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<p>Missile Defense Project</p> <p>Missile Defense ProjectCalc 3 ScenarioScenarioEnemy Site launches a missile in which you must intercept. You know the location of both bases and the target. Calculate an intercept point so the people survive.2D Representation of Scenario</p> <p>Materials NeededMaterials for pretend scenario:Tape Measure(100ft)Video camerasWater-Bottle RocketWater-Bottle Rocket LauncherSports Motion Pro-Trainer ProgramMathematica ProgramScientific CalculatorKinovea Motion ProgramSetupSimulate an enemy attack by launching water bottles from launcher.Maintain a centerline and way to calculate angle and initial velocity. Best way is to record and use motion capture program.Be sure to measure both distance from launch and off centerline</p> <p>Originally recorded for Sports Motion, but used Kinovea due to familiarity with program.Reference MeasurementEnsure an object in full view in recording is measured for calibration while using motion program.</p> <p>Measured Case 17.25 inchesMeasure angle-angle from vertical axes on capture. So angle is 90-40=50 degrees</p> <p>Calculating Initial Velocity</p> <p>TimeDistanceCalculate distance bottle should have travelled with initial velocity and time calculated.</p> <p>D=vtcosD total distanceV Initial velocity angle Calculated at 44.185 ftRescaleWe rescale the scenario to more realistic numbers. Multiple feet by 2 to convert to distance in miles</p> <p>Therefore distance is now 88.370 milesRescaled Distance and TimeInitial VelocityTotal DistanceNow calculate distance using new velocity and timeD=vtcosD = 88.35The target location is (88.35, 7, 0)7 was distance off centerlineIntercept enemy missile at travel timeHome BaseTime delayOperator will not be able to launch the intercepting missile until after 10% of the time has elapsed</p> <p>t10% = .3101 hoursLaunch AngleAngle and SpeedMathematicaUsing mathematica and its animation tool show a simulation of missile interception</p> <p>Saving the WorldCongratulations you have averted a potential disasterPat yourself on the backTry not to over celebrate</p> <p>Thanks goes out to all who helped </p>


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