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  • Middle AmericaCentral America and the Caribbean

  • Middle America region that includes Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

  • There are 7 countries in Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama.

  • Caribbean describes the region and islands around the Caribbean Sea

  • Many physical processes (nature) change the landscape of this region.

  • Physical processes like volcanoes have created islands, fertile soil, and affects where and how people live.

  • Hurricanes, a storm with violent winds, often happen in the CaribbeanImage: Hurricane Sandy 2012

  • Hurricane Dean did major damage to Kingston Jamaica in 2007.

  • Wind and water erode (wear away) the soil, rock, or land.

  • When humans change the landscape of a place, it is called Human processes. (ex: building houses; cutting down trees)

  • Many economies in the region depend on money from tourism (traveling for enjoyment).

  • Panama

  • Panama is located on the narrowest part of the isthmus between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

  • Pros and cons of Panamas location.Panamas location has advantages and disadvantagesAdvantage: trade between South America and North AmericaDisadvantage: flora and fauna (animals and plants) which carried diseases

  • Panama CanalBuilt in 1898Is a transportation corridorHelps with international tradeKey factor in the worlds economic interdependence

  • Panama Canal One of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever the first attempt to construct a canal began in 1880 under French leadership. attempt failed and 21,900 workers diedThe United States took over the project.

  • Panama CanalPresident Theodore Teddy Roosevelt of the United States gave the order to build the canalAttempted and completed by the United States in the early 1900s Opened in 1914. Cost the United States around $375,000,000plagued by problems, including disease (particularly malaria and yellow fever) and landslides. Yellow fever infectious tropical disease spread by mosquitoesa total of 27,500 workmen are estimated to have died in the French and American efforts.

  • Panama CanalProblems Panama faces today with the canal:The canal is reaching maximum capacityShips are getting too bigCompetition from the Suez Canal (Egypt)



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