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For more than 20 years, Miss Caprice serves pizzas in whole Bulgaria. We were found in 1992 and are the market leader in Bulgaria in frozen pizza and lasagna category. OUR ONLY GOAL is to bring you… High-quality products with high-quality service with one mission… TO BE RELIABLE PARTNER

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  1. 1. For more than 20 years, MissCaprice serves pizzas in wholeBulgaria. We were found in 1992and are the market leader inBulgaria in frozen pizza andlasagna category. OUR ONLY GOAL is to bring youHigh-quality products with high-qualityservicewith one missionTO BE RELIABLE PARTNER
  2. 2. History1991 opened the first pizza restaurant of Miss Caprice1992 we started to deliver fresh pizzas in Sofia1993 we started the first manufacture in Bulgaria for frozenpizzas1995 Miss Caprice became the leader in frozen pizzas andlasagnas2009 Miss Caprice became the only Bulgarian manufacturerwith equipment for rapid freezing for pizzas2010 finished the whole modernization of our factory
  3. 3. Overall production capacity20000 pieces of frozen pizza and pizza bases per weekin four sizes 18cm, 24 cm, 28cm and 40cm1 tone of frozen lasagna pastry (noodles) and 5tones of ready lasagna in a week1000 pieces of frozen cakes in a week1 tone of frozen russian pelmeni in a week10000 pieces of pizzettas per week
  4. 4. Sourcing strategyThe plant is situated in the capital city Sofia, whereare the main suppliers of flour.Our distributors in the country are the biggestsuppliers of frozen vegetables, mushrooms and also ofmeat and cheese.Everyday we have delivery of healthy and high-qualityfresh raw materials.
  5. 5. Overall storage capacity 10 cold storage rooms. 2500 pallet spaces. 20000 pieces of pizzas bases every moment in stock
  6. 6. European machinery and equipment
  7. 7. Product portfolio PizzaSalami and mushrooms,4 Chees/QUATRO FORMAGI, Ham and mushrooms,28 cm, 340 g 28 cm, 350 g28 cm, 350 gBacon, onion and cream Margherita, Ham, chicken and bacon,28 cm, 370 g 28 cm, 350 g28 cm, 350 g
  8. 8. Product portfolioLasagnaBolognese, 320 g Ham and mushrooms, 320 g
  9. 9. Product portfolioPelmeni PELMENI CLASSIC, 300 gPELMENI CAUCASIAN, 300 g
  10. 10. Product portfolioPizza base 18 cm 120 g28 cm 176 g 24 cm 166 g
  11. 11. Product portfolioLasagna noodles500 g
  12. 12. Product portfolioFrozen cakesYogurt Cake 750 gSaher Cake 750 g Japanese Cake 750 g Blackberry Cake 750 g
  13. 13. Our main markets Bulgaria Our target markets Romania Germany Greece Turkey Moldova Russia Ukraine
  14. 14. New products Frozen pasta tagliatelle, ravioli Frozen pasta dressing by original Italian recipes. New cakes Frozen bread Mini pizza Pizzetta
  15. 15. Our advantages & strengths Reliable long-term partner Miss Caprice plant has strategic position in Bulgaria being closeto neighboring countries. Production equipment consists of machinery produced byleading European companies Strict quality control & quality assurance (HACCP) Possibility for private label production & re-packaging Enough cold storage space Fast developing of new tastes and products
  16. 16. Our strategy Increasing the share of our sells on domestic marketProduction of goods at international level regardingtechnological cycle, quality and control which will bring toestablishing of lasting positions at international markets Keeping leading Bulgarian producer of frozen pizza and lasagnaMeeting clients needs and demands, by admitting businessglobalization and equivalence of consumers criteria Penetration on prospective foreign markets and invention ofnew products Building of strategic unions with competitive companies