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  • Mobile Apps in Learning & Development Model



    20% On-the-job Experience

    Social / Informal Learning

    Structured Learning

    70:20:10 model (Created in 1980s)

    Learning stages described in two popular Learning & Development Model:

    a) 70:20:10 (Conventional Learning Model - applies to Business Innovation as well)

    b) Kolbs Experiential Learning Cycle (Most widely used learning theory)

    Kolbs Learning Cycle

  • Mobile Apps & Types of L&D events

    1. On-boarding / Induction

    2. Workshops

    3. Corporate Events

    4. Seminars

    5. Classroom Training

    6. Town Hall Meetings

    7. Team Initiated Trainings and more

  • WS TownHall Pics

  • event2mobile Features :

  • 1. Leaderboard displaying points based on app activities encourage

    users to do more

    2. Use gamification to add some fun element - through games

    information can be shared

    3. Facilities akin to social media platforms help attendees to

    network among themselves.

    4. For example, event2mobile app has customized features like

    Treasure Hunt


  • Gamification - Case Studies

    1. Deloitte: training programs that are gamified took 50% less time to complete and massively

    improved long-term engagement (Source : HuffingtonPost)

    2. SAP Streamwork: added gamification in brainstorming groups and grew generated ideas by

    58% (Source : SAP)

  • Gamification

  • 1. Beacons are small smart objects sending out bluetooth

    low energy (BLE) signals

    2. Beacon compatible apps like event2mobile detect

    signals and receive notification

    3. Alerts sent to attendees based on their location and

    proximity to the beacons

    4. Beacons help attendees to find other users around them

    What is an iBeacon?

    Note : Bluetooth must be on to make use of this feature.

  • Scenario : After the completion of an induction programme, we can keep the employee engagement at all

    . But what if, after couple of days, trainees get a notification like

    What is the mission statement of company?

    Where is the HeadQuarters Located?

    Collecting Feedback on Office Environment : How are you feeling today?

    Using iBeacons in Workplace Learning

  • Challenges in Mobile App Deployment :

    1. Companies do have their own Learning Management System

    2. Concerns on Network Security

    No More Silos : (LMS + Mobile Apps)

  • How event2mobile solve the challenge?

    No More Silos : (LMS + Mobile Apps)

    1. Can Integrate with LMS

    a. Easy integration with third-party LMS possible

    b. Integration with LMS pull learning resources and training info.

    2. High security hosting with leading MDM providers:

    a. event2mobile has partnership with leading MDM providers like Good, MobileIron

    b. Encryption of data in REST/on services/at mobile

    c. Secure channels for porting data via services using HTTPS / SSI protocol

  • Static to Interactive Content

    1. Live Mic

    2. Live Q/A & Polls

    3. Quizz, Survey

    4. Social Wall

    5. Photo Wall

    6. Instant Messaging

  • Live Q&A, Polls, Survey & Live Mic

    1. Ability to ask questions in live sessions in Q/A module

    2. Moderated CMS to accept/reject/edit questions

    3. Broadcasts questions in event branded interface with

    rotating carousel view

    4. Ask questions using the app as a mic instead of pass-

    the-mic approach

    5. Display questions on giant screens and conduct polls

    6. Organizers can get quick feedback through Polls,


  • Social Wall, Photo Wall & Instant Messaging

    1. Facilities akin to social media platforms helping attendees

    to network among themselves

    a. Social Wall - Users can create posts, upload

    photos, make comments, like or share posts and

    even create hashtags

    b. Photo Wall - Take pictures within the app,

    customise them and share them with others

    2. Instant messaging available helping users to connect to

    each other individually instead of common platform

  • Connecting the dots : Analytics

    1. Data can be potentially generated from any action

    on the app by the user viz. Clicks, Likes, Views,

    Share, Downloads, Answers and many more

    2. Data analytics help in:

    a. Making Real-time Changes in Program

    b. Discovering New Interest Areas of Attendees

    c. Identifying Influential Profiles

    d. Planning New Event Strategies

  • 1. Clientele include globally renowned associations, Fortune 500

    companies and various government organisations

    2. event2mobile provides -

    a. Secure platform with MDM integration

    b. Opportunities to promote sponsors and exhibitors

    through the app

    c. iBeacon integration

    Why event2mobile is choice of leading enterprises?

  • End Note :

  • event2mobile clients