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  • 1. TO 3G & BEYONDMobile Monday Inaugural EventAhmedabad, December 6, 2010

2. QUALCOMMINTRODUCTION 3. Fortune 500 CompanyLeader in developing and delivering innovative digitalwireless communications products and services basedon CDMA and other advanced technologiesWorlds largest fabless semiconductorcompany, #1 in wirelessBroadly licensed patent portfolio:~12,600 U.S. and ~59,200 international grantedpatents and pending patent applicationsMember of the S&P 100 & 500 Indexes 4. Qualcomm Key Business Segments QSI QUALCOMM STRATEGIC INITIATIVES India BWA Spectrum 5. Investment in a Complete Technology RoadmapQUALCOMM YEARLY R&D EXPENDITURES (BILLIONS)$325%20%$2 R&D Expenditres (Billions)15%% of Revenue10%$15%$00% 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Source: Qualcomm 6. Key Wireless TechnologyDrivers 7. Wireless: Connecting the UnconnectedBy 2012, Emerging Regions are Expectedto Represent >50% of 3G Handset ShipmentsBridging the Digital Divide Social Benefits Affordable Internet of Wireless Connectivity Note: Informa Telecoms & Media, (Oct09) 8. Trends Driving Data Growth 3G affordabilityApplication storesBroadband connectivityFlexible data plans Shift to cloud computingBy 2014, Monthly Worldwide Mobile Data TrafficExpected to Exceed 2008 TotalSource: ABI Research, Sept 09 9. CDMA2000, EVDO, HSPA and LTE RoadmapsExcellent Mobile Broadband TodayEnhanced User ExperienceVoice and Full Range of IP ServicesImproved voice and data capacity CDMA20001x Advanced 1X Simultaneous 1X Voice and EV-DO DataRel. 0Rev. APhase IPhase IIEV-DOEV-DO Rev. B DO AdvancedRel-99 Rel-5 Rel-6 Rel-7Rel-8 Rel-9 & BeyondWCDMA HSPAHSPA+ (HSPA Evolved)Rel-8 Rel-9 Rel-10 LTE Leverages new, wider LTE and TDD spectrum LTEAdvancedMSM86602009 2010 2011+HSPA+ Created 08/18/09 10. ~ 85% Operators Worldwide have Launched 3G>1 Billion 3G subscribers Over 385 Million HSPA and EV-DO subscribers> 655 Commercial 3G>345 WCDMA~115 EV-DO (>80 Rev. A, 1Operators>340 HSDPARev. B) in 171 countries(~100HSUPA) >310 CDMA2000 ~52 HSPA+Sources: Wireless Intelligence estimates as Apr 19, 2010 for the quarter ending Mar31, 2010; CDG and Global Mobile Suppliers Association as of April 2010 11. 3G Adoption will Continue to Accelerate >75% 3GHandset Shipments* (Millions)12001000 800 GSM 600 3G 400 2000 2008 2009E2010E 2011E 2012E2013E 2014EGSM shipments declining 2008 onwards3G handset shipments estimated to grow ~30% y-o-y from 09-10 By 2013, 3G handset shipments to cross 1 billion markNote: 3G includes CDMA2000, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA* Shipments refer to sell-through numbers from Informa and Yankee and sell-in from ABI ResearchSources: Average of Yankee Group (March 2010) , Informa Telecoms and Media (1Q2010) and ABI Research (March 2010) 12. Emerging Markets Forecast to Drive 3G Growth~70% 3G in emerging mkts.3G Handset Shipments* (Millions)140080% Global 3G Handset Shipments120070% 3G Handset % in Emerging Markets60%100050% 80040% 60030% 40020%More than 50% 3G handsets to come from emerging markets in 2011 20010% 3G unit shipments to more than quadruple and grow at ~39% CAGR from 2009-2014 00%2009 20102011 201220132014 Note: Emerging Markets include CALA, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, India, China and Rest of Developing APAC * Shipments refer to sell-through numbersSource: Informa Telecoms & Media (1Q 2010) 13. Chipset Innovation Driving Device Choiceand Application Possibilities CPU BLUETOOTH GPSWI-FIMEMORYMODEM SENSORSCONNECTIVITY RFENGINEMULTIMEDIAPOWER APPS MANAGEMENTPROCESSORECONOMICAL 3G DEVICES 1.5GHZSUPPORT FORFOR MOBILEMULTIPLE POPULAR EMERGING PROCESSORS OPERATING SYSTEMSMARKETS 14. Content, An Essential Element of User Experience Commercial Content User Generated ContentContent Services Social Networking Sites User access online sites, search, User creates content, share it with remote friends through social web sites, view and acquire, download content, manageacquire the content of friends posted on account, directly from mobile devicethese sites, directly from mobile deviceUploading Photos/Videos drives the need forHSUPA, EVDO High-Res Video Content drives the need for HSPA+, EVDO Rev B