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<ul><li><p>In This Issue: Coming Home to MKA: Alumni Returning to Teach, Teachers Remembering Teachers, A Senior Sampler and Homecoming 2014 </p><p>Plus Graduations &amp; Commencement, Awards, Events and So Much More </p><p>Review201 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ 07042</p><p></p><p>Homecoming Weekend 2014 October 25 26 Cocktail Parties and Reunion Luncheon for the 4s and 9s</p><p>1944</p><p>1949</p><p>1954</p><p>1959</p><p>1964</p><p>1994</p><p>1969</p><p>1974</p><p>1979</p><p>1984</p><p>1989</p><p>1999</p><p>2004</p><p>2009</p><p>Montclair Kimberley Academy</p><p>F A L L 2 0 1 4</p></li><li><p>Meet the Wallace Family: The MKA community has played a significant role in the development and growth of the Wallace family for three generations. The schools relationship with this legacy family dates back to Jack Wallace, MA 50. He then sent his children to his alma mater first, son Tim, MA72, then son David and daughter Joanne, MKA classes of 79 and 81 respectively. And now Jack has several grandchildren who are continuing the tradition: Katherine 02, Jenny 06, Alec 10, Kelly 12, Jessie 14 and Annie 17.</p><p>David and Marcie Wallace recently celebrated Jessies graduation along with daughters Kelly, Annie and son Dave. David feels that he and his family have all benefitted from the strong academic standards and exceptional faculty that are a hallmark of MKA. According to David, The atmosphere of achievement was what drove me to do my best during my time at MKA, which I remember as the most challenging and rewarding of my academic career. As parents, David and Marcie continue to be impressed by the dedication of the staff and faculty in working so hard with their children, both within and outside the classroom. In particular, Community Service Day and the numerous volunteer opportunities support a message of caring and compassion for others that is unique to MKA and important to our family, says Marcie. For these reasons, the Wallace family continues to support MKAs Annual Giving appeal. Without this additional support, I fear important programs would suffer, adds David.</p><p>Davids relationship to MKA has grown since his children have attended. He has reconnected with many classmates on the sidelines of games and at back-to-school nights, and enjoys reliving the glory days which dont seem as far in the past as they actually are! The Wallace family has a lot to celebrate. Kelly is at Boston College and is looking forward to spending her spring semester in Seville, Spain; Jessie will be attending the University of Vermont this fall; Annie enjoyed a successful freshman year at MKA, both academically and athletically </p><p>(earning all conference honors and being selected to the All Prep B Lacrosse team as a freshman), and Dave looks forward to following in his sisters footsteps in attending MKA in a few years. Marcie is committed to the yoga life teaching, practicing operating Jaipure Yoga studio in Montclair. And after 12 years volunteering as a coach and board member for Verona youth lacrosse, David enjoyed a free summer playing golf and vacationing with the family on Lake Champlain. </p><p>MKA is fortunate to have the Wallace family as members of our community. We wish them much success in all their endeavors.</p><p>Meet Dennis Rodano 87: Dennis attended Lafayette College where he earned a BA in Economics/Business and </p><p>History, and in 2010 earned an MA in Educational Administration from Caldwell College. Dennis has served on the Alumni Council since 2008, most recently as Treasurer. He and his wife, Geralyn, and their 11-year old daughter, Julia, live in Verona, and living close to MKA allows him to regularly return for Homecoming, other alumni </p><p>social events and for Alumni Council meetings. In recent years, Dennis has begun bringing Julia to see the Upper School Winter Musical, where they enjoy seeing a show together and he gets to relive his junior and senior years at MKA when he was a member of the stage crew. </p><p>After spending ten years in retail banking and strategic sourcing consulting, Dennis began a new career with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson. Since 2003, he has held a number of management positions within the Diocese and has also found the time to start a lacrosse program at DePaul Catholic High School. In mid-2013, Dennis moved to the Diocesan Center in Clifton as Project Manager where he is currently assisting with the </p><p>l-r: David, Annie, Jessie, Kelly, Dave, Marcie and Jack Wallace</p><p>Continued on inside back cover</p><p>renovation project of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Dennis credits MKA with challenging him to think critically and logically, skills that have aided him in facing and overcoming challenges, both professionally and personally. Today he views challenges as opportunities for solutions rather than daunting obstacles: My memories from MKA are too many to recount here ... but if I had to pick one it would be the faculty and how they created an atmosphere that lead to my becoming a lifelong learner. Dennis played soccer and lacrosse with some of the greatest guys at MKA back in the mid-1980s and was fortunate to be part of the 1986 lacrosse team that won the Coaches Division in a thrilling triple overtime game.</p><p>When asked what he hopes his Annual Giving contributions will provide for todays students, Dennis reflected on his six years at MKA. I learned many valuable lessons both in the classroom and on the athletic fields. Every day at MKA brought a new challenge; a challenge that on some days was out of my comfort zone for which I had to work hard to create a solution. Those lessons, coupled with the experience of feeling the accomplishment that comes from hard work, prepared him for both college and his professional life. I hope that my contributions help afford the MKA students with the same opportunities I had when I was a student. And by same, I mean that the students today experience and learn what they will need for the world of tomorrow.</p><p>Alumni participation in Annual Giving supports that margin of excellence that distinguishes an MKA education from all others. Robust Annual Giving signals an engaged school community, dedicated to </p><p>improving our childrens lives and increasing the value for everyone. Please pledge your </p><p>support today at</p><p>Parent participation in Annual Giving supports that margin of excellence that distinguishes an MKA </p><p>education from all others. Robust Annual Giving signals an engaged school community, dedicated to improving our </p><p>childrens lives and increasing the value for everyone. Please pledge your support today </p><p>at</p><p>P R O F I L E S I N G I V I N G</p><p>MKA Board of Trustees 2014 - 2015President Michael V. Johnson Vice President Evelyn M. ColbertVice President Tracy E. HigginsTreasurer Jeffrey G. SzilagyiSecretary Michael P. Friezo</p><p>MembersJoseph V. Amato Merrick G. AndlingerKenneth W. Barrett James L. BromleyDaniel B. Carson 83Christina A. CottonDavid A. CrichlowCarolyn N. EversonClifford B. Finkle IV 92 Karen T. GulliverKathleen M. LoganSteven C. Milke</p><p>Thomas W. NammackEric F.S. Pai 79 Kenneth S. RivlinLuke Sarsfield III 91Amy L. SouthJaclyn V. Spedaliere 00Linda H. Sterling Jonathan M. StrainChiming TseMei-Mei TuanElizabeth S. WeiswasserLori W. Yanes</p><p>Alumni Council 2014-2015President Jaclyn Spedaliere 00 EVP Jessica Simpson Cook 99Treasurer Dennis Rodano 87Secretary TBDVP Networking Klaudia Pyz 98</p><p>Members Alexandru Aldea 95Bryan Becker 96Brittany Berckes 06Lindsay Braverman 01Casey Breslow 03Jonathan Bruno 02Jared Cook 01Rich Cosgrove 84Pamela D'Amato Davis 89Amanda Englander 04Janine Garland 82Lauren Hyman Kaplan 93Andrew Kyrejko 05William Martini 98Andrew Murphy 01Chris Noble 84Diane Ridley-White 84Rich Stanton 87Lee Vartan 96</p><p>Honorary TrusteesAubin Zabriskie Ames 54John E. GarippaAlice M. HirshSusan H. RuddickNewton B. Schott, Jr.</p><p>Advisory TrusteesBarry W. Ridings 70Robert L. TortorielloDavid L. Turock</p><p>AdvisoryDan Carson 83Joshua Raymond 89J. Kent Walker 80</p><p>AdministrationTom NammackHeadmaster</p><p>Geoffrey BraniganDirector of External Affairsand Development</p><p>Lois Montorio Director of Alumni Relations</p><p>Keith WiggsAssociate Director of Development</p><p>Gretchen Berra Associate Director of AlumniRelations &amp; Communications</p><p>Continued from inside front cover</p></li><li><p>Senior Breakfast 28</p><p>Student Awards 29 - 30</p><p>Cum Laude &amp; Lifers 31</p><p>Athletic Honors &amp; Awards 32 - 35</p><p>The Class of 2014 36 - 37</p><p>2014 Founders Cup Recipient 38</p><p>Faculty Shout-Outs 39</p><p>Retirements, Thanks Yous &amp; Welcomes 40</p><p>In Memoriam: Evelyn Ev Martin 41</p><p>PAMKAs Spring Gala 42</p><p>Cougar Pride Day 43</p><p>Meet PAMKAs New President 44 - 45</p><p>Letter From the President 46 - 47</p><p>2014 Distinguished Alumni Award 48 - 49</p><p>On the Road in New York and Montclair 50 - 51</p><p>A Kimberley Fund Luncheon 52</p><p>MKA DAY 52 - 53 </p><p>Alumni Games Day 53</p><p>Class Notes 54 - 76</p><p>Mission Statement Montclair Kimberley Academy is a Pre-K-12 coeducational day school with an exceptional college preparatory program unified by the concepts of our school motto: </p><p>Knowledge, Vision, Integrity. An MKA education is defined by the following commitments: </p><p>Letter from the Headmaster 2 </p><p>Headmasters News 3 </p><p>Letter from the President 4 - 5</p><p>In Memoriam: Philip McNeal 6 </p><p>Coming Home to MKA: </p><p> Alumni Return as Teachers 8 - 15 </p><p> Meet MKAs New Director of Admissions 16 - 17</p><p> A Senior Sampler 18 - 21</p><p>Graduations &amp; Commencement 22 - 25</p><p>Headmasters Schamble Golf Outing 26</p><p>Homecoming &amp; Reunions 27 </p><p>Knowledge</p><p> To cultivate a love of learning in each student</p><p> To develop independent and autonomous learners </p><p> To establish a foundation of academic excellence</p><p>Vision</p><p> To engage each student intellectually and personally with the world</p><p> To graduate students who will excel in college and in their lives beyond MKA</p><p> To recognize complexity and value empathy</p><p>Integrity</p><p> To strengthen each students intellect, character, and confidence </p><p> To promote each students full and active citizenship and leadership</p><p> To secure a life-long sense of honor through academic, athletic, and artistic achievement</p><p>With traditions dating back to 1887, MKA was formed by the merger of Montclair Academy, Brookside School, and The Kimberley School in 1974.</p><p>T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S</p><p>headmasterFROM THE</p><p>NEWS</p><p>student NEWS</p><p>around MKA</p><p>faculty NEWS</p><p>parent NEWS</p><p>alumni NEWS</p><p>trustees</p><p>Cover photography: Kim Saunders </p><p>Review Editor: Debbie Kozak, Associate Director of Communications &amp; Marketing</p><p>Assistant Editors: Debra Allen, Class Notes Secretary; Gretchen Berra, Associate Director of Alumni Relations &amp; Communications; Lois Montorio, Director of Alumni Relations; Kim Saunders, Director of Communications &amp; Marketing </p><p>Photo Credits: Debra Allen, Doug Allen, Gretchen Berra, Phil Cantor, David Hollander, Nick Kelsh, Debbie Kozak, Zandi Nammack, Kim Saunders, Keith Wiggs </p><p>Design:</p><p>MKA complies with all state and federal anti-discrimination laws.</p></li><li><p>2 F R O M T H E H E A D M A S T E R</p><p>headmasterFROM THE</p><p>Coming home is a powerful emotive prompt that includes the trigger for memories and feelings that we would rather forget as well as those that we treasure. Walking through a school that we attended ten, fifteen or fifty years ago can be like touring a battlefield now covered in a layer of the present that disguises what happened; who fought, who survived and who fell there. The drama and energy of the lives we led in the schools from which we have graduated evaporated long ago and remains only as a memory, and not necessarily a common one for us and our contemporaries.</p><p>Coming home to the place where we grew up or the school that we attended is about reconciliation as well as celebration, no matter how happy or challenging our experiences may have been. Returning to MKA can be a jolting experience for young alumni, so many new faces and the confirmation that others new faculty, new students have taken over the school. It is the equivalent of discovering that your parents really have rented out your room.</p><p>Yet, if you were able to stand in a busy hallway during the school day just listening you would hear fragments of yourself and your classmates: ..are they crazy? How am I going to write this paper now? ..after practice, lets get something to eat and study for tomorrow. Theres no way I can go to the city on Saturday, my parents are watching me like a hawk. I have the part, I cant believe it! What a disaster that assembly was what were they thinking? And once in awhile, perhaps not every day or often enough, I love this place.</p><p>There is much to love about MKA in the past and in the present. Many people, students and faculty are nothing short of extraordinary. What is hardest for those with the longest associations with our school is that some of those exceptional friends and teachers are no longer just down the hallway, but are only names and memories in the present. There is, however, still the chance of an encounter at Homecoming with a treasured and long-lost classmate, or of turning a corner to see Ken Gibson, </p><p>Judy Nesbit, Sue Reiter, Ken Bish, Sonia Tyson, Donna Blanes or some other exceptional person who has retired from MKA and just might show up for reunions. And every graduate of MA, TKS and MKA can be assured that there are teachers at the ready and in the making who are and will be that North Star for the current and the rising generations of MKA students.</p><p>At the Cum Laude induction ceremony this year, I mentioned to the seniors gathered there that a good life can be spent grappling with great questions rather than arriving at solutions and definitive answers. I brought up the big ones, Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? What makes coming home emotionally powerful for each of us is that it can bring those questions to mind. Returning to MKA, where we have mixed our accomplishments, efforts, failures and aspirations with those of our friends and teachers, reminds us that school is both a haven and a forge and a distinctly human and ennobling enterprise.</p><p>I hope to see you at school,</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p> Thomas W. Nammack Headmaster</p></li><li><p>3F R O M T H E H E A D M A S T E R</p><p>headmasterFROM THE</p><p>future forwardTHE CAMPAIGN FOR MKA</p><p>Reaccreditation Chair Diane Hulse introduces the Visiting Team to MKA</p><p>Thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, colleagues, trustees and friends of the School, MKA has raised over $21 million toward Future Forwards $30 million goal.</p><p>The $5.5 million raised in 2013-14 includes $1.4 million in Annual Giving and cornerstone commitments of $500,000, $1 million and $1.25 million for the new Upper School Academic Center. This transformative project, which integrates many of the components of an MKA education, is scheduled for completion in September 2015. </p><p>MKA continues to actively fundraise to support the Academic Centers LEED Certification, which includes an interactive Green Roof to benefit the educational experience of students Pre-K-12. The new and renovated fac...</p></li></ul>