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This presentation helps you set up an interactive math notebook. It provides many examples from middle school teachers.


  • 1.Interactive Notebooks Improving ways for students to learn mathematics vocabulary.

2. The Elements Covers Notebook Guidelines Table of contents Index Rubrics Extras Pockets 3. Covers M A T H Name 4. NotebookGuidelines Back of front cover 5. TableofContents Save the first 3 pages 6. Rubrics The last page 7. Index The last 6 pages 8. Extras The back cover 9. EnvelopePockets 10. ClearPockets 11. LibraryPockets 12. Creative Note-taking Flipped Triangles Layered Books Tabbed Books Shutter Books Accordion Books Tri-fold Books Frayer Models Venn Diagrams 13. FlippedTriangles 14. LayeredBooks 15. TabbedBooks 16. TabbedBooks 17. TabbedBooks 18. ShutterBooks 19. AccordionBooks 20. Tri-foldBooks 21. FrayerModels 22. VennDiagrams 23. Need More Ideas? 24. &More 25. &More 26. &More 27. &More 28. Its Your Turn! 29. Happy Notebooking Thank you to all the teachers who let me take pictures of their notebooks, and to those teachers who share their creativity on the internet.


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