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  • 8/2/2019 Middle School Mathematics Resources


    Advanced Methods for Teaching Middle Mathematics Eric ShulerMHE 485

    Instructor: Paula Raabe

    Middle School Mathematics Resources

    Journal Articles

    ReThinking Schools Volume 25 No. 3 Spring 2011, Fuzzy Math A Meditation on Test Scoring.This journal article provides an interesting perspective on the task of scoring standardized Math tests.

    On this day educators had been pulled from their classrooms, trained in fifteen minutes on the properway to score the tests objectively and the ensuing questions that may arise from this method.

    Leavy, A.M.; Friel, S.N.; Mamer, J. D. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. Volume 14 No. 6February 2009. It's a Fird!: Can You Compute a Median of Categorical Data?

    The authors of this journal article are all interested in elementary mathematics and are driven tochallenge instructors to teach for understanding. In this article students work with data of interest to themand through this medium attempt to understand the difference between numerical and categorical data.The expected outcome is that students develop an appreciation of this distinction as it relates to centraltendencies.

    Brittany L. Hoffman, M Lynn Breyfogle, and Jason A. Dressler (November 2009) Mathematics Teachingin the Middle School Vol.15, No. 4: The Power of Incorrect Answers.

    This article provided a powerful opportunity to allow practice of students explaining, supporting, andjustifying their responses. As opposed to students possibly guessing the right answer, we need to exposestudents to early chances to prove that their destinations are correct. This practice provides a basis forgeometric proofs at a later and more sophisticated stage in their math development.

    Audio Resources

    The Math Factor Podcasthttp://mathfactor.uark.edu

    This audio resource is a production of the University of Arkansas and broadcast on a radio station inFayetteville, Arkansas, KUAF 91.3 FM. It a lot of interesting information about Math, puzzles,distinguished guests and the like. One podcast was called Finding Fibonacci and was devoted to thistopic. I even found out that 2011( our current year) can be the sum of eleven consecutive prime numbers 153 + 163 + 173 + 211 and 2011 itself is a prime number. Interesting stuff! Check it out!

    The Mathgrad PodcastThis podcast discusses everyday math for everyday people. The goal is to investigate the mathematics

    behind many real-life phenomena in a way that even the worst math-phobic will gain some perspective.Subjects range from the math that underlies voting schemes to the machinations of loan payments.

  • 8/2/2019 Middle School Mathematics Resources


    Mathematics Audio Bookshttp://www.learnoutloud.com

    LearnOutLoud.com is your one-stop destination for audio learning. It has thousands of educationalaudio books. The Math section has a variety of audio programs to help you understanding math and themany faces of this complex subject. You can select from Algebra tutorials or lessons on video withlecture courses like, The Joy of Thinking: The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathematical Ideas,

    which delves deeper into math and presents it as an artistic and creative discipline.


    Fun with Roman Numerals by Adler, David A. with illustrations by III Miller, Edward. Holiday HouseNew York 2008

    Roman numerals are all around: on clocks, in books, and on buildings. But what do they mean andhow do we use them. The accessible text and colorful illustrations of this picture book make or a fun andvibrant guide to Roman numerals, their meanings and uses.

    Math Curse by Scieszka, Jon and Smith, Lane. Viking, a division of Penguin Books New York 1995.This picture book starts on the dedication page with two word problems by the author and illustrator

    and on page one starts with the teacher, Mrs. Fibonacci, saying, ...you can think of everything as a Mathproblem. This book is a humorous way of looking at all the ways that numbers are encountered on adaily basis and how it can get confusing, especially for those people who profess that they can't doMath.

    Jazz on a Saturday Nightby Dillon, Leo and Diane. The Blue Sky Press, an imprint of Scholastic, Inc.New York 2007

    Jazz is an original American art form born at the turn of the 20th Century out of blues, ragtime, andmarching band music, with origins in African music. This picture book is imbued with great artistic flairand features illustrations of some of the finest jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, Max Roach, and EllaFitzgerald. Music is a great way to grab students attention and teach some Math concepts such asfractions. Also, for those students who have not been exposed to jazz, it too can be explored from ahistorical perspective.

    Lesson Plan Sources

    Lessonplanspage.comThe supply of lesson plans here is more than sufficient. In addition to over 4,000 free lessons, it also

    had every content area and multidisciplinary ideas. The site was quite useful in that it had links toteaching magazines, blogs, articles, teacher discussion forums and information about continuingeducation programs for teachers. Also, a teacher struggling with writing lesson plans could find a primercalled 10 Steps To Developing A Quality Lesson Plan. I definitely feel this source can make life as ateacher easier.


  • 8/2/2019 Middle School Mathematics Resources


  • 8/2/2019 Middle School Mathematics Resources


    Sharon Rak, Professor of Mathematics, Roosevelt UniversitySharon Rak is a professor of mathematics at Roosevelt University who occasionally teaches classes at

    National-Louis University. She is an outstanding teacher who makes the material both fun andinteresting. She has taught in an elementary school settings so she has a thorough understanding of thechallenges that teachers face in trying to construct meaning of math-related to middle school students.Outstanding choice if you can find and get her to your school.

    Dr. Arlene Hambrick, Mathematics Instructor at National-Louis University and Associate Pastor at MaplePark United Methodist Churchahambrick@nl.edu

    Dr. Hambrick is a person with a lot of knowledge and experience. She would be glad to visit yourclass and assist you in any way you see fit. In addition to having been one of my instructors, shem alsoministers at my mother's church. Good source of information; having had over thirty years teaching indiverse, urban environments.Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Money Museumhttp://ww.chicagofed.com

    I would love to take my class on a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. I have been on thetour during Money Smart Week and the visit was quite fascinating. You learn where money comes fromand other interesting facts about currency such as that the Fed destroys huge amounts of money on a dailybasis. I was able to bring back to my class a cylindrical brick of shredded currency and this really piquedtheir interest. This field trip would capitalize on children's natural inquisitiveness about money. If theycan relate and it is of relevance, these lessons stick with children

    Dr. Alfred Tatum, Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction and Director of UIC Reading Clinic.Dr. Tatum is a black professor who is a product of the Chicago Public Schools and has taken a keen

    interest in issues related to educating adolescent black boys. He began his career as a Chicago publicschool teacher and has studied and written extensively about this topic. I know Dr. Tatum and have heardhim speak and he would be an invaluable resource for anyone grappling with the issue of educating thisgroup or boys in general.

    Videos/ DVD/On-Line Streaming

    MathTutorDVD.comThis website had DVDs, videos, and on-line streaming of Math lessons covering every topic in Math

    and included Chemistry and Physics and even had some free videos to aid in the practice of key Mathskills and concepts.

    The VideoMathTutor.comThis video site is filled with sources to help with mathematics topics. It begins with a section called

    Tips for Students and continues with Calculator Tips, etc. It then presents the videos coveringvarious concepts in a video tutorial format from Basic Math on to Algebra and Formulas forGeometry.

    Basic Math Videos in Middle Schoolhttp://www.mathvids.com

  • 8/2/2019 Middle School Mathematics Resources


    This site had videos prepared by teachers covering such topics as addition and subtraction, digits andplace value, equations and equalities, and order of operations, etc. It basically encompassed all importantmathematics skills in video format which would allow a student to follow along to learn, practice,andreview math concepts.Websites


    This is the website for the National Middle School Association, the organization that has made

    its core the educational needs of the adolescent. Middle school students have unique needs and this

    group focuses attention on these needs with the establishment of a strand reflective of their

    circumstance called This We Believe. These are the values and beliefs on which the education of

    the adolescent is based.


    This site offers connections to K-8 Math. It is well organized by grade level and sorted by Math

    topics, from Addition to Subtraction, alphabetically. Connected to other subject areas and games.

    An added plus was that the lessons were in Spanish, as well. Every topic or skill is presented and a

    chance to practice the skill with an interactive and timed eval


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