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Middle School Mathematics in Georgia. Fall GASSP Conference November 4, 2013 Sandi Woodall swoodall@doe.k12.ga.us. Middle School Mathematics in Georgia. What are the facts surrounding CCGPS? OR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


11-04-13 MS-GASSP

Middle School Mathematics in GeorgiaFall GASSP Conference November 4, 2013Sandi Woodall swoodall@doe.k12.ga.us Middle School Mathematics in GeorgiaWhat are the facts surrounding CCGPS?ORmore simply said, why did we have to change mathematics in the first place in 2005 and AGAIN in 2012?2

We hear so many reasons why we should not have made changes and we are expected to respond.

So why did we change our middle school expectations in mathematics?


http://robertkaplinsky.com/what-does-it-mean-to-understand-mathematics/ 8So why did we change our middle school expectations in mathematics?GPS added rigor we were doing a great job of teaching procedural skills and fluency but we needed focus on deep understanding and applications with equal intensity. Contrary to what some are saying, we do not have to choose between knowledge and thinking skillsCCGPS offered the same structure, but opened the door to a plethora of shared resources and portability for students transferring in and out of Georgia our teachers consistently saw these as challenges with GPSIt is important to know that content changes from GPS to CCGPS were not significant. Only nine GPS standards are not represented within the CC standard set. Three of the unmatched GPS were kindergarten standards which examined ordinal numbers and calendar time. A fourth unmatched standard was a second grade standard focused on temperature. The other five unmatched standards were high school level standards which investigated function symmetry, systems of equations involving two circles, equations of 3-dimensional coordinate planes and spheres, and probability histograms. There are ten CC standards were not represented within the GPS standard set. Four of the unmatched CC standards were grade 4 6 standards which explicitly required an emphasis on fluency in those grade levels. The other six unmatched standards were grade 8 and high school level standards. Four of the six unmatched grade 8 high school standards focused on the interpretation of the structure of expressions and the interpretation of two-way tables as a means of enriching student understanding of conditional probability. The other two added the use of visual and graphic representations to strengthen the inherent connection between algebra and geometry through the coordinate plane. That is not to suggest that there were no grade level changes in the transition from GPS to CCPS, but the rigor has been there Georgia is fortunate to have made the move to higher levels of cognitive thinking with our GPS and our preliminary reports suggest just that other states will need to ramp up the rigor and make those grade level shifts simultaneously our assessments are pushing us to embrace the rigor inherent in both sets of standards


but it is important to remember that change takes time the good news for us is that we embraced standards-based instruction and rigor beginning in 2005 but connecting procedural skills and fluency to deep understanding and applications was not something we were comfortable with prior to GPS. 10BEN FRANKLIN saidTell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.That has to be our focus as we continue to embed rigor into our instructional practices; the standards do invite increased rigor, but they simply establish academic expectations for each grade level and do not direct curriculum and instructional practices our mathematics teachers are telling us that they are comfortable with the standards, but need time, along with additional resources and professional learning to teach the standards with fidelity.11Middle School Mathematics in GeorgiaWhich middle school decisions will directly impact high school graduation?

Middle school acceleration in mathematicsMathematics Graduation Requirements for students receiving special education services

12Middle School Mathematics in Georgia

What do I need to know about middle school acceleration?just like a few of our student athletes are gifted and talented in athletics so are some of our students gifted and talented in mathematics and the last thing we want to do is to hinder their advancement. However, it is our obligation to carefully identify those students and its all about the timing if we want them to be able to begin their HS mathematics coursework in grade 813

Option 3: Students will begin the high school accelerated pathway in grade nine and will be prepared for AP Calculus as seniors.Option 4: Students will begin the high school grade level pathway in grade 8 and will be prepared for AP Calculus as seniors note that grades 6-8 advanced mathematics coursework is completed in grades six and seven, so students who take advantage of this option will need to be identified prior to beginning sixth grade.Option 5: should be limited to students who are highly talented in mathematics. It requires the compacting of three years of middle grades standards into two years and Accelerated CCGPS Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry A in 8th grade. After completing Accelerated CCGPS Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra in ninth grade and Accelerated CCGPS PreCalculus in 10th grade, students will be prepared for AP Calculus in the 11th grade.14Local boards of education may award units of credit for high school courses offered in the middle grades if the state-adopted high school (grades 9-12) curriculum is used for instruction and taught by a secondary certified (high school) teacher. For example, if provided for by local policy, a student may receive high school credit for CCGPS Coordinate Algebra taught in the eighth grade by a certified high school mathematics teacher. (page 5)

Middle School Mathematics in GeorgiaWhich middle school decisions will directly impact high school graduation?

Middle school acceleration in mathematicsMathematics Graduation Requirements for students receiving special education services

16Prior to the student entering the ninth grade, the students Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team must document that the student has a disability which affects mathematics achievement.


Middle School Mathematics in Georgia

What is available to support my mathematics teachers?So heres what Id like focus on for the remainder of this session. Weve viewed a visual representation of rigor and there are lots of other resources aimed at showing teachers exactly what is meant by rigor. However, I know that you are also faced with other questions about support professional learning and resources19

Coordinate AlgebraMiddle School AlgebraMiddle School StatisticsIntegrating Technology in Mathematicshttps://www.ceismc.gatech.edu/freeplucourses#math

GaDOE/GCTM Summer AcademiesSix sitesFocus on building content knowledge baseDistricts will be provided funding for participation costs

Everything available is posted within the CCGPS Math tab on GeorgiaStandards.org or within the Learning Village teacher portal - The resources and archived professional learning sessions will soon be available on teachers landing pages in the Teacher Resource Link


26SMP Gr 6 Webinar: 21:47 22:5627Gr 6 Course overview video 21:50 23:2228

Grade 6 Unit 3: 13:01 15:3231Grade 6 Unit 3: 15:28 18:0832

http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Assessment/Pages/CRCT.aspxOnline Assessment SystemCRCT Content DescriptionsCRCT Student Guides

Sandi WoodallK-12 Mathematics CoordinatorGeorgia Department of Educationswoodall@doe.k12.ga.us


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