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Our award-winning editorial team prides itself in delivering a magazine that is packed with insight, passion, and revelatory encounters with the greatest musicians of all-time, be they established or emerging musicians.

was initially published by Emap in October 1993, butsince January 2008 is published by Bauer, monthly in the United Kingdom.

Following the success of Q publishers Emap werelooking or a title that would cater for audiencesinterested in classic rock music. MOJO has a classicrock aesthetic. The first issue had Bob Dylan and JohnLennon as its first cover stars.

Bauer Media Group is an established publishing house that publishes popular magazines such as Q and Kerrang! for music lovers, Empire for film fanatics; fishing magazines like Troat Fisherman, Sea Angler, Closer, Yours and Grazia for women, vehicle magazines like Classic Cars and Steam railway and even ZOO and FHM aimed at men with cheeky cover girls, technology, sports and technology.

Bauer does not only publish magazines; it also dabbles in multi-platform media like joint owning the TV channel 4music, managing radio stations like Absolute Radio; online platforms like CoolFM and mobile platforms like Parkers, where you can sell and buy cars in the UK.Originally Bauer Media Group was a small printing house in Germany, and in 1987, launched Bella magazine in the UK. Since then they have become Britain's third largest publisher. Bauer further expanded in the UK with the purchase of Emap Consumer Media and Emap Radio in 2008, which includes Mojo magazine. (Source Wikipedia)

Today Bauer Media Group is a world-wide received and established publishing housed, located in a variety of countries. Bauer publishes influential and good quality brands portraying Mojo as a good quality, established brand because of its influential backing.

The retail price of Mojo magazine has slowly risen over the years, but currently stands at 4.99 per issue. However Mojo offer reduced prices if you become a subscriber through and commit to buying the next 12 months of Mojo. Subscription prices are 27, 37 or 42; depending on whether you want a digital copy available on a smart device, a printed physical copy, or both for your convenience. This subscription offer makes Mojo more desirable, as not only do readers feel they are getting an exclusive deal but also they will get the issues earlier than retailers. I know this as from past experience, I have had magazine sent to my door months before their public release date, some magazine even offer special subscriber covers which have only the

photograph on it and no sell lines. This makes the consumer feel special. Furthermore, 12 months of Mojo for 37 is much enticing than buying a 4.99 copy from your local newsagent each month, totalling 59.88 a year, and its delivered straight to your door!Subscription services are a key selling point for Mojo as even though the price of an individual issue of Mojo is reduced to 3.08, the magazine has guaranteed readers and buyers for a year.Additionally, in having subscribers, readers are more likely to recommend an issue to a friend, increasing Mojos number of readers and profit.

Other ways

advertiseAlthough glossy magazines are expensive to produce, the large reader audience and multiple opportunities to sell pages or slots for other companies or bands to advertise allows Mojo to make a good profit. Additionally, Mojo have an online merchandise store to sell band t-shirts and memorabilia.

To encourage a consistent audience, Mojo advertises highlights of the next months issue in the magazine and online with extracts and a picture of the front cover. Furthermore the magazine offers high quality posters or/and a CD with tracks that influenced popularartists, tributes to them or exclusive tracks orrevisited years later.

The magazine and site also have competitions, which encourages people to subscribed so they dont miss out!Each issue will likely include review of an album, introduce new music, or newly discovered artists as well as introducing the classics to younger generations.

Mojo are now able to connect with their audience like never before through social media, allowing them to advertise the upcoming issue with sneak peaks, special release news, or behind the scenes of photo-shoots; and get feedback.