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Methopedia | Sharing Learning Activities and Approaches

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  • 1. Methopedia | Sharing Learning Activities and Approaches
  • 2. Methopedia a Comble product
  • 3.
    • The University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Germany)
    • Aalborg University (Denmark)
    • Maria Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin (Poland)
    • University of Tartu (Estonia)
    Comble Project Partners
  • 4. How can we (as facilitators) foster elaborated, deep and collaborative learning ?
  • 5. Some solutions ... learner-centred guidance, group work and inquiry projects result in better skills and competencies ... ... interactive forms of e-learning can lead to a more reflective, deeper and participative learning ... ... learning-by-doing, inquiry learning, problem solving, creativity, etc all play a role as competencies for innovation..." European Commision 2008. The use of ICT to support innovation and lifelong learning for all - A report on progress . [Online] Retreived August 31, 2009 from
  • 6. What means active learning? Less input More elaboration More collaboration Essential part of ICT based learning
  • 7. What do we mean with approaches & activities? Pedagogical Approach Problem Based Learning, POPP, Constructivism Course Design structure, plans for projects & collaboration? Learning activities group work, webquests, wiki project Resources own or internet material
  • 8. What is Methopedia? Wiki Activities Approaches Sharing W WYSIWYG Metadata
  • 9. Next Steps in Methopedia Linking social communities to come in contact with the Methopedia authors
  • 10. Next Steps in Methopedia Regular workshops with trainers
  • 11. Next Steps in Methopedia Course Designer
  • 12. Welcome! Contact: [email protected]