becomes walking ambassadors and allows customers to identify assistants at a glance.

    Time to lose the camouflage and step out into the sun! Be proud of your corporate image, with Corporate Pride as your Guide.


  • HElP NEEDED urGENTlY!Guardian Angels Head Office is desperately looking for non working volunteers to join our force. Our needs are for ladies or gents to help our Rocky Drift office one or two mornings a week, with odd jobs, shopping, packing parcels, working in our charity shop, being at Golf days etc. We also need folks who are available to help with Saturday promotional functions. Please see our website on for news on our organization. You can email Marcel on

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    Guarding over

    the elderly and s


    ADVErTISE IN MOMS NOTES to reach 12 500 domestic households in Nelspruit, White River, Malelane and Barberton. Enjoy great quality, full colour advertising from as little as R495 per edition, or R215 per month (12 month contract)!

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  • Planning a party? relax Mom, we've got it covered!

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    Koffie&Koeke Boeke&Geskenke Kunsgallery|Raamwerk Ontbyt&Middagetes OopvirAandete: Woensdae&Vrydae





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    A beautiful keepsake of a baby or childs hands and feet imprinted in clay and framed in a lovely modern frame.

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  • for mother and unborn baby

    each pregnancy pack contains

    one box of 30 mumomega capsules

    one box of 30 chela-preg tablets



    DHA-rich Marine Fish Oil and

    Virgin Evening Primrose Oil

    The complete Multi-Vitamin


    Mineral supplement with

    chelated iron for pregnant woman

    The best of both in one convenient value pack

    Introducing the complete

    combined supplement

    choice for mother and

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    pregnancy pack











    Mom, remember your Mopani



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  • Ladybug

    SERVIcE ouR StRENgth - SINcE 1982


  • When kids need something

    to soothe the itch of

    chickenpox, now there is ...

    Providing relief from skin irritation,

    itching, burning and sensitivity associated

    with chickenpox.


    What are the symptoms of


    In children the rash is often the first sign of disease.


    The rash is red and itchy and initially may look like insect bites.


    The rash may be preceded or accompanied by:


    Fever, abdominal pain, mild headache, general feeling of unease

    and discomfort (malaise) or irritability, a dry cough, headache.

    How do you get chickenpox?

    The infection is caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV).


    Infection with VZV occurs through the respiratory tract and

    the membranes of the eyes (conjunctiva).


    Can chickenpox be serious?

    Although normally a mild disease, chickenpox can be

    serious and lead to complications, especially in high-risk groups

    such as newborns, pregnant women and people with

    inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema.


    When is chickenpox contagious?

    A person who has chickenpox can transmit the virus for up to

    48 hours before the telltale rash appears.


    This period of being

    infectious extends through the first 4 to 5 days, or until the

    lesions have formed crusts.


    Chickenpox is highly contagious 9 out

    of 10 people who live in the same house

    as a person with chickenpox will become



    Treatment of chickenpox

    In otherwise healthy children, chickenpox typically requires

    no medical treatment.


    While your doctor may prescribe

    an antihistamine to relieve itching,


    there is limited evidence

    supporting the use of these medications and benefits have to

    be weighed up against risks. There is also little evidence that

    use of ointments such as calamine (a zinc silicate lotion) can

    effectively alleviate itching in varicella infection.


    What is PoxClin CoolMousse?

    PoxClin CoolMousse has been developed to provide relief

    from skin irritation, itching, burning and sensitivity

    associated with chickenpox.


    Spreading thick substances such as creams and

    ointments can result in bursting of blisters, while PoxClin

    CoolMousse is easy to spread causing little friction over

    sensitive areas.


    PoxClin CoolMousse delivers a cooling effect to the

    skin, which alleviates the itch considerably.


    PoxClin CoolMousse contains 2QR, a Bio-Active

    Bacterial Blocker derived from the Aloe barbadensis

    plant it binds to harmful bacteria from the environment,

    thereby protecting the skin from attack.

    1, 2

    for added cooling relief, PoxClin CoolMousse

    can be stored in the fridge.


    PoxClin CoolMousse for children with




    Itch and burn relief

    Cooling and soothing effect

    Conditions and protects the skin

    Promotes healing

    No harmful chemicals or toxic substances


    Available at Mopani Pharmacy!


    1. PoxClin South African PIL as approved by the Medicines Control Council.

    2. Poxclin CoolMousse. Available from Accessed


    3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Varicella. In: Atkinson W, et al, eds. Epidemiology and Prevention

    of Vaccine Preventable Diseases. Tenth Edition, Washington DC, Public Health Foundation, 2007.

    4. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. 2008. Chickenpox. Available from: http://www.

    5. Heininger U, Seward J. Varicella. Lancet 2006;368:1365-1376.

    6. Tebruegge M, Kuruvilla M, Margarson I. Does the use of calamine or antihistamine provide symptomatic relief

    from pruritis in children with varicella zoster infection? Available

    from: Accessed 26/03/2012.

    7. How 2QR works. Available from: Accessed 26/03/2012.

    8. Data on file. Trendbox Poxclin Report. April 2008.

    Manufacturer: YouMedical, Rijnburgstraat 9, 1059 AT Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Applicant: Actor Pharma (Pty) Ltd., Reg. No. 2008/008787/07, Unit 7, Royal Palm Business Estate, 646 Washington

    Street, Halfway House, Midrand 1685. Tel: 011 312 3812,

    Fax: 011 312 7814, PP/POX/1.0 04/2012


    Mom, remember your Mopani



    time you shop at Mopani Pharmacy.


  • MOM'S HOLiday CHeCkLiST

    Remember to pack these remedies for common holiday ailments.


    Abdominal Cramps

    Hyospasmol Tablets / Buscopan TabletsHyospasmol Syrup / Buscopan Syrup


    Clarityne Tablets / Allergex TabletsClarityne Syrup / Allergex Syrup

    Burning urine

    Citro Soda GranulesMist Pot Cit Mixture

    Burn wounds

    Silbecor Ointment / Mebo OintmentBurnshield Hydrogel

    Colds &flu

    Flusin Effervescent / Corenza C EffervescentFlusin C Syrup / Dimetapp Syrup

    Cold Sores

    Fenivir CreamFenivir Cream


    Dulcolax SyrupDulcolax Syrup

    Cough Mixture-Dry Cough

    Pholtex Forte SyrupPholtex Junior Syrup

    Cough Mixture-wet Cough

    Flusin Expectorant Syrup / Alcophyllex SyrupFlusin Junior Syrup / Chesteeze Syrup


    Imodium Tablets / Smecta SachetsPectrolyte Suspension / Smecta Sachets

    Disinfecting wounds

    Germolene OintmentGermolene Ointment

    Ear Drops

    Aurone Ear Drops / Covancaine Ear DropsAurone Ear Drops / Covancaine Ear Drops

    Eye Drops

    Safyr Bleu Eye DropsSaline Solution / Oxylin Ear Drops

    fungal Infection on Skin

    Terbicil / Ketazol / Covarex CreamTerbicil / Ketazol / Covarex Jnr Cream


    Lenamet OTC Tablets / Lansoloc OTC Tablets


    Spasmo Canulase Bi-TabletsSpasmopep Anti-Spasmodic Formula

    Insect Bites

    Dilucort Cream / Anthisan CreamDilucort Cream / Stingose Spray


    Somnil TabletsRescue Tablets / Rescue Drops

    local anaesthetic

    Anethaine CreamEmla Patches

    Mosquito Protection

    OnGuard / Tabard Insect RepellentOnGuard / Tabard Insect Repellent

    Motion Sickness

    Avomine Tablets / Stugeron TabletsNauzine Syrup / Valoid Syrup

    Muscle Pain Topical

    Panamor Gel / Transact PatchesArnica Massage Oil

    Muscle Pain Oral

    Ibumol Tablets / Norflex Co TabletsIbumol Banana and Grape Syrup

    Nausea & Vomiting

    Valoid TabletsValoid Syrup

    Pain & fever

    Lenadol Tablets / Lenapain TabletsPanado Syrup / Ibumol Banana and Grape Syrup


    Hydra Assist Sachets / Rehydrate SachetsHydra Assist Sachets / Rehydrate Sachets

    Sinus/Blocked Nose

    Sinuclear Tablets, Syrup / Texa TabletsSinuclear Paediatric Syrup / Salex Solution

    Skin Infection

    Bactroban Topical Ointment Betadine Cream / Germoline Ointment

    Soften Ear wax

    Similasan Ear Wax ReliefCerumol Ear Drops

    Sore Throat

    Orochlor Solution / Orochlor SprayOrochlor Solution / Orochlor Spray


    Freeze Gel / Burnshield HydrogelFreeze Gel / Burnshield Hydrogel


    K Fenak TabletsProdol Teething Drops / Teejel Teething Gel

    Sore legs

    Antistax Tablets


    Reuterina TabletsReuterina Tablets / Reuterina Drops

    dont forget ...

    SunglassesCamera BatteriesSunscreenTravel Pillow

    Reading GlassesBattery Chargerelectrical adapterHand Sanitiser

    Sun HatsPhone ChargersBooksChronic Medicine





    Pregnancy Vitamins

    Ladybug for

    Head Lice

    More about


    Nelspruit: (013) 755 5500 | ILanga Mall: (013) 742 2225 | white river: (013) 751 2267/ 8

    Mopani A/H Emergency: 082 761 1603 | Find us on Facebook!

    we wish your family a

    healthy & happy summer holiday!