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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Jon MeierVerulam SchoolSt Albans</p> <p>Interactive WhiteboardTipsideasBlank out letters / words </p> <p>Label an image e.g. parts of the face</p> <p>Text diagram use a piece of text and label it, like a diagram. Pupils can label meanings, parts of speech etc</p> <p>Top and tail sentences match up the start and end of sentences</p> <p>Graffiti wallFind the background on google imagesPupils can paint wordsOr use it to play PictionaryOr use a graffiti creator: </p> <p>Blank for your own useDrag and drop sentence gapDrag and drop vocab matchDrag and drop parts of speech, synonyms, opposites, (use venn diagram or coloured boxes/ suitcases)</p> <p>Blind &amp; spotlightVertical blind to hide large bits of text. On Active and Smart boards. You can slide the blind up, down, left or right</p> <p>Spotlight to hide bits of text / pictures. On Active and Smart boardsJigsaw Planet;pid=2dda629f7e0e</p> <p>Moqueries, insultes, mises l'cart ces comportements violents par la parole ou par les gestes font beaucoup de mal. </p> <p>C'est quand ils se rptent sur une longue priode qu'on parle de harclement. Lorsque ces insultes et humiliations se poursuivent sur internet et les rseaux sociaux, on parle de cyber-harclement. </p> <p>1 lve sur 10 est concern par le harclement l'cole*. Beaucoup n'arrivent pas en parler autour d'eux et souffrent en silence.Text is from </p> <p>Word pile stack words on top of each other (like word magnets) and drag them to see what comes outActiveboard Page Notes On Promethean boards, you can type onto a notepad which is attached to a whiteboard page. This can then be hidden and revealed when you want. So you could use it for answers to a set of questionsPictionary One team draws a vocab item and the other members of the team have 10 secs to guess and say the word correctly. You could also give the team members a card with the target word on which they have to draw. </p> <p>Triptico word magnets</p> <p>Wordle &amp; Tagxedo: wordcloud generators. Tagxedo will highlight a word if you put the cursor over itTriptico lots of resources e.g. word magnets (subscription required)Textivate (subscription required) paste in text and it generates gapfill, sequencing and re-ordering activitiesQuizlet a flashcard generator. Also turns your cards games and tests . Scatter game is good for IWBs</p> <p>Thinglinkadd hotspots to any photo</p> <p></p> <p>Tagxdedo</p> <p>Works best on ChromePut cursor on a word and it spins outPopplet</p> <p>Creating a user-friendly background on Smartboards</p> <p>Customizing your Smartboard menu using floating tools123Drag the icons to your menuEt voilGamegridsGamegrids see</p> <p>Dice I get up</p> <p>I wash</p> <p>I eat</p> <p>I get dressed</p> <p>I brush my teeth</p> <p>I go to bed</p> <p>In the garden</p> <p>In the kitchen</p> <p>In the garage</p> <p>On the balcony</p> <p>In my room</p> <p>In the school With my dog</p> <p>With my cat</p> <p>With my horse</p> <p>With my two goldfish</p> <p>With my mouse</p> <p>With my tortoiseFor dice rollers see Linguascope widgets &amp; IWB software e.g. Active Inspire </p> <p>1</p> <p>2</p> <p>3</p> <p>4</p> <p>5</p> <p>6</p> <p>MYLO</p> <p>Take a look at these sites for some more good interactive whiteboard activities: frenchgames.netlanguages online post-its, dustbin, pacman, random name-picker, countdown timer, connect 4Linguascope a tantt MyloPopplet mindmap/diagram, creator</p> <p>Cette nouvelle console est plus puissante que la 3DS. Elle fait fonctionner plus rapidement les logiciels classiques comme le Miiverse et les menus sont plus fluides. Elle permet aussi de jouer des jeux exclusifs que la 3DS classique sera incapable de faire fonctionner. Ainsi le premier titre annonc est un magnifique RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles.</p> <p>Here is some text and an image to play with when you are trying out these ideas on your board</p>